TRYX : The Phoenix Flambe Tour- Zen’s quest for fire

” It’ll be  like a Phoenix only in reverse . We’ll just go up in flames.”

I was incline to agree with our drummer’s view on the potential outcome of the music at our reunion.

40 years since the band had been together , minus, still , one of our two drummers who got into a fender bender on the way in. He came out of it fine , he couldn’t make it the rest of the way though.

It had been 30 years since I had played with any group and almost 10 since our drummer had… The other two guys ; singer/guitar/ bass for both are still very active on the circuit.

I had to shake off as much rust as I could in the short amount of time we had , drummer and I , were worn out by the end short as it was. Aches and pains of age that we would have never imagined the last time we were together.

It’s The Band ! Man.

At the least it answered questions and brought a little magick in for a few of us.

 ” Just for the record; The band Never broke up , we just took a 40 year vacation “

I hadn’t seen these guys in around 40 years.

I wont get into the gritty details. Names have been changed to protect the innocent….. * snort* It has been MORE than forty years since any of us were an innocent….


That Being said , this will be a fairly short on this as there isn’t a lot to put in without getting all squishy or stumbling through any more than anyone really would be interested in.

We went back to our 70s music we played. This seem to make us a time capsule cracked open for a few people…. Or an old egg… the yolk all nasty from sitting under the tree for a year after Easter…..

Dude! Seriously?

Emotions took a squishy turn just fer a bit for at least a couple of us …Talking late into the night with one of the guys, we finally got to understand things that no self respecting Yoot would ever tell another in our teens and twenties ; how we saw ourselves while the other would snort and let him know how they were actually seen..

“Live and learn” I believe is how it goes..

The talk , of course , lead into equipment and music…Even at a more mature age one can only take so much touchie feelie before a guy has said what was needed to be said and then shake it off.

The Phoenix Flambe Tour

So we have already been asked about if we would play at this and that..Before we ever saw each other again…

If you are wondering what the line up is….Ha!

We talked about the fact above….That was about as far as it has gotten..

The Pros and Cons are a little more deep seated when you are spread apart and , at the least , travel time even before we would get together, set up , do any practice, break down and head back to our little chunks of Heaven make any quick decisions not so very quick….

Being no spring chicks …more the Older Tom Turkeys, travel and hauling equipment not to mention  how taxing the playing is all take a toll … I know I heard some heavy breathing..and not in a sexy-good way..

That makes thinking about it take a bit longer. We did start thinking about it…..I am also considering painting my Shop…. I have been seriously close to deciding now for seven years…. sooooooo


I do have to mention that Our singer’s daughter sung with us on our reunion on some of the song that would melt her dad’s throat. She sang a few of the Lead vocals as well as her and her mom singing some harmonies.

I found myself in the same boat as the rest of the guys: She is Awe-some…

Personally I think we should make her like a mascot or Honorary Member ( of the band if it actually made it to a second jam ).. We  can Name her Tryxie

The three of them Mom Dad and her sang some acoustic songs as well which were beautiful .

I told her that if we were to make it a go it meant she had to come too. She was game.

She was raised with this music and loves it. She sings and plays well…Why not take the old out and bring in the new as we go..

I want details !

This is not Just my story. We had fun. I , of course , was frustrated with my playing. I was when I was younger and still am..

So , no , this week there are no details to give that haven’t already been shared.  There may not be any to share other than there was a magic in the core group back together if even for just one last time.

The guys were and still are like brothers to me , as I have said before and it was still there. Something that I didn’t get again in later bands.  but that’s just me.

At the very least , I know I’ll be visiting with at least one of the guys more than once a generation …Let’s hope.

How do you Really feel ?

I had fun. I also got irritated for a bit . Not at any of the guys in the band. Oh there is always my own irritation with myself but that is another story.. or continuing I imagine.. But a person here and there annoyed me mostly due to me wanting a tiny bit of space to be in when I am trying to remember what the heck I need to do and getting jostled around by people sorta just made me feel more like I was just someone in the way… They all finally settled down , gave me my wee bit of space and then I could relax a bit….

I noticed one other thing that was a major annoyance .. When I was back in the old home range something there makes me feel tacky …mmm.. as in my skin folks .

When I was young and playing I was always thinking it was something to do with the finish of the guitar, maybe , that put on drag brakes when I would play. Here on Zen , nothing , no worries. Grabbing the same guitars now made me think that it was something to do with maybe food or just hormones or whatever and dismissed it…Nope..

In the same valley though areas were miles apart where we played the two times  I was affected again…. Crap ! Washing my hands made no difference. Within minutes , even before I could get to the guitar I felt like I had a fair chance of climbing the side of a wall…. One leaning WAY to the side so I could drag myself up the incline.

I suppose it’ll be toss the talc back into the “Go box”.  Just in case.

What’s next then..

Even now while I write and look out the window I have the song list off to the side. I had fun in what I went through though I barely scratched it. I found that It was fun enough that I think I’ll keep at them if only for a break from what I ponder through on my own. It seem to make a difference in a good way on how I look at what I am doing..and in a good way.

For me, yeah , I think it would be fun , and a lot of work for all of us , to do anything together . Not my call , but I think I’ll be there if everyone else decides to try.

Back at the Ranch

I think I’ll work my way backwards here for a bit because ..I can…

Which way did he go?

While I was gone Saturday , Ma was having her coffee on the porch as we always do every morning waiting for the sun to rise.

Just before it clears the hills to the East Hummie comes in to have breakfast with us. The three of us sit and sip away while we chat to one another.. It’s our thang.

Saturday morning , Ma was out with her coffee when Hum came in.. I wasn’t there… It seems Hummie was concerned. He came to my office window looking in and chattering away as he couldn’t find me. He gave Ma a rough time for quite awhile she said.

Quail Boy

Our quail boy is back again with his lady. They left around breeding time last year.. I imagine watching two hatches munched by hawks and the local meow cat not to mention the wild ones made them decide to find a safer spot to raise kids this last year.

They moved right back into his old bachelor’s pad under the one juniper by the ” Fly N Go”.


This is the time of year when Wolffie tends to come through. We have been watching for him for some time now and no show.

Thursday night I got home and was getting out of my work clothes to relax for a bit before I hit the music….Slave Drivers…..

I heard a low howl just to the South in our Grove , followed by a slightly higher voice. Again the first voice came in and before it could break the second came back in again.

Shortly there after , the coyote kids put in their two cents from the general area that they make their home.

This was the quickest week I can remember. It seem like all I did was listen to..and then promptly forget the music on the list…each night.. Go team !

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Home again Home again jiggity jig…

I had fun but it was nice getting back to Zen Mountain and Ma.

The thing about being away is ; I have to try to catch back up again. It’ll be a slow day by day instead of cramming the work in so no worries.

We have to make a run to town today as I was gone and we rather head in together so the day between Ma’s work and road trip will make the day fly.

I have soup started as well as pulling from the deep freeze for this week.

Between the post and setting up the few things I took with me and cooking I’ll hopefully be ready when Ma is.

Today will be another quickie which is fine. The Trip was more than worth it.

Final thoughts

The week getting ready for the reunion was crazy and fast for me. I didn’t want to let anyone down , especially myself . I didn’t set my guitar on fire and obviously I didn’t shut down my bit on social media…so far , so that’s a win.

His better half

I met one of our guy’s wife to be and she is great. She has that touch of sarcasm that made us unite in snark force to be reckoned with. The poor guy didn’t stand a chance after the first five minutes of our introduction..

Watching the two together reminds me of Ma and I and it made me smile. It isn’t easy finding someone that actually clicks with you , not wanting to change how or what you are as well as being willing to let you come into yourself.

Their’s and our lives are so different with high tech there and our purposeful low tech here and yet you can’t help to see the same dynamics in the ” home”.

Both of us guys felt it needs to be a little more often to get together.. Time will tell and life goes on at it’s own pace for each of us. We will at least make the attempt ( sss )

The Band

It was great to feel at least the older version of the spark with the guys and the music was fun too.

Like I say.. Time will tell and life goes on at it’s own pace for each of us.


Yeah, I can see far too much talent there for her to not do something with it.

I mean She loves ” Rocky Mountain Way “…Kindred Spirits.. How could I not like the kid after that. Right? I really enjoyed playin the song with her singing it as none of us old guys could and or wanted to make the stretch for it…and I gots to have my fix .

The folks

Not having mine any more , it was great to see “our” singer’s parents; the actual reason for the band reunion. Time moves so fast for all of us anymore I am glad I made it there.


Making it back home through the heavy rains at night with my stupid eye was jolly. I lucked out , my timing seemingly perfect  as I didn’t have anyone on my rear over the entire pass . They caught up to me on this side but by then there was our version of ” LOTS” of traffic.

Simply not being use to the travel or jamming , my body is whiny today.. A couple days not playing as much…because not playing? Seriously? Less will be more this week I think.


The little guy heard Ma and I talking this morning out on the porch waiting for the sunrise and came in gang busters to chirp up a storm. He had lots of stories just as I did. Seems it was a busy weekend for us both.

On the Zen side….

Western winds tugged at me as I walked out to the ” Fly N Go” , the feeders once again wiped out by spring birds and the flocks of turkeys that come through every day.

Quail Boy running out to see what’s on the menu saw me and raced back to his apartment .only to fly out the other side with his Mrs. as I filled feeders.

The song of quails broke the quiet of the mountain. Our boy once again back home , claiming the homestead.

Birds lining up in the predawn as I completed my work. They wait impatiently on the fence some feet away.

Rain falling heavily as I make my way back to the porch , I take a moment to renew myself with Zen .

The weather brisk and wet , the winds whipping my hair about my face , I grin , taking it all in…..

I look out to the birth of the dawn and think to myself

” Thank goodness.. It’s just another day on Zen Mountain . ”



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  1. Just one of the guys that was fortunate enough to share last weekend with you. Thank you buddy for memories that has lasted a lifetime. Our talks this weekend validated my memories that respectively came from a short moment of time but bonded us for life. Kind of reminded me the movie “Stand By Me” as we all remembered the bits and pieces that made that time special!!!! Back in the basement,,,,, talking about the gigs and crazy things we did was a little like going back in time for a moment!!!!

    You have a way of putting things into words and it was fun reading your post………. Thank you buddy for taking the risk and continuing the journey…. It wouldn’t have been the same without you!!!! Love ya brotha!!! 🙂

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