After the Trill is gone

The final in what seems to have turned into a series on Tryx and the class of 78 and the 40th reunion : TRYX : The Phoenix Flambe Tour- Zen’s quest for fire What’s Tryx ? I’ll have plenty of time.. of Snow Bunnies and Test Kitties Tryx and Treats ( for the gardens )... Continue Reading →


40 year Class of 78 Reunion : Cracking Open the Time Capsule

Before I get into the post I want to thank ...well way too many folks for a great night and adventure for Ma and myself Cracking open the Time Capsule 40 years since we graduated. I have seen a few of the folks here and again through out the period but most I haven't seen... Continue Reading →

of Snow Bunnies and Test Kitties

You crammed your peanut butter into my chocolate Sometimes odd pairing work out.... Hey I am all about a good " Fudgicle slathered w/ chunky peanut butter" This week I had several things I thought about..Just ask Ma...She finally ran out of the room , hands over her ears crying "LALALALALALALA!".... I have that effect... Continue Reading →

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