Are you a good witch or a bad witch ?

Being a better person you do for yourself

Are you a good witch or a bad witch ? Too many people , it seems, try to ” look good” but a little time around them shows it’s just for looks. Being a good person has absolutely nothing to do with being ” PC” ..Nothing.

I am anything but ” PC” and I am not a terrible person. I am no saint either…Ok.. I am more of a PIA than not or so I imagine. Thing is however, I don’t go out of my way to be a jerk…. I am happy to respond to people being jerks though. I am also sarcastic ..duh…That  is my self defense mode.

One thing that annoys the crap out of me is all this ” PC” nonsense .I grew up hearing all of the German jokes and slurs not to mention slamming me for what I do for a living..Oh and lets not forget that I live in the hills, a pagan…and more..

I read the other day that because I am a white male ; I am racist ….Ok then… THAT doesn’t sound racist at all and quite ” PC” .

Personally I don’t care much about anything in a person other than if I am comfortable around them or that they don’t do me or mine harm.

I know  ” PC” people that sneer at anyone that they feel isn’t ” PC” worthy …There are a lot of us out there. Sorry Buckwheat , you aint a good person just pretentious .

Decency is a full time job

” Looking good” is simply acting. Somewhat akin to telling someone to recycle your trash for you. You TELL people you recycle and they clap, you get a crown…You take over the world..and then it cracks in half …

Honestly good people are out there. Funny thing is, they may tell me something I say isn’t PC but I notice they smile when I say it , and it never was a slur only plain talk. These folk make you smile when you see them. They make you want to stop and talk to them.

The fake folk, you’ll notice people at the edges of crowds suddenly vanish as the fakes walk through… Or like me and retort on something they say that is total ” BS”.

People that don’t signal when they drive , not good people. Not because they don’t signal however, it is because they feel they are above signalling. It isn’t their problem that people behind them don’t know they are going to turn, change lanes in front of other drivers , turn into traffic…so on.. They are too busy screwing around with their smart phones or simply get ” That Face” set simply letting others know that they are doing or well, not doing ” this” on purpose….Then they text something PC on their phones as they drive…Wait.. isn’t that illegal? Oh “illegal not ” PC” ?

Being considerate

This is simply something that one really should learn as a kid ..At least when we were kids we did, that or you heard the distinct sound of a leather belt slipping from around your dad’s waist…You got all kinds of considerate then .

Simply not crapping on people around you is a good start. Not sneering at people that work for or with or under you shouldn’t be something someone has to tell you to do..

If someone writes something that you may disagree with you might try not being a troll. Go to a different page maybe simply stop reading it. You honestly don’t need to flame about it or tell people it offends you … Simply walk away . Save offences for things that are ACTUALLY forced on you.:

Work environment; If some oddball comes in and tells you that you need to wear a chicken cap after 30 years service and you are a supervisor , yup that is offensive.

If someone has a teeny little flag on their desk and you happen to walk by though your desk is in another building  that is all you. Maybe you don’t care for their flag. Bet they don’t care for you getting in their face telling them that your heritage is crap.

If it isn’t hurting you keep your nose where it belongs maybe. Problem solved.

I should be charging for this info…It seems to be lost arts for way too many people.

Truly good

A good person is good because it is simply right and makes them feel good. Doing anything else makes them feel bad…..Wow shocker…

Doing and being Good makes you feel good…..Being an asshat just makes you an asshat …err I mean doing bad things makes you feel bad..

These good people aren’t doing good for a slap on the back or a hug or money.. Simply as it is their nature .. There are a lot still out there but less over all all the time. Too many over sensitive PC wanna bes …Too many of those talk game to who want to hear it then move on to say the opposite to others .

What set you off?

Meh… People…Social media …Going to town..Going to work…Squirrels ….

So… Had my wee bit out. Like it or hate it.. I am sure I offended some PC whatever.. Granted however, I am not sure what IS ” PC” for asshat so not completely my fault there.

Summer comes to Zen

Well..Winter is coming. Summer solstice has come and gone. With Summer comes fires to the area.

Today we are in smoke again. The fires aren’t close, the winds just turned to  blanket us . Trashed my plans for the day as I sit here with eyes and sinuses burning… At least the fires weren’t man-made this time…. That will come at the beginning of the month…Asshats…Just sayin’

We also got a fine wind storm. It started on Wednesday  evening and well, until today to swap out with smoke. The winds lifted on of our ridge shingles . The storm was way too strong for me to get up on the roof. I was being pushed around at ground level and even up here ground level is better than on the roof.

The next day there was a line of shingles flopping in the breeze and two in the field…GAH!!!

hissing in the wind

Saturday morning the winds slowed enough I had to get up there. Tar , a hammer and nails and I was up and on top. Even without my tendency to suddenly trip and fall when something shuts down or the fact that I just don’t see quite right and even stairs are a problem. I am not scared of heights , I simply know I can’t control the stupid crap my body does now when ever it feels the need.

On the roof  top I was forced to start crawling as the gusts were pretty bad. They were bad enough that it actually slid my hammer across the roof. Not up not down..across. My tar kept trying to get away from me and as the tar itself was just above liquid stage , the wind would whip it off the putty knife and all over the place.

I was working on a section , I had close to twenty feet to fix by now, when a series of gusts hit. I had to hunker and hold onto the roof as the winds tried to pry me off…Yes Virginia, there were swear words… I am sure I offended the wind.

I finally got the shingles back down and tacked down…Yup it is a 130 mph roof and the ridge came loose. Nails were pulled not only out of the roof but were thrown all over the roof top.

Once I came down and un-tarred myself I stood far enough back to stare at the roof watching for anything to lift again… So far so good though I hear the winds coming back in as I write.


Wontons and spring rolls …

We ground pork again this week so it made sense to go ahead and make up a new supply of wontons and spring rolls too…

For wontons, in Zen Kitchen anyway , one pound of burger makes up one package of wraps. I really haven’t found a way to figure out how many per for the egg rolls other than one of our packages of shrimp uses a package of wraps. Thing is however…Shrimp is not what the rolls are mostly made from so that doesn’t really help much.

So months of burger and months of wontons and spring rolls put up this week.

Let the harvest begin

We have already had our asparagus and some snow peas..finally..We had our first Zuke of the season and we started harvesting batches of herbs . Chives and Sage got dried. Ma harvested lavender . They are hanging to dry. We still have a lot more to go.

The week flew by

We had a lot that we didn’t get done but that’s ok. Eventually we will get there and more will be added to the list.. Nature of Zen.

Final Thoughts

Short week. More of a being tired of all the hype right now everywhere so said my peace so that maybe I can have some peace before I head back into work where all Hell is breaking loose with construction . More work and less ability to do what is needed… I’ll just worry about it as I have to.

“PC” : Petty Crap ….Keep that in mind any time you might say that to me because that is exactly what my brain will register ..* snort* and now yours will too.. Have a Jolly Day

Zen Storms

Even on Zen , the morning felt heavy. muggy isn’t a term used often up here as winds tend to roll the wet into the valleys. Even so , the day was starting with a thickness to the air.

Clouds heavy in the skies overhead show signs of a thunderstorm brewing . Sheets of rain make their way toward us down the gorge . Ma and I watch as the wall of water slowly makes its way towards Zen.

Birds are suddenly everywhere as we turn on the fountain for them. They sit in the lilac watching us as we watch them. Closer and closer the little birds hop towards the edge of the water.

Closer and closer the leading edge of the rains come towards us and I think to myself how this almost seems to mirror what is happening in our ” Eden” garden

The clouds thicken , rolling , darkening overhead . The wall of rain hits the edge of Zen , stalling its progress.

I look to the birds watching them look at me unmoving.

Rains begin to come our way once more as they start up the slopes , their clouds slowly rising , making their way over the saddles.

Winds begin to pick up and the temp drops , skies darken even more. A lightning strike is close enough we smell ozone . Rumblings begin.

The birds  inch forward to sip at the edge of the pond, the fountain falls crashing in front of them.

The leading edge of the rains push its way to the gate of Zen. I look to Ma and smile. We always enjoy when it rains and hope that it will pour.

A finch suddenly leaps under the small falls splashing about with his wings.

The wall of water hits , Ma and I wave our arms in the rain fall thunder rolling around us. It looks to be the beginning of

just another day on Zen Mountain



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