Brutal Bunny week : Cramming for a test

Happy Bunny day

We start the week with Bunny Day , which is also April Fools day. Most folks will be getting together with family which is great . Ma and I are at home on Zen…Obviously. Ma is working while I am cramming for a ” test” that really is just all my own.

The weather , apparently is not aware that it is April and not still the end of March… We have our ” Out like a Lion ” end of March weekend weather still merrily rolling along.

The wind is howling and we are in and out of the thirties…

Saturday was actually nice…. from 6 pm to 7 pm  .. * eye roll *

Ma worked on things inside while I broke down and ended up hiding in my office.

The work we had planned for the outdoors got cut short. We still have time , plenty…It’s still in the flippin’ 30s …Yes, I know.. that’s the norm ….

Brutal Bunny week

Sooo…. Sup? right ?

Well , a funny thing happened towards the end of this last week…..

I finally broke down and decided to , at least try , to make a run up to visit some old friends… I have friends……seriously….. Ok fine… We haven’t hung out for some …???… 40 years ? …I didn’t say we were close ….

Technically , we grew up together… oh ..and.. We were ” The Band” , Man.

We have a reason to visit anyway so they said ” Bring yer Gitar .”

* It’ll be fun they said.. We’ll get together, have a few laughs .. they said…*

Yeah , no , well, I mean yes, it’ll be fun….. I simply put a lot of pressure on myself as they are still working musicians…. I simply build everything I need from the ground up so I haven’t jammed for umm……..35 years?

Yes, yes Crotchety Old Man .. Get off my Lawn !

After a wreck messed me up for decades I finally grabbed what I could find of my old equipment from where it was stored and THEN decided  to try again… a few years ago now.

The rubber band

Myself, if I need a bass guitar part, mando part… I learn to play the style I want and then figure it out for what I need… Keyboards ? Yes but then I have to go in to the studio program and ” fix ” it.. Same with drums.. I learned and I use the term loosely.. to play ” finger drums” with a midi unit ….It’s more like Rockin Out on a calculator when I am doing it….The ” fix” it too. I have a ” style” that fits me…Slow and Dark usually.

Guitar ; well that is less of a challenge as that is what I USE to do… That , however, is not like jamming with others so I worked myself into a knot thinking about it…. A few more texts and calls later and I agreed… Now I am cramming.

Low Key

Let’s start off with; I am having fun here cramming and I know I am the only one that will be disappointed with me if I can’t pull off whatever it is I feel I need to.

It is all about friends getting together… These guys were the ” Original Band” We were the core group of the group as it were .

I told them I was nervous about it…Nervous enough I put it off since the late 80s… Keep in mind of course that there was no way I could play at that time.

They said ” Oh it’s low key , just hangin with friends….. Yes friends that never stopped playing * chuckle*..Once again  just me….. and my facial tick .

The study

” So .. I have no idea what you guys even want to play..”

” The songs we use to..”

Heh , sweet… I knew them…basically a generation ago…

I sit here in the office with my ” I-Tunes” looking through the stuff I have…. Basically everything I have came off the vinyl that I was listening to back then.

I didn’t even listen to music for decades due to what abilities I had lost due to the accident. BUT I got at least rid of the white noise that was the worst thing ..well music wise ..So, ok , I am game.

I go through the song listening then back through picking at it.

Muscle Memory is awesome !

There have been some things I haven’t mess with in all of this time that my hands just take over…. Thank goodness as my brain is staring outside at the deer or birds.. A mental slap and I am back on track.

I know I can get the jist for a lot more than what I am fighting with but I would like to be able to put out something fun while we are together. It could always be a one last time thing after all. Who wants to be remembered as an old broken man ?

Smoke and Mirrors…

So I go through and pick up what I can from what I use to do as a Kid in his twenties. * LOL* it’s all gud.

I just am going to be going through the basics and some of the old lead stuff to try to remember , renew the muscle memory as it were.

What? Me drive?

I hate driving. My right eye sees lights as tracers. All lights…. It’s awesome.. If I want to ” Trip Out” I could probably just pull up a screen Saver and watch all the pretty colors blend and zip across the screen…

” Oooohhh Look at all the pretty colors…”

So , Ma has to work of course . I’ll drive myself.

I drive 20 miles each way each day to work now. I am mildly to violently sick by the end of each run.

This trip is around 100 miles more so I am hoping it will be just the same and not a multiple.

It’ll be a round trip so that’ll be interesting.


Oh heck yes…… Both the good and bad kind * chuckle*

It’ll be nice to see the guys.

I have actually had a lot of fun so far digging into the music. This is a lot different than what I do of course . Heck I didn’t even listen to these songs until Friday.. Eep!

I do have one of the original guitars, even the original strap..Even.. the original toy case ; the satchel I carried my smaller pedals , cords and such in. I pulled it Saturday out of ” Innie” and cleaned it up then set it back up for what I am taking.

The week on Zen

So ,  on to Zen …

The week went super fast again. I was on an earlier shift so out the door not too long after we were out and about.

The turkeys

Turkeys are back again. Mostly the girls with last years Dino babies. You can tell ” Turkey Girl” ; the was Lone hen that all but lived on the porch last year. She ended up with some kids and hangs with another hen. They are a small group They , of course, act like they own the place when they do. Even the deer back off when they come in like a little gang.

The kids

Our deer are back again this year after last years hiatus due to the nasty winter.

We get groups around eleven that come hang in the yard . When groups collide the girls throw a fit at each other. The last years fawns are still young enough they want to play together.  The does some times don’t think that’s a good idea…. Probably something to do with one doe taking the other’s ” Man” err something….

The birds

The ” Fly-N-Go” has been swamped with the birds coming back for the season . I try to keep up.. I fail miserably.. The birds sit on the fences and glare at me until they guilt me into making a trip out to refill all the feeders. Every few days instead of a week and more as it has been.

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Well , as you can imagine , my mind is whirling and also I just can’t imagine this all being very interesting for folks to read this week… So here we are already at Sunday.

Ma is , of course , working.

I had to start a fire as the house was down to 49F inside… Oopsie.. I was side tracked… Just ask the birds.

I have to start thinking about food for the week to keep us from scrambling or starving.. ok fine , getting peckish..whatever…

Having something ready throughout the week to cook up last minute and have something for the mornings is always good. There are no fast food joints up here , no one delivers much of anything… Fed Ex , UPS usually drops the ball so no, no pizza either. Besides, we like what we make , we know what’s in it and a lot any canning or freezer packaging came from our kitchen. All of the breaking down of meats , grinding and so on.

So…. When I finish up here, I’ll have to drag myself away to take a look.. then I’ll run back to dig through some songs and back again…Cook….back again.. rinse repeat.

Final thoughts

I really am obsessing and I know it, but I am enjoying the work out. I’ll probably keep at it even after the weekend simply as I had forgotten how much I enjoyed doing this kind of work too. I may be the only one listening to this as it is in headphones not on my speakers as I do when I play my own stuff but I’ll have fun…It is something different.

The weather is cool still , as we expect. We have rain coming in again in a few days which is great ! It would be better if it wasn’t while I am on the road but I am pretty sure that will be what I am dealing with. Oh well .

Gardening is on hold for a bit outside anyway. Things are mostly ready so a couple weekends and we will be running full tilt. The digging is done except for the fence.

I have roadwork to do as well but it is hard to get too enthused about it when I know I’ll have to fix the work I do.. It is still getting to wet to cure.

So , anyway.. If you make it this far…

Wish me Luck !

Zen and again

The morning winds chill though light pushed me around as I walked down the field to look deeper into the valley.

I waited for the Sun to peek his head over the far range.

The morning already light enough that I squint my right eye , I could see movement coming up the hillside .

Just a few more minutes and the sun’s colors would start to color the skies and yet I stood in the open , not a tree within dozens of yards.

” Be the Fence”

I stood as still as I could , camera raised as deer made their way over the berm . A doe stops to watch me while the others made their way to the yard above me.

She comes in closer as I watch her and the other file past with in a few yards.

” Ahh.. It’s Dad… Ignore him . “

She gives me one last look then turns towards the house .

I watch them as they make their way to the salt lick with Ma on the porch.

They look up to Ma as she talks to them a dozen yards away.

The colors begin to fill the sky as I turn back to my task. Reds, orange, blues and surprisingly to me ; whites.


I start taking pictures of the colors as they change though I know the pictures will be dark.

The winds push me about just enough that several pics come out blurred while others just don’t grab what I am looking for


I head back up to the house. The deer turn to watch me as I get closer. Seeing it is just me , I am, once again , ignored.

Walking back up onto the porch with Ma , she continues to chat with the deer and Hummie as he makes his way back through… Chasing his offspring.

Birds at the ” Fly-N- Go ” chatter away while they fill up on seed.

One of the kids makes her way over to the feeders checking the ground for any seed that has dropped.

I smile as I pack up my camera to post a pic for my page as I turn over sunrises for folks to see if they look. For many the sunrises are more of a lightening of day rather than actually seeing them… For us…….

It’s just another day On Zen Mountain


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