Ma’s bit during Tour de Fleece 2021

Last weekend finished the " Tour de Fleece 2021 " or on the FB page.. IN a nut shell, folks spinning through the event, scheduled during the Tour de France. ( obviously) More working with fibers while they watch. Some go for yardage, many folk push their limits in their own way, whether it is... Continue Reading →

We do Not “heart” yellow jackets

Another Sunday has plopped into our laps, so time for more mind wandering blatherings from Zen. Ma and the yellow Jacket Last week, Ma got bit and or stung by a yellow jacket on the arm, and things went badly. The weather in our portion of the North West is nothing but dry and hot.... Continue Reading →

Happy Summer Solstice Eve from Zen

Yes, I know, several of the calendars say Today is Summer Solstice.. well, it is tonight, a lot of folks, us especially, celebrate it tomorrow on the 21st... The actual Full Day. Summer Solstice is one of our two Anniversaries .. We did our original Handfasting on Summer Solstice ( The 21st ) In any... Continue Reading →

Happy Mothers’ Day from a top Zen Mountain

The sun slowly rose over the Eastern range of the Cascades, hillsides covered in the yellow flowers of Balsamroot , the purple of Lupines, greens of Buckbrush and green greys of Twins berries with their white flowers. Dotted patches of evergreens and groves of oaks. The dry spring has the meadow grasses already going dormant... Continue Reading →

Easy Breezy on Zen Mountain

As can only be expected; Zen mountain is cool and breezy yet. All of the wildflowers have come in, slowly changing the landscaping for a few weeks. Breezes blowing off some of the flowers from our trees and bushes, but so far nothing truly horrible....not yet... I had to stop putting our veggie plants out... Continue Reading →

Zen Short Stories: Hey Mom!

Spring seems to finally have found our Homestead here atop Zen Mountain. We are in between winds, wildflowers are blooming and gardens are getting ever closer to being run. Hey Mom! The kids around Zen are full of...well..something....and they are out to get Ma's attention...No matter What it takes. " Mom!" sigh....... "Mom!" "Momomomomomomom!" I... Continue Reading →

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