Zen’s Short Stories: Awwwh-meww

The funny thing about the Short Stories is; they are all based on actual events. Early this morning, we had our elk herd come in to sit under our bedroom window at 0-dark:30..With a wake up call. The other funny thing is, more often than not, I don't have a clue what I'll be writing... Continue Reading →

Zen’s Short stories : Trick or Treat

Now, as everyone knows, Ma; my better half, and I are waaaay off the beaten path...Ok.. It's not so much a path as a series of deer tracks that veer off a dirt road.. off a dirt road that is off an old mountain road....between villages... In the arm pit of the Columbia Gorge... So..... Continue Reading →

Zen’s Short Stories: Are you my mother?

I thought I'd toss up a new, based on real happenings, Short Story.. cause I can.... Zen Mountain Playground Zen Mountain Playground for the wild ones I often write about our wild kids' playground, where the Moms drop off their wee ones to come and hang out in relative safety while they get a well... Continue Reading →

Zen Mountain Sunday Post 6 year anniversary

Well.. according to WordPress, it has been 6 years...course, the original Post started before that..Until the Hacking began and I moved here... Harvest So, I know that so many are overwhelmed at this point with veggies and some with fruit.. We are slowly gaining hot peppers and tomatoes.. veggie wise.. That's all she wrote... or... Continue Reading →

Ma’s bit during Tour de Fleece 2021

Last weekend finished the " Tour de Fleece 2021 " or on the FB page.. IN a nut shell, folks spinning through the event, scheduled during the Tour de France. ( obviously) More working with fibers while they watch. Some go for yardage, many folk push their limits in their own way, whether it is... Continue Reading →

Happy Summer Solstice Eve from Zen

Yes, I know, several of the calendars say Today is Summer Solstice.. well, it is tonight, a lot of folks, us especially, celebrate it tomorrow on the 21st... The actual Full Day. Summer Solstice is one of our two Anniversaries .. We did our original Handfasting on Summer Solstice ( The 21st ) In any... Continue Reading →

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