After the Tinsel’s Gone

Well, the Holidays have come and gone.. for most.. I know a LOT of folk have the Christmas decos in tear down mode after the day's celebration;' package/present opening and breakfast are over.... and then, ya have the whole of winter to complain about...Nice. I can still, remember....that is a feat unto its self by... Continue Reading →

The Yule Bough

Rhey sat in the cover of the buck brush, cold winds blowing in from the south. Frost slipped from the branches, misting into the young coyote's eyes. "Where are they?" Rhey squinted , trying to look through the Living Room windows. Dennis chewed on the branch that had just recently smacked him across the nose... Continue Reading →

After the Turkey is Done

Well, another Turkey Day has come and gone. Families, for many, get together, eat too much, drink with gusto, watch Parades or Games, family disputes are started up once again... Because you seem to have forgotten something thirty years ago and someone's panties are still wadded up....Or you did something that offended a family member...yeah,... Continue Reading →

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