Ma’s bit during Tour de Fleece 2021

Last weekend finished the " Tour de Fleece 2021 " or on the FB page.. IN a nut shell, folks spinning through the event, scheduled during the Tour de France. ( obviously) More working with fibers while they watch. Some go for yardage, many folk push their limits in their own way, whether it is... Continue Reading →

Happy Fourth of July from Zen Mountain

Winds are blowing, as normal. Any fires this morning are to the East, that are anywhere local. Ma is spinning and I am just working on small projects... We are hoping that the only fireworks are the public displays beings that private are banned due to the temps, winds and how dry our area is.... Continue Reading →

Happy Summer Solstice Eve from Zen

Yes, I know, several of the calendars say Today is Summer Solstice.. well, it is tonight, a lot of folks, us especially, celebrate it tomorrow on the 21st... The actual Full Day. Summer Solstice is one of our two Anniversaries .. We did our original Handfasting on Summer Solstice ( The 21st ) In any... Continue Reading →

Zen’s Short stories : Midnight Serenade

Though there is a lot that I could talk about this week; I decided to go with stories beings I don't really want to get into the local wildfires for instance.. too early.. Besides, The " kids" have been pestering me to write more of their stories... Midnight serenade " Is this a good idea?"... Continue Reading →

Warming Trend on Zen

Temps have been a little lower than normal so far this spring.. Which, of course, kicked in the day after I planted the gardens............Jolly. With less rain than normal, the average winds, around 20ish mph and cooler temps... Basically... all of the veggie plants are piss at me for jerking them out of the house... Continue Reading →

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