Weathering the Wonderland

Quick update After the storms and during the thaws the homestead is starting to show some life around us once again. We have had our deer come through a couple times, not often. The coyote kids have come through a few times, digging deep into the snow at the pit looking for left overs. Hollywood... Continue Reading →

The calm before the Storm

Ma; my better half and I are as prepped as we can be for the next storm. We have wood set up and the house has a lot of our canned goods. We already have gotten a few snows that came through that are as bad as what the prediction is though I hadn't heard... Continue Reading →

Annual “Countdown to Christmas” Zen Short stories

For seven plus years now. I put up new stories from the wild" kids" up here getting ready for the big morning. Christmas Eve, I'll put up the Annual " Night before Christmas on Zen Mountain." Hummie Holiday Hummie and his clan are always a big part of what goes on up here on Zen... Continue Reading →

Zen’s short Stories: “Patches”. along with harvest canning and more..

Well, once again, Sunday rolls around and our ISP is puking all over the place, crashing both my comps: good times. ,We have a recently returned Hummingbird boy; Patches, that is excited about coming back up from Gotham and the Hummie Brownstone where all the family: Hum gather for the winter... with the few exceptions,... Continue Reading →

So..Did you see the Lunar Eclipse?..Um..No

Such is life.. A once in a lifetime Lunar eclipse? But, of course, the clouds would lay in , rain would fall and low clouds cover Zen Summit like fog.....Duh.. The day of....Then clear for the next evening.. before all was socked in once again. The astrological events have a very good chance of coming... Continue Reading →

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