Something Wooly this way comes

Tis the season for Ma to spin by the fire and try out new fibers on " Mama Wheel"; her original Spinning Wheel from up here on Zen. So, I thought I'd put down a few more woolies before I head into a story or two. WAFA and Whispering Pines I have mentioned about WAFA... Continue Reading →

Starting the New Year on Zen

heading back into the relative norm here on Zen Mountain for Ma; my better half, and myself. Quick recap and catch up The Christmas stories and the Christmas card video done and read/ seen , brings us finally back around to the relative norm in these days of chaos. Myself, being retired now with Ma... Continue Reading →

Ma is a spinnin’ and a grinnin’

Ma; my better half, is spinning once again, this time with very specific fiber...from only the neck of a specific breed of sheep on a specific island.. When you want to do your best Ma's spinning the neck fiber It is that time again, time for the; Tour de fleece spin off; spinning wheels everywhere... Continue Reading →

Time between snow shovel and the hoe

Winter has been kind so far this year.. knock on wood. between the Snow and garden time For Ma; the spinning wheels call to her. Mama wheel; a 1970 castle that Ma uses for most of her spinning,, which is mostly Shetland , another castle that is basically styled after Mama wheel which Ma uses... Continue Reading →

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