Countdown to Christmas 2020

If you're interested in the Christmas card vid, or what is coming up w/ stories; including The 6th annual Night Before Christmas Post, here is where you'll find out.. The Countdown All the " events" will start at 5pm PST each eve 20th-24th..25th in the morning at 7am Starting with: Dec 20th : The 6... Continue Reading →

Zen’s Christmas snow 2019

A short Post this week. Finishing off where we left off on The Night Before Christmas  with the quick story endings. Too much time working on ideas and histories to try to cram fiction, fantasy and a touch of places and times for the setting of scenes has my migraines doing bench presses with my... Continue Reading →

Zen’s Twas the Night Before Christmas 2018

Tis the season to be snarky Welcome to the 4th annual Zen's Eve post..Yes.. I know it isn't actually Christmas Eve as I post this , but I am hoping to beat the Christmas rush...and Yes; they are a new twist each year. That Jolly Old Elf and myself have something in common;... Continue Reading →

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