What could possibly go wrong ?

Let’s move the raised bed frame as it is

It was a great idea on paper…..

Yes , yes , it is a 12′ X 3′ frame 2′ tall. The bottom is screened to keep the ground vermin out of it.

I lifted one side and thought;

“Meh, this isn’t bad. ”

I asked Ma if it would be too much.  It , of course was.I lifted the one side , drug it around the garden then tipped it on its side. We took off the top board as it is set up for the angled top. I didn’t want it to break.

It doesn’t look too bad

” Eden ” is tiered . The bed was in the middle upper section and needed to go to the south lower end. My problem was that the path was too tight and steep to try to get it down easily. There is also a Tub pond just to the side of the walkway.. The end of the steepest part….

The ground also Angles both to the South and West ..at the same spot….Next to the pond..The one next to the last step…

You’re sure about that?

Once the bed was tipped and the little bit of soil was out along with removing the top piece it was , in fact, a bit lighter. I didn’t have any problems other than it was just too big for one person. I had thought about using our two wheel barrow at the other end and have Ma just try to keep things from going crazy.

Ma lifted the other side and said that if we just did a bit at a time she could help.

” Are you sure? ”

” Yup”

Ma is stubborn by the way.

We made it several yards before Ma had to take a rest.

While we were setting the bed frame down ,one of the errant wires from the bottom caught me even through my leather gloves. A moment later Ma cried out. I thought the same happened to her……Nope.

Welcome to the club

Ma’s lower back spasmed out. She had never had it go out before. I was amazed , both that it happened and even more that it was the first time for her.

She took a moment and said she could do it…. The fact that she could only stand upright holding onto the frame made me give her ” The Look.”

I finally convinced her to take something and use my back brace ..because..of COURSE I have spares …Deeeeerrrrrrrrrrrr.

I am a long standing member of the ” CRAP! I put my back out again !” club.

It was still early in our only day to work on things making Ma upset that she couldn’t do any more.

I can do it alone , just keep an eye out

The bed was now blocking the walkway going to the lower gardens and trees. My concern , work wise, was that I would tear up the bed. I knew I could move it on my own.

Ma wanted to help , of course, but I wouldn’t let her near the frame. She still couldn’t stand straight and could barely walk….Stubborn.

I had to get on the lower side of the frame so that it wouldn’t get away from me on the slope. That put the pond, which was just below me on my right side… Yup , the blind side.

I got the frame on its three foot side , twelve in the air then started walking backwards. Ma watching to let me know if I would make a splash. The ground, as I said runs in not one slope but two at once. Square corners have a problem with that . The frame could twist enough that it started coming down on me while I was sliding backwards on the wet grass.

Timber !

The frame was gaining speed over me , the edge digging in to the ground as the top continued to pivot. I was getting more irritated by the nanosecond as a bundle of firewood danced in my head. The trajectory of the now speeding bed would drop it on one of the small bushes that we just put in last year. I am sure the myriad of faces I was making was interesting while I tried to decide what would get trashed worst; frame , bush or me.

He sticks the landing!

I was sliding back while all of the options went through my head.  Holding on as long as I could, trying to at least drop the soon to be firewood in a safe spot, I watched the bush disappear .

The last moment found me leaping back , releasing the frame. I couldn’t even come up with the appropriate string of swear words as I waked around the frame to the bush.

You’re kidding

I got to the edge of the frame , looked around to see the bush ; in fact , a hand’s breadth from the bed. I think I giggled at that point.

I drug the frame back to where I actually meant it to go. Surprisingly enough the frame had also survived… Go Team.

Slipping the bed onto the raised area I had made while cutting out the new beds for the lower area , I found that the raised section was almost two feet short… WHAT?!?!

When I had cut the beds I walked up to where the frame was and measured several times so that it would match when we moved it down…. Crap!

Fortunately , not that big of a deal , it was wider than it needed to be, which I already knew. I cut the front back to add it to the side. There is some shoring up to do but otherwise , not to bad..

whats next ?

Well , Ma was upset that she couldn’t do anymore. The flying frame had put a tweak in me too but nothing like Ma’s… We still had some things that we needed to get done. Fortunately , the had to’s were mostly what I would have done anyway.

We were able to keep Ma busy without her having to do anything that would hurt her more.


We are close enough now to for really Spring weather that we put in our tater crop. We were able to keep the seed potatoes from last year . They have been sitting in the entry area now for a few weeks and finally put on eyes. A couple types fingerlings , a russet and yukon were all put in with another batch of all the above left over in case things go wrong.

Lil Red

I tossed the oil pan heater on Lil Red so she could warm a bit as we worked on the other projects. Finishing everything else up , I started her up. We only had to make a single run so she was happy enough to start , the blade lifted , the bucket lifted and we were ready to move wood in record time .

One load. That’s all I wanted to put up as I haven’t hauled wood since? December I think.

We use wood every day to warm the house. The other morning we were running around , both of us freezing. I looked at the indoor temp.. 49F ..oops.. We hadn’t started a fire the day before or yet that day . Ma has her window cracked open  in her office at the North end while we had bedroom windows and the master bath window all open a bit.. The cold went through the whole house.. Oh well . We got the fire going and it was comfortable again in about an hour.

Seven foot bucket means a lot of wood . Temps may change before we finish that up ….Or not.

The Quest

Still on my ” quest for Fire”  Can I get my act together in a band again ?

Things ended better than I expected last weekend though I was still fairly rusty as I walked out.

I have a ton of the old songs in my I-tunes to play with. Now that I am trying to relearn them I find myself having a lot of fun. It would be great to get together with the guys again.. but whether we do or don’t  I am finding this a lot more fun than I thought I would….Probably would have been smart to have had tried again after  I had attempted the first time a couple weeks into relearning to play after 30 years  instead of just working on my own songs but there ya go…

I hear whispers that there is a possibility to hang again so that is cool too.

Will I be able to get this little inner fire going enough to dig in again? Oh I think so.

I find myself surrounded by sheets of paper I have been writing notes on .

Both comp screens have music and amp settings as well as lists of their own.

Sssssnnnnakkkkesssssss about my feet

Guitars sitting next to me and I have relearned to hate cables as I stumble over them each time I get up or trip while the snakes grasp at my ankles.

Headphones , as always , manage to get the cord in just the right place to hank them off my head or attempt yet another face plant on my keyboard. If I am truly lucky , I’ll stand up , catch a guitar cord under my foot swinging it around , tripping me only to find the headphone cord wrapped around my chair leg as I fall back into my chair , spinning around until only my eye balls show.

Yup.. It feel like old times already.

Sunday Sunday Sunday

I had to take a break from digging through songs to make up a soup for the week; Turkey and Rice. I have it ready to go .

When Ma gets off work we have been craving French Toast  so Ma made a loaf of French bread specifically for it.

Tonight is linguine and clams . Ma makes it so good I always eat at least two more bites than is good for me.

I will get back to my snakes in a bit as well. Lots to do ..just in case… and more so for the fun of it. I have a fire to rekindle .

I just need to keep Ma from overdoing things until she feels better. I know it is tough to heal but there are no shortcuts especially at our age.

Final Thoughts

We got a little closer on being ready for planting. The temps are still too chilly to put things in the ground as yet veggie wise anyway.

Our fruit trees all made it and are all putting on leaves as well as some blossoms . We will need to get the spiked before too long. We will see what next weekend looks like.

Ma has knitted some more socks along with a couple other projects. Fortunately she has that to keep her busy as she mends.

Me? Pretty much have that one covered don’t we……..

It rains most day still it’s a step up from snow though. I know a lot of people are griping that is is raining every day.. Later they will complain about drought….Go figure.

Zen something happened

Our hummingbird sat on the fence by the porch as the gloom of predawn lightened.

Rain clouds heavy above left just enough gap to the East to show some blues purples and hints of orange for a moment. A second Hummingbird came in as well. Ma and I on the porch as they chatted with each other and us while we waited for dawn.

Two does were making their way up the lower field towards the house when they saw me standing there. They looked for a moment then back to cropping at the tender spring grasses as they moved in closer some twenty yards from us.

Our hummers took off in a race around the house as we watched the does only to zip right back in place again .

The hint of sunlight suddenly burst between the layers of clouds at the edge of the far ridge before the clouds swallowed it again .

Clouds backlit with orange and red before , once again clouds huddled to block the sun’s rays.

A light mist filled the air enough to make Hummie ruffled his feathers in place enough to keep warm and dry.

The does both looked to the East hearing or smelling something. IN moments a hand full more does popped their heads over the berm to make their way to the house as well..

More than a dozen deer in the yard less than  twenty yards from us as we talk to them. Hummie flitting back and forth between his feeders.  Mists softly wetting everything  as we watch…. It looks like

Just another day on Zen Mountain


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