Shake Rattle and Roll

The week on Zen has been a wee bit on the dark side this week. Ma; my better half , has been having stomach troubles which hit hard this last weekend , though better than it was still not great. Monday morning I woke up sick , went to work and it got a lot... Continue Reading →


Zen’s Nursery Groups

The wildlife of Zen finally brought the first of the kids through this week. The Nursery herd The elk herds got closer to the house this week , as in , in the yard and it looks like one or the other of the groups is in each evening or early morning at least for... Continue Reading →

Back to little Eden :This year’s garden primer

It was nearly a religious experience............Really?...Seriously? Have you MET me? Have you followed any of the posts? * chuckle* Nooooooooo it was closer to a plague ridden Flea circus preceded by a Jack Ass's  Parade.............You know..." Just another Day".... Zen's 2019 Garden Primer for " Lil Eden " Ok.. If you haven't read the gardening... Continue Reading →

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