The Yule Bough

Rhey sat in the cover of the buck brush, cold winds blowing in from the south. Frost slipped from the branches, misting into the young coyote's eyes. "Where are they?" Rhey squinted , trying to look through the Living Room windows. Dennis chewed on the branch that had just recently smacked him across the nose... Continue Reading →

Wild Thing

The Rut, and some snow, have hit Zen Mountain The Rut has finally come here on Zen Mountain; one of our big bucks has been flirting about with one of our girls, and she doesn't seem to mind in the least. One of our little wild family has come back, or at least is showing... Continue Reading →

Annual “Countdown to Christmas” Zen Short stories

For seven plus years now. I put up new stories from the wild" kids" up here getting ready for the big morning. Christmas Eve, I'll put up the Annual " Night before Christmas on Zen Mountain." Hummie Holiday Hummie and his clan are always a big part of what goes on up here on Zen... Continue Reading →

Zen’s short Stories: “Patches”. along with harvest canning and more..

Well, once again, Sunday rolls around and our ISP is puking all over the place, crashing both my comps: good times. ,We have a recently returned Hummingbird boy; Patches, that is excited about coming back up from Gotham and the Hummie Brownstone where all the family: Hum gather for the winter... with the few exceptions,... Continue Reading →

Zen Mountain Sunday Post 6 year anniversary

Well.. according to WordPress, it has been 6 years...course, the original Post started before that..Until the Hacking began and I moved here... Harvest So, I know that so many are overwhelmed at this point with veggies and some with fruit.. We are slowly gaining hot peppers and tomatoes.. veggie wise.. That's all she wrote... or... Continue Reading →

Ma’s bit during Tour de Fleece 2021

Last weekend finished the " Tour de Fleece 2021 " or on the FB page.. IN a nut shell, folks spinning through the event, scheduled during the Tour de France. ( obviously) More working with fibers while they watch. Some go for yardage, many folk push their limits in their own way, whether it is... Continue Reading →

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