A Turkey of a holiday

Sometimes things do not go as planned...Yeah , ok , fine.. Almost never but that is another story...umm..ok .. All my stories I imagine.. Another holiday buggered by work schedules. Who needs plans anyway For a very long time now , Ma has had to work any and all holidays. Can't leave customers to figure... Continue Reading →


Nose to the Grind stone

It's a holiday weekend . "What are you guys doing for the holiday weekend?" "Well... As Ma has to work. I'll be working around the house mostly." The theory was sound. I had no way of knowing I would throw my back out Saturday morning.. Starting off the long weekend right I worked early Friday... Continue Reading →

The Day the Earth stood still

Certain shocking moments in natural history all living forms from bugs to bears,  platypus to people ,asparagus to commons weeds know when to simply just Stop , take notice and wait for the worst. Volcanoes , Earth Quakes, Hurricanes and when your Mom swears within your hearing for the first time...... of course...When it's your... Continue Reading →

A moment in time on Zen Mountain

A moment in time on Zen Mountain.... Some times things happen when you aren't looking. We think we see movement , a shadow crosses the room... The cat craps in your favorite plant.. This week is , I think anyway.. a little more humorous . I needed it badly after a couple hours that completely shattered my Zen.. Stop by ifin ya can for a chuckle if nothin else

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