Weathering the Wonderland

Quick update After the storms and during the thaws the homestead is starting to show some life around us once again. We have had our deer come through a couple times, not often. The coyote kids have come through a few times, digging deep into the snow at the pit looking for left overs. Hollywood... Continue Reading →

So..Did you see the Lunar Eclipse?..Um..No

Such is life.. A once in a lifetime Lunar eclipse? But, of course, the clouds would lay in , rain would fall and low clouds cover Zen Summit like fog.....Duh.. The day of....Then clear for the next evening.. before all was socked in once again. The astrological events have a very good chance of coming... Continue Reading →

Working with Zen’s Spring weather

Earth,Wind, and Rain, keeping us hopping on Zen this Spring. Working outdoors this Spring While so many are going crazy counting holes in their ceiling tiles, we are working outdoors, weather permitting. Rain has come through a few times, wetting Zen's Summit down for us.. completely wiping out any and all efforts at keeping the... Continue Reading →

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