Let the Rain come Down

After far too long without rain on Zen, the land slowly moving in the winds , our Arsonist setting fires along one of our main roads any time the smoke clears and plants withering in the breeze.. The rains finally came in . I just happen to run into Brent Cobb's Let the Rain come... Continue Reading →


With a little help from my Zen

Have you ever had a day when things just don't go right? I had four days in a row when things just kept piling up. If it weren't for Ma and Zen Mountain ........................ Really? I wont go into great detail of the "Seriously?!?" things that happened at work because that'd just be whining.. From... Continue Reading →

A moment in time on Zen Mountain

A moment in time on Zen Mountain.... Some times things happen when you aren't looking. We think we see movement , a shadow crosses the room... The cat craps in your favorite plant.. This week is , I think anyway.. a little more humorous . I needed it badly after a couple hours that completely shattered my Zen.. Stop by ifin ya can for a chuckle if nothin else

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