The first Fawn of the season on Zen Mountain ; A short story

We had our fist fawn drop this week.. Less than 50 feet from our bedroom.. I am running a short story again this weekend in place of the normal post... Too many events too little time to write.. I wanted to put this up.. The Back Story If you have read the Sunday Posts ,... Continue Reading →


Happy Mothers’ Day from Zen Mountain top

Happy Mothers' Day First off , Of course to "Ma"; my better half , she keeps me sane ( ish) having to deal with all my crap and keep smiling... I am sure you can imagine WHY there is a forehead shaped dent in her wall by her door to her office......Ummmmm...Yup.. And , of... Continue Reading →

Back to little Eden :This year’s garden primer

It was nearly a religious experience............Really?...Seriously? Have you MET me? Have you followed any of the posts? * chuckle* Nooooooooo it was closer to a plague ridden Flea circus preceded by a Jack Ass's  Parade.............You know..." Just another Day".... Zen's 2019 Garden Primer for " Lil Eden " Ok.. If you haven't read the gardening... Continue Reading →

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