Canning Fall harvests

With temperatures lowering, most folk have already put their gardens to bed.. We are still pulling every last fruit of the year from pepper and tomato plants. We had the single freezing temps hit on Monday morn. When we got up at 5am, we were still at 34F, close but above.. as the morning bloom,... Continue Reading →

Heading to Harvest chores

Nothing new for many of us, Some can, some freeze, and some just have folks come collect whatever is growin. Last year with the whole " No lids for Ju " we did some apple fun stuff, some zuc and little more. This year with the super early warm spell at the last of winter... Continue Reading →

The weekend of the studio revamp

Ma , my better half, decided that I was barking too often which made the decision to upgrade my computer a safe bet. When the comp got here, we realized that the " thought" of a rack mount computer compared to staring at it in my office/studio were two completely different mind sets... Hmmmm...... When... Continue Reading →

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