Rainy Season settling in on Zen

After way too many months of dry, we are finally getting the rain we desperately need. It has been getting wetter and wetter over the last several days, and today we are enjoying a nice soft rainy day. Temps have dropped but not seriously yet, whew. Though we are getting into the upper 30s at... Continue Reading →

Heading to Harvest chores

Nothing new for many of us, Some can, some freeze, and some just have folks come collect whatever is growin. Last year with the whole " No lids for Ju " we did some apple fun stuff, some zuc and little more. This year with the super early warm spell at the last of winter... Continue Reading →

Happy Bunny Day from Zen Mountain

and it's Ma's ( my better half) Birthday today Temps are rising slowly, the breeze doesn't have snow in it and the sun is shining. In the gardens Working towards getting ready to put plants in the ground; our morning room and our entry look like..no, wait , they are nurseries. This week, once again,... Continue Reading →

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