Herb Bones

Wretched Herb Bones…Whatcha gonna do ?

Groundhog …and other fancy vittles

It’s Groundhog Day….and change Thank goodness we didn’t wake up to Sonny and Cher ….well… ANY day for that matter. There was no snow up here and best of all February third followed the second as it should. I noticed that the week¬† before Phil made his prediction , predictions of the prediction were ,…

Nin-Jah Elk

Anyone that has been around elk know that they are ” The Ghosts of the Woods ” , Freakin’ Ninja Elk.

Above the clouds

Shades of grey Clouds, heavy and grey, lay thick in the valleys. Their vapors dense and wet enough that outerwear of passers by dripped from the condensation as they moved through the mists.¬† Car lights pushing against the murk with little to no avail . Grey. Everything is grey. The road is grey , the…