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Zen Mountain Sunday Post

Each Sunday I take a wee bit of time to go over thoughts of the week . I put them down in the Sunday Post. Generally I have some humor mixed in and it isn’t beyond me to add some fantasy into our interactions with Zen and the animals that are outside our front door though it is always based on actual happenings.

The post use to run simply on FB however it took up a lot of room and the thought of flooding a page every Sunday for any folks that are on my list seemed a bit rude…Now I simply flood with a link… This also makes it easier to find for the few that actually want to find it as well as if they miss a week , it is always here.

Sundays on Zen

Ma; my better half,works on Sundays so I take time to sit and write as well as cooking up a soup that runs the week in a slow cooker as we both are on the run.

Generally we get what we need to get done during the week and Saturday leaving Sunday a little quieter .

Sundays finishes off the week for me so putting out the post lets me rid the week from my mind. Hopefully it also gives a few folks a chuckle before starting a new week.

Final Thoughts

I always try to end the post with the reasons for going through the extra work to live a little more off the edge than a lot of folk do. High winds , little water , rocky clay soil , primitive road all add to the work load but there are advantages to the lifestyle for those of us that are just not made for city life.

I hope you find the time to take a breath , get away from the chaos of the day to sit on the porch with us , just a few minutes.


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