Wet and Wild on Zen Mountain

Getting wet and wild The birds hanging around Zen for the summer had a great day Saturday playing in the fountains or flying through the sprinkler set up while Ma and I worked in the fields and gardens. The fountains run during the days now that we have them cleaned up and our summer crew... Continue Reading →


What’s Tryx ?

A funny thing happened to me on the way to the show.. The guys , and gal.. got together again this weekend....Here's a little update on the count down to the show ahead of us... and , of course, All Zen , all the time. SNAKE ! Seriously! What the H3LL ?!?! We were having... Continue Reading →

TRYX : The Phoenix Flambe Tour- Zen’s quest for fire

" It'll beĀ  like a Phoenix only in reverse . We'll just go up in flames." I was incline to agree with our drummer's view on the potential outcome of the music at our reunion. 40 years since the band had been together , minus, still , one of our two drummers who got into... Continue Reading →

Snow gardening ? Spring holiday on Zen

Snow ? During Spring Holiday? Most always , yes. Do you want to build a snowman ? Ma and I are at the tail end of our Spring holiday.We don't fight the snow in gardening. We do however still do prep when it is a week in the 30s. The beginnings of the gardening season means one thing if nothing else: Pulled muscles.

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