Valentine’s Snow fall on Zen

With a couple snow falls on Zen for the last big " storm " before we start looking towards Spring, We got around 30" on the first little storm and a " just fer lookin' at" 6" of snow on the second in a late night snow fall. The first storm that came through had... Continue Reading →

Zen Short stories: Hummies and the winter storm

With the snow falling and temps in the teens, our hummingbirds are not at all pleased. I figured that with a story all around us, this seem to be writing its self. Out ! Out ! Out! We knew the storm was coming.. In fact; if there are no winter storms and it looks like... Continue Reading →

Zen’s Short Stories : The Babysitters’ club

With things as smooth as they can be right now...excluding things that are more rocky road, I thought I'd put up a couple more short stories that the Zen Kids have told me.. Weather is still holding in the ; " Pleasant for winter" patterns. We have a few cold days, East winds that cut... Continue Reading →

Starting the New Year on Zen

heading back into the relative norm here on Zen Mountain for Ma; my better half, and myself. Quick recap and catch up The Christmas stories and the Christmas card video done and read/ seen , brings us finally back around to the relative norm in these days of chaos. Myself, being retired now with Ma... Continue Reading →

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