Happy Mothers’ Day from a top Zen Mountain

The sun slowly rose over the Eastern range of the Cascades, hillsides covered in the yellow flowers of Balsamroot , the purple of Lupines, greens of Buckbrush and green greys of Twins berries with their white flowers. Dotted patches of evergreens and groves of oaks. The dry spring has the meadow grasses already going dormant... Continue Reading →

Easy Breezy on Zen Mountain

As can only be expected; Zen mountain is cool and breezy yet. All of the wildflowers have come in, slowly changing the landscaping for a few weeks. Breezes blowing off some of the flowers from our trees and bushes, but so far nothing truly horrible....not yet... I had to stop putting our veggie plants out... Continue Reading →

Zen Short Stories: Hey Mom!

Spring seems to finally have found our Homestead here atop Zen Mountain. We are in between winds, wildflowers are blooming and gardens are getting ever closer to being run. Hey Mom! The kids around Zen are full of...well..something....and they are out to get Ma's attention...No matter What it takes. " Mom!" sigh....... "Mom!" "Momomomomomomom!" I... Continue Reading →

Zen Short Stories: New Boys on the block

Spring winds are blowing most days and nights as the Gorge attempts to switch from Winter to Spring. Temps fluctuate from highs all the way into the 60s; Summer weather, back down into the 20s..the rest of the year.. In the gardens I had been working out in the new garden area by the apple... Continue Reading →

Happy Bunny Day from Zen Mountain

and it's Ma's ( my better half) Birthday today Temps are rising slowly, the breeze doesn't have snow in it and the sun is shining. In the gardens Working towards getting ready to put plants in the ground; our morning room and our entry look like..no, wait , they are nurseries. This week, once again,... Continue Reading →

Zen Short stories; We are The Hum.. Resistance is futile

Spring has sprung; the winds have kicked in. Last week, just a couple hours after I watered down the last burn, the winds started...and are still blowing and picking up speed. Tis the Season of the Wind.. The temps are in the mid forties though dropping, at present, and the winds after week of shaking... Continue Reading →

Getting into the Spring of things on Zen

Yup, officially Spring has sprung.....Though temps are still hovering at freezing each night, any snow we get is just for lookin at. We have had a few hail storms this week. I was outside working when one of them hit and was glad I was wearing a hat and heavy jacket.. The hail that found... Continue Reading →

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