Rainy Season settling in on Zen

After way too many months of dry, we are finally getting the rain we desperately need. It has been getting wetter and wetter over the last several days, and today we are enjoying a nice soft rainy day. Temps have dropped but not seriously yet, whew. Though we are getting into the upper 30s at... Continue Reading →

Canning Fall harvests

With temperatures lowering, most folk have already put their gardens to bed.. We are still pulling every last fruit of the year from pepper and tomato plants. We had the single freezing temps hit on Monday morn. When we got up at 5am, we were still at 34F, close but above.. as the morning bloom,... Continue Reading →

Zen’s Short Stories: Are you my mother?

I thought I'd toss up a new, based on real happenings, Short Story.. cause I can.... Zen Mountain Playground Zen Mountain Playground for the wild ones I often write about our wild kids' playground, where the Moms drop off their wee ones to come and hang out in relative safety while they get a well... Continue Reading →

Zen Mountain Sunday Post 6 year anniversary

Well.. according to WordPress, it has been 6 years...course, the original Post started before that..Until the Hacking began and I moved here... Harvest So, I know that so many are overwhelmed at this point with veggies and some with fruit.. We are slowly gaining hot peppers and tomatoes.. veggie wise.. That's all she wrote... or... Continue Reading →

The first Signs of Fall….probably

Because what would make this crazy season complete if not for yet another change literally over night. With temps in the triple digits and nights in the low 80s, something very unusual for up here, winds came in to clear out the smoke once again along with cooler weather. In less than forty eight hours... Continue Reading →

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