The first weekend of our Summer vaca..which is more of "sick days" thanks to another injury at work.. Thanks to SAIF it took weeks to get any type of medical help as no doctor will look at me anywhere here for a work injury other than Occ Health.. which is several weeks out for an... Continue Reading →


Changes by Degrees

This last week flew by with Ma and I busy as heck between work and home. The weather has been a little crazy this week ( the norm lately ) Going from needing the wood stove blazing to all the windows open and fans on back to chill and back to warm. Any weather changes... Continue Reading →

Back to little Eden :This year’s garden primer

It was nearly a religious experience............Really?...Seriously? Have you MET me? Have you followed any of the posts? * chuckle* Nooooooooo it was closer to a plague ridden Flea circus preceded by a Jack Ass's  Parade.............You know..." Just another Day".... Zen's 2019 Garden Primer for " Lil Eden " Ok.. If you haven't read the gardening... Continue Reading →

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