My snowy Valentine

A snowy Valentine's Day on Zen As predicted; our annual " storm"  started on Valentines day. Now one of the funnier parts about this is that I have been bringing this storm up all winter to people..  I normally get an eye roll.. Meh.. I get those without even talking so there ya go... I... Continue Reading →


Groundhog …and other fancy vittles

It's Groundhog Day....and change Thank goodness we didn't wake up to Sonny and Cher ....well... ANY day for that matter. There was no snow up here and best of all February third followed the second as it should. I noticed that the week  before Phil made his prediction , predictions of the prediction were ,... Continue Reading →

After the thrill is gone..Holiday rush over and back to Abby Normal

After the thrill is gone The holidays are over for most folks by now. Tinsel down, tree at the road side or burn pile. Present wrappings long gone and those wonderful TV inspired gifts from friends and relatives in a closet , returned to the store or found a home at Goodwill.  Old acquaintances forgotten... Continue Reading →

Ringing in the New Year..or..The art of Klutzduggery

We welcome another New Year on Zen Mountain We welcome the New year in so much as that the new year leads to yet another Spring on its way... Seed catalogs already are hitting the PO box and dreams of green thangs dance in our heads... How do we celebrate the New Year on Zen?... Continue Reading →

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