Countdown to Christmas 2020

If you're interested in the Christmas card vid, or what is coming up w/ stories; including The 6th annual Night Before Christmas Post, here is where you'll find out.. The Countdown All the " events" will start at 5pm PST each eve 20th-24th..25th in the morning at 7am Starting with: Dec 20th : The 6... Continue Reading →

Hoarfrost and Hummingbirds

The weather has turned yet again, bringing in Hoarfrost, freezing fog and stagnant air conditions...Meaning; Friggin BRRR! Hummie and the hoarfrost Lass; one of Hummie's daughters from last year has been hanging on up here...Pretty much figuring on getting her room from last year if things went south ... Hummie; the Patriarch of not only... Continue Reading →

The Apple does not fall far from the Tree

The first of the reintroduction to the Zen Mountain Short stories This first has a bit of a drawn out intro for each " family of kids". I imagine I'll do the same with the coyote kids, but other than that..the other stories shouldn't need much background to catch us up again...and, of course, you... Continue Reading →

Ma is a spinnin’ and a grinnin’

Ma; my better half, is spinning once again, this time with very specific fiber...from only the neck of a specific breed of sheep on a specific island.. When you want to do your best Ma's spinning the neck fiber It is that time again, time for the; Tour de fleece spin off; spinning wheels everywhere... Continue Reading →

Happy Fathers’ Day,and anniversaries….

It was bound to come around again, and pretty sure it is ok to celebrate it still... Though I imagine the day offends someone... Fathers' Day on Zen ...Yup; Just another day on Zen....except... Ma and I have two anniversaries per year, just the way we did it...Ours together and then the bigger family production... Continue Reading →

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