Zen Short Stories: New Boys on the block

Spring winds are blowing most days and nights as the Gorge attempts to switch from Winter to Spring. Temps fluctuate from highs all the way into the 60s; Summer weather, back down into the 20s..the rest of the year.. In the gardens I had been working out in the new garden area by the apple... Continue Reading →

Zen Short stories; We are The Hum.. Resistance is futile

Spring has sprung; the winds have kicked in. Last week, just a couple hours after I watered down the last burn, the winds started...and are still blowing and picking up speed. Tis the Season of the Wind.. The temps are in the mid forties though dropping, at present, and the winds after week of shaking... Continue Reading →

Zen’s Short stories : Limpy, Lass and Plum Boy

Weather is trying to switch over towards Spring but Zen isn't about to give up Winter that easily. The hummingbirds have been moving back in and we have at least one new boy to irritate Lass.... The Return of Lass After the last winter wunderland bit, both Ma and I were concerned about Lass. She... Continue Reading →

Working with Zen’s Spring weather

Earth,Wind, and Rain, keeping us hopping on Zen this Spring. Working outdoors this Spring While so many are going crazy counting holes in their ceiling tiles, we are working outdoors, weather permitting. Rain has come through a few times, wetting Zen's Summit down for us.. completely wiping out any and all efforts at keeping the... Continue Reading →

Time between snow shovel and the hoe

Winter has been kind so far this year.. knock on wood. between the Snow and garden time For Ma; the spinning wheels call to her. Mama wheel; a 1970 castle that Ma uses for most of her spinning,, which is mostly Shetland , another castle that is basically styled after Mama wheel which Ma uses... Continue Reading →

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