Welcome Back to Zen Mountain

For those that “follow” this little dirt path, I have been thinking about starting the “Sunday Post”s back up.. at least for The Holidays..

I have been so astonished at the playground antics of the USA that it just hasn’t seem like there was much I could say.

While I have been ” gone” however I have been hanging a bit with the Euro folk to find that, Yes; Virginia, it is just the NA that has been prancing about in poopy pants, throwing tantrums.. Which says absolutely nothing for the whole “Ugly American” stamp that was long ago placed on us.

I simply don’t give a Rat’s ass about color, religion, and I don’t give a single crap about your political views, as , if you are so blind that you can’t see past your own nose and reason is absolutely beyond your ken, there is no hope for you.. or us, as a whole.

Throwing fits over every little thing, pushing caring people away because of color or political views impresses no one…

I do my very best to ignore every single ass hat out there, but, unfortunately: Ass Hats rule, and seemingly ethics drool..

Sooo… vent accomplished… Let’s just rip off that nasty old band-aid, let the pluckers chew on it and be along their merry old way…

Back to Zen Mountain

It has been several months since my last post, and many things have changed , while many others remain the same…

We have New Kids on the Block as it were…

Hummie is gone; whether old age finally crept up on him or he is staying closer to the Gotham Brownstone where he can sit in his LazyHum chair with a blanket and heating pad, watching the Big Screen I-pad.. Listening to surround sound and watching Netflix or if he is at the Big Feeder in the sky, we have no idea..

Funnily enough; we have had VERY few male hummingbirds up here this year, though we are swamped with females.. Lass, my little girl, is, as one would imagine, still in charge.

She still follows me around , whether I am at the apple trees or in the Master Bath brushing my teeth, She is there…watching..

Each and every morning, she is first to come in as Ma; my better half, and I sit under the covered porch to drink Ma’s coffee and my tea. She’ll chat a bit then call in the troops. Within moments, we have more than a dozen little hummers buzzing about our faces to say good morning… One of Lass’s little girls is in training to take over all ready.. She’ll fly up to me and hover in my face until I start talking to her.. Once she has her say, she’ll fly up to the nearest perch and wait until we go in.

Fall a comin’

With Fall comes the changes to our ” kids”, whether feathered or furred .. changes come.

The elk are out bugling every morning before the sun rises. They come through to chat up the ladies then haul them off to the next area that is a bit farther from the other bulls….So.. just a big spoked wheel…

Our deer are just starting to show signs for their own rut coming our way ..

I noticed yesterday morning that one of our big bucks was hangin’ in the yard sniffing away while our does are staying close to the house, figuring that mine and Ma’s presence will keep the boys from misbehaving..

We have had a young buck and doe that have hung out all spring and summer, only to have the two split about a month ago… Not sure who was cramping who’s style.. I assume they are brother and sister and no one wants to see the two of them pressing relations.. Including themselves , it would seem..

…and with Fall, comes harvest… Apples, apples apples…. The Winesaps are done and canned… LOTS!..

The Honey Crisps JUST finished… much less but much younger…. The Goldens… well they just keep getting bigger and golden along with a great blush on many of them ….No idea when they will be ready yet. The only ones coming free are the ones that the birds and bees have been pestering..

Grannies… no idea when they will be ready.. Hard as rocks and just growing away…

The Goldens will mostly end up as juice, beings that we had a ton of Winesaps to do all the bulk work. Grannies will mostly be canned for goodies or simply frozen.. No pressing..

We are still gathering , blanching and freezing our tomatoes for pasta sauce. We’ll work that all out once our season is over.. We made a trip to town to pick up a ton of Pint and and half jars for the sauce, as we don’t need them in quarts and pints are a little too little.

The gardens are all new, once again and we still have to work out bugs.. We talked the niece and her better half to come up and help put up a heavier fence this Spring as I am simply getting too old to do this crap on my own anymore…

Final thoughts

I am making this a shorty as I have no idea if it’ll even get read after so long being quiet.

There is so much to say and so many changes, I doubt I’ll cover a lot of it, well, ever…

Even the coyote kids have all changed…We haven’t seen the big kids for a while now, though, Summer usually doesn’t have them up here anyway..

It seems that ” Teary” is a mama. She brought in her baby.. Yes! our first actual baby coyote that we have seen.. about the size of a fox and it has a little white ring around the tail , so we will see if it keeps that.

Teary is a normal sized coyote rather than Limpy’s pack that are more closer to the size of wolves… about 3/4 size.

One of our ravens had to be a goof the other day. While I was outside in the morning it came through , chatting at me.. Nothing new there, till…. It would chat at me, I would answer.. It would change inflections.. I copied… back and forth until it stopped, circling around and started laughing at me… I probably don’t want to know what I said in Raven…

I don’t know yet how often I will put up our posts… I guess it’ll depend on how each is received.

I have a ton of stories…and I always have my musings and rants…

I am just happy to see that it is not the entire world in diapers, though it really is sad that it is the world I live in that is. I just don’t believe that things will straighten out in my life time, if ever…

Today, I watch the sun set as I finish this up, on

Just another day on Zen Mountain


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  1. Thank you Tony, just realized how much I missed you Zen musings. Loved it! Fully distracting my busy brain from the Gotham matrix I live.

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