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Turkey Day has come and gone , for Ma; my better half and I, we had our dinner just yesterday on Saturday, as…Ma works ALL holidays , no matter what day of the week it is….Awesome..

I mentioned that we have to do organic turkeys as is most everything we can get.

The dinner, of course, was all home/ hand made. The only can we opened was canned milk…so, well, “canned” milk…. The pumpkins from the pumpkin pie were grown up here. All of the herbs.

We stuffed the turkey from stuffing made from bread we made for the stuffing along with the organic veggies and our home grown herbs,.. I honestly don’t give a ..well , you know, what any food know-it-all has to say about it.. Yes, if you can’t cook a turkey correctly then, yup you are risking things… We don’t go by any little popping toy they shove in birds and we cook at a much lower temp for much longer when we stuff… The difference from in bird to out bird is more than worth what little extra time and any effort it takes.

We don’t have to worry about anyone getting impatient , again, it is just the two of us…We can always make up something if we get hungry while we wait… Not that there is a lot of actual waiting. Ma was in the kitchen most all day from before the sun was up until we ate.

We, of course, ate a lot for us.. But then, a lot of people would say;

All of that work and That’s all you’re going to eat?”

It isn’t about shoving in everything we make, as always.. we enjoy leftovers.

Course, I get all excited about making up more stock… Soooo a lot of the dark meat stays in the roaster oven. It will be soup, most of which I will can along with the stock.

Ma made a bunch of stuffing…seems other than how I grew up, stuffing is from in the bird and out of the bird it is dressing…. Growing up for us, the difference was , well different… If you make it from scratch it is stuffing, if there is more than the bird could hold…sttttiiiill stuffing as that is what it was made to do… Dressing, well now that’s easy; that was the crap that came in a box.

As always, everything turned out wonderful… The way I cut up a turkey would most likely offend folks that consider themselves, what? foodies? hell don’t know , don’t care…sounds pretentious to me… But in any case, I slice up the bird for use, not for FB or Twitter or whatever else people seem the need to put food up on… The bird never made it off the cutting board. From roaster to the board and back into the roaster minus what we have for dinner sandwiches etc…

The stock is coming along great. Just pulled meat and bones a few minutes ago and it will simmer through the eve, Tomorrow, I can , once again..

Now.. I had a whole bunch of stuff to write today, but our router puked early this morning and badly enough that friggin Windows 10 blew a fuse… I really hate Windows 10. My old comp with 8 on it hiccupped and kicked back in.. The main comp I spent hours fixing files, folders, putting my one password back in, multiple times.. only to have Windows puke again.. oh and again…and, yes, again… So if the router gets stupid again, I am not all together sure this won’t corrupt as did so many other things this morning….

So, hopefully, things will mellow enough that maybe I can catch back up again. I had new short stories and other just Thangs that have gone about this week.

Sadly… this type of event is still in the range of;

Just another day on Zen Mountain

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