So..Did you see the Lunar Eclipse?..Um..No

Such is life..

A once in a lifetime Lunar eclipse? But, of course, the clouds would lay in , rain would fall and low clouds cover Zen Summit like fog…..Duh.. The day of….Then clear for the next evening.. before all was socked in once again.

The astrological events have a very good chance of coming through during the Fall and Winter.. Skies are clearer for a great view, any pollutants have been dispersed by rain, and snow….But.. With our annual cloud that clings to Zen like a lover through most of the six months of cooler temps, things just probably will not work out.

I was still up and about when everything started.. I stood outside ,looking for the moon.. The clouds were so dense that it seem as if the moon were close enough to dwarf us….The entire sky was bright but no telling where the moon might be.

A little after midnight the bright cloud layers suddenly went dark. Again I looked, but as I walked out the door, I had to just chuckle . Not only could I not find the moon, but I could not see the end of the deck. I walked out from under the covered porch. Walking down the stairs of the deck to the grounds, I stepped out to look around , above the house….Ok.. Now I can’t see the porch.. let alone over the house. I couple tentative rain drops hit the top of my head. Glowering, I looked up at the sky…. When.. SWOOSH!

The rain started falling like a cow pissing on a flat rock…. and I was the rock.. It seem as if the clouds had just waited..

Oh look… Here he comes…”

Hold it. Wait until he gets out further.”

*laughing from above*

I can’t hold it any longer..” giggling

Wait for it…..wwwwaaaaaiittt for it..”

I’m going to do a test drop.”


Aim is dead on…. Now, when he looks up..”

Go! Go! Go!”


By the time I got back under the cover of the porch, my head and shoulders were soaked.. Oh yes.. There was muttered curses…Oh yes indeed….

I stood on the porch, watching the sudden downpour bouncing off the deck in front of me, looking up…well.. just because, a glare should not be wasted on fog alone..

Stepping back into the house, I shook myself, took off my now soaked robe, took a moment to glare back out the window… That will show them…..

I quickly rubbed my hair dry and crawled into bed… Fine.. Whatever…

And on with the holidays

As we all know by now; Ma, my better half, works all holidays…. Our Turkey Day won’t be Turkey Day.. But.. It’ll be Our Turkey Day…

We will do the Turkey, stuffing, gravy, sweet taters, mashed taters, cranberries ( Not from a can thank you very much ) and something green….You know, because ya gotta…

Once again, while people will have head out to the stores to find the biggest Turkzilla they can find then bitch, moan and complain about left over Turkey.. because why buy a size that fits your needs when you can walk out the store, impressing everyone in the parking lot with a bird the size of a Volkswagen , spend all day , and some, overnight, roasting the behemothbird then, following a dinner with enough food to easily feed everyone that showed for the meal plus all of your FB friends’ families…. Then spend the next week bitching about how you and family.. and all the friends that you forced to take home a tupperware extravaganza of Turkey Day foods need to find a new recipe or thirty for Turkey leftovers.. At the end of the horrific two days before you decide that enough is enough, you , and family…..and friends.. All chuck all remaining foods into the waste bin…Claiming that you just can not stand one more bite of turkey anything…..

Meanwhile….. Ma and I are enjoying our leftover Turkey meals and even more so, Turkey sandwiches…. And if the leftovers actually made it past the three day feasting.. I would take the rest of the bird, chop it and make Turkey salad for sandwiches….. That, my friend, is all in theory.. It never makes it that far…

OH My Good Lord! You people must eat like pigs!”

Ummm, that would be a big fat negatory….. Keep in mind that in a normal meal, we meh.. fill salad sized plates.. Not friggin platters for each of us…. When I cook fish, we split a 4 oz piece of fish… and as often as not, part of that goes into the fridge for later…

We just don’t buy turkey by the gross ton weight…. Will families ever do that? Only if it is cost related… Because What would Turkey Day be without that Ginormous Bird taking up half the table?

Not my flying monkeys, not my circus. Just know that I am rolling my eyes when you whine about too many leftovers…

Christmas decorations are now on the TO DO list… Not the least because, I don’t feel like trying to drag totes of decorations, which are breakable and still a few vintage.. though most were walked off with…across a drive of solid ice and snow… Not your little single car drive…Zen Mountain Drive… Semi turn around and parking worth… Besides.. I likes my Santas …They make me smile. That and bears… oooohooh and Mooses…

This also starts my count down for ” What am I going to do for my Yule countdown here?” umm list… Nothing like last year where I had new stories every day… I mean, I just don’t get the numbers anymore as I did ” back in the old days” of readers so spending a third of each day writing for stories mostly just I enjoy seems a bit much..

Am I going to put together another Holiday Video? I still don’t know. I don’t want to deal with the whole Royalty deal on most of the fun ones.. Last year’s work got me a ” You can use OUR song but you can’t make money off of it” When I actually put the song together from the ground up, not the people that claimed it….Only then to hear other versions friggin EVERYWHERE on TV and radio… I do have ideas but not a lick of promise at this point…. After the Hard Drive crash, I STILL don’t have my recording software back up to where it belongs….

Are you going to have family up for the holidays?”

Also a no….Again, with Ma working the holidays, all of our holidays are on our own time.. which is another big Go for Yule over Christmas…. Longer with more fun times and it can run for the better part of a month.. SO even if we had folk that would be willing to come up in nice weather, packing in if it snows before then would pretty much knock that out of the picture as well…

I can remember when folk Use to come up. I had more than a few when I would have my chained up 4X4 Sami loaded down with people, one trip after another, all their rigs down at the real road.. Then when all was over, I shipped them back down again, then back home to clean up the kitchen and living area… Since that time, a few more folk have moved up on Zen, making the four parking Spots full without me even having a chance for myself. We live in an all or nothing area.. We make the run from the house, or we are snowed in. Tractor down.. probably till the end of Days does not help. The fact that folks have moved on makes the idea a no go anyway…

rant incoming

We keep to ourselves and the few that did use to visit have outgrown the idea. Not a biggie.. Ma works hard, dealing with the worst people in the States all day, all week long… People that sit on their fat asses collecting money simply because they can , not because of any physical problems… Then they bitch because nothing can be replaced… Well, get the hell off your lazy ass! If you were one of the folk that hauled or unloaded the goods and you and all you buddies are kicking back enjoying cash for nothing, making more than those of us retired after decades of busting our asses and breaking our bodies…You seriously can shut the hell up about wanting this or that NOW.. News Flash! If you want it now, go to work. Bitching at the people that ARE working, making less than you being a pig makes you absolutely the lowest piece of crap on a big ole pile of crap. Commercials telling you ; ” You Deserve!” “You need it NOW” are just that dumbass; commercials to convince you to spend that government money on new toys. Then you wine that now you have no money… Um DUH! Because you are still that Dumbass piece of crap under that big ole pile of crap. Being as asshole doesn’t make you special , it just makes you one of the walking vomit….

Whew.. well, I feel better now, How about you? I know Ma and I are not the only ones in the world that have seen the general population of the states turn into a bunch a whiney crap mouthed little bitches … I am sure that the bulk of folk that take the time to read my posts feel the same way.

Final Thoughts

Ma is working on moving off some of her older yarns that she does not use any more . We are spoiled with her better spinning and blending than most all of what we use to think was great store bought.. which compared to the Craft store yarns IS amazing.. That was a jump went made a good decade ago…

So, now, what was awesome store bought yarn, is now just taking up space. Ma cleared a couple totes to send off and or sell. She has been spinning and of course knitting by the fire on her time off creating yarns and then on to the projects..

Ma Finished spinning all her singles of Shetland, Tussah Silk, and Satin Angora (5 bobbins) and Shetland, Tussah Silk and English Angora (3 bobbins). She has a total of 28.9oz of these beautiful blends.

Ma Completed Shetland, Tussah Silk, Satin Angora & Shetland, Tussah Silk, English Angora spin. This is a total of 12 skeins, 2684yds of 2ply sport/dk weight. Plenty for another cardigan sweater. A huge Thank You to Candice Smith of Southern Angora Rabbitry for sharing her lovely angora bunnies and creating such beautiful batts.
Ma’s first skein of fine shetland black neck wool from Jen at Whispering Pines Farm. This is the best of the best wool on a sheep and she is excited she had the opportunity to purchase some. She spun this into 2ply cobweb / fine lace weight, getting a total of 522 yds. she is spinning another batch up this weekend, which once done, she plans on knitting fine shetland lace shawl. It will be her first black shawl. Better have some good light to see what she’s knitting.

My job? Oh my job is to wear out what she makes so that she needs to keep making more… Remember, even now that I am retired, I can go through a pair of socks in a day… It use to be the norm when I would come home in the evenings.. Pull off my shoes only to find that I had no heels … I pivot a LOT.

Just finished working on Roasted Garlic. We buy bags of fresh garlic then I cut the tops off the cloves,

drizzle them with oil and toss them in the oven at 320F until they are nicely roasted.. I had two large sheets today. I squeeze them out of the husk and into a half gallon jar then I fill the jar with olive oil. Now we will have roasted garlic for cooking with is so much nicer than even fresh cloves let alone dried , plus the benefit of close to a quart of garlic oil. It lasts forever in the fridge like that.. well, in theory, I use it up fairly quickly.

I also made up a batch of pizza dough. It is rising in a bowl for a small deep dish pizza today and Stromboli that I will make up this week and freeze for yet another ” Zen Mountain Fast Food.” When Ma says she wants ” I don’t know” for dinner and I can’t come up with anything… Won Tons, Egg rolls, Stromboli, calzones; a few different kinds and a myriad of canned goodies …

Sitting here watching the hoarfrost form on everything today. The funny thing is; we are just at freezing. If it weren’t for this heavy clouds socking us in, I doubt we would actually have ice and frost.. but, well.. we do.. Some of the hoarfrost is actually changing over to clear ice on the fences.

It may not look like Christmas.. thank goodness.. too early for that.. But it sure looks like “ Winter’s Coming.”

We had a few great sunrises this week.. Right up to when the Eclipse was going to happen.. I really enjoy them this time of year. They are so dramatic.

I know it looks like I was playing with color filters on some of them but no, that is how they looked…well, actually more impressive in person.

Hollywood and Lass; our two hummingbirds that spent the last winter with us as still hanging in this fall. Poor Hollywood just came back from town just a few days ago when it was actually in the 60s up here and sunny… The very next day, the temps dropped… He was not pleased and Lass is already grumpy with me putting up the windows.. Not like they still can’t come into the porch, but now they have to fly an extra five feet.. so.. ya know.. it simply pisses them off. Totally get it..

The animals up here tend to rotate through with the seasons. We did have a massive buck come in yesterday along with some of our girls. He is an old buck, white in the face. Only three points per side , plus guards so 4 x 4 but his body is enormous. He would have seriously filled a freezer.. but not in season and, of course, the freezer is packed already… which he knew as he stuck his tongue out at me. We just enjoyed seeing this monster in the yard, feet from us, though not a chance to get a picture.

The fog/ cloud is getting thicker and the hoarfrost is building. With dark coming on, it could get pretty dense through the night we’re already sitting almost ten degrees cooler than the best forecast and on to fifteen cooler than the forecast most sites are claiming right now. Temps are suppose to keep us from snow though the next several days could go either way.. We will definitely have freezing fog.. But, with our annual bestie ; the cloud of Zen…this is all simply and truely

Just another day on Zen Mountain

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