Birds of a feather

The week went by incredibly quickly…for me..Not Ma; my better half, but for me, yes..

I hadn’t planned on going into town at all this non-citiot week..but instead, I ended up in Gotham three times…That is a lot for me these days… That alone makes the week fly… I had things I had wanted to get started but that didn’t turn out so We’ll see about the coming week.. Though with high temps today bring in winds..that will , in turn bring in cold weather and a few chances at our first snows…which could mess with some of my ideas…But, we shall see, Zen is anything but predictable…

This time of year I start running the bird feeders once again with the migratory birds whipping in to spend the winter…

I had literally just filled the feeder when the first of our raptors showed up.. They are no fools and the Early Bird catches the finch.. We had a hawk land at the wood shed before we had even settled back inside from setting up for the birds…

Of course…. as things always seem to go up here… elk came in a few days later, saw the feeder, got excited about appetizers and knocked it down wiping the contents…brats…

With things as they are these days, trying to get bird seed isn’t what it was , so I don’t put out as much as I always use to… Never the less, Birds keep on coming in to peck at what is out there and glare at me for not having more out..

Quail Boy brought in his extended family to visit hearing that the ” Fly N Go” was open once again… Though there were still a lot of quail , there were many more missing from the flock that we had seen earlier on…Between the few feral cats, and bobcats, coyotes, hawks, falcons and owls…and more I am sure that I haven’t seen… the numbers got hit hard…. We are still happy to see as many as we have. They stayed away for a couple years, whether from the fires or just because the predators get so thick up here.

We were outside under the porch awning when we heard a Red Tail Hawk scream over head and sure enough, it was circling the property, calling to its mate… In no time, a second hawk came in through the clouds to join him. Though he kept overhead, trying to get a shot other than a silhouette was impossible, so I took what pics I could as both Ma and I stared into the clouds. Shortly there after, the yard was filled with quail, one sitting up on one of our posts keeping an eye out for the raptors…

Our song birds are all over the place, swinging in, picking through all the bushes and generally annoying Lass, our family hummingbird… Ever since she ended up spending a few days in the house a few winters ago, she stays very close to Ma and I when we go out and she will fly up to the windows, looking in to find us if she gets bored or when she is getting ready to head off to bed and we aren’t out there to tell her good night. Any time I walk outside, as soon as she hears or sees me, she comes racing in to tell me about her day… or complain that I haven’t been out more…Or that I haven’t put her summer feeder back out ….or that I have one of the two winter windows in , in the porch…and that she can see the other sitting there …aaaaaaannnnd that she knows that I am going to take out her most favorite feeder and put up the other window… and No, it does Not matter that I just move said feeder over a few feet for winter…. She can not sit on her favorite perch and chat with us while zipping up to the feeder… Absolute inconvenience ……… Yes.. she complains a LOT…. Now that the bulk of Hummy and family have head to Gotham for the holidays, living in their Brownstone, and streaming videos all winter rather than coming up here and dealing with the harsh climate.. Lass has taken over as Hum in charge… One of her sisters spends a lot of time up here still, but as soon as the snow hits, she says she is heading to town. Lass knows that , in a pinch, she can always fly into the house and hang with us again, but she doesn’t like it much; the sky is too low and the trees are just not high enough… Though, she does like that the feeder sits on a counter so that she can actually walk around if she feels like it and she does enjoy the Christmas decorations.

I haven’t seen any more eagles lately… which only means that I haven’t SEEN them, not that they aren’t around…

Cawcaw kids are always here until it gets really bad, then they too head for town… Even Huggin and Munnin head towards the river where it isn’t as icy and windy. For now however, they are constantly overhead…They enjoy chatting us up in the mornings, swinging low as they head from the North grove to the South grove then on to check for anything new to munch around the hillsides. The crows talk WAY more than the Ravens do. Ginny and crew chatting up a storm as they look around the homestead to see what new treasures they may find while Huggin and Munnin generally croak in greeting , go about their business then head back up to the tree to the South edge of the property, watching more than anything.. Work smarter, not harder… They leave the antics to the crows.. Once Ginny finds anything, she tells everyone,,,Huggin comes in to see if it’s worth their time and if not, it’s all for the crows to dig through.

While all this crazy bird nonsense is going on, our deer and elk completely ignore them all…save for Lass generally… She is not above griping at them as well…like a friggin mosquito in their ear… We still have our one buck chasing the girls around the place though any girls that are still keeping the rut going have to be getting close to the end.

The rain was pounding the other morning, clouds thick as they scoured the ground, passing across Zen rather than overhead, and our buck was trudging through the weather. Slow but steady. You could see that his neck is still swollen and he is exhausted . Plodding through the soggy soil while the rains at their best, pounding down across his back and shoulders, the clouds thick and wet, pushing him along… Meanwhile… All the does were hanging in the trees out of the weather watching and grinning.

The elk are still hanging close by. We still hear the bulls, less often but most days. We see the herd with in a mile of us normally and fairly often in the yard…. Course they know darn well that the freezer is full so they are pretty darn calm about everything to do with us… I was out watching them while one of the cows was watching me…grinning as the other girls and a couple small bulls made their way along our fence line, and then along another of our fence lines to the south.

The coyote kids are, of course, busy right now. They like to keep an eye on things up here but usually send in Rhey, Dennis and Teary while everyone else is hitting the areas farther out. They will come in more as the weather starts to get rough, knowing that if there is any type of foods in a pinch, it’ll be up here. Best to leave that for hard times… Sending the kids through regularly keeps the scent trail and markers up.. even though Rhey runs with Wraith from the northern pack, Limpy isn’t about to give up the grounds here for a future son-in-law and his family…

Our wood guy is totally dropping the ball on us this year… We have been calling and leaving messages for months. I finally got hold of him in August, and he said he would put us on the list… BUT he was also talking to someone else at the time and we haven’t heard a word since then. I have around two months of wood in the wood room and MAYBE another month in the wood shed but considering that we use wood from September through May….. and the worst is from October through March…. I have been a little concerned. We aren’t able to find any wood anywhere else. I do have some wood that he cut way too long which means I’ll have to see about getting the chainsaw running and try to get a bunch of that cut… I have some wood in another area that is way too big that simply will not split, been trying since I moved up here.. which is probably why it was here…and I imagine it’ll burn faster than I could split… Anyway, so hopefully I can get some non windy days this week to see what I can come up with. I have heard both colder and warmer than normal this winter…. We won’t know crap until February… We tend to have our very own weather up here.. It can be raining in Hooterville and Gotham and snowing here..or the reverse.. We can get socked in with hoarfrost for weeks while it isn’t bad in either direction.. or we can be above the clouds; sunny and warm while it is dark and icy below…

I have to make a planned run to town, I have some veggies to get and sure don’t want to head in to town again until after Turkey weekend..

Final Thoughts

I had gotten a call on Monday.. at first I thought it was my nephew..same name and voice is very close…until he told me I had an appointment on Tuesday.. I stared at the phone for a moment until it kicked in.. It was the eye doc’s office…

CRAP!…Errr I mean sure..”

I had to have more tests done, checking up on my eye pressure and my Glaucoma …. The eye pressure pushes the Glaucoma, and contrary to what way too many people think; There is no cure for Glaucoma….That is just TV…and no.. you can’t just put in someone else’s eye.. again; TV .. My pressure has been slowly going down with the meds and such that I have been doing which is great.. The Field test showed that the Glaucoma is slowly getting worse in the eye that was damaged at work in 2017… The injury was bad enough, leaving me with scars but also through my eye pressure through the roof which set off the Glaucoma and Workman’s Comp didn’t feel any of that was their problem. Anyway…… Doc said that though it was worse, it wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be by now….Take what we can get… Oh but Wait; it gets better… He is heading to Europe for a year to do surgeries over there… So.. I get a new doc, at least for a year… Doc says I am a very special case * LOL* as so much went wrong and so much crap came out of the accident.. not the least of which is the stupid headache I have had since May of 2017..which gets old..and my eye will not stay wet, tear duct was messed up too.. and of course the dang Glaucoma.. and the catarcts they removed.. and the scarring bleh… anyway that and a couple other things, but we went back and forth trying to decide if I should start another med as well.. We finally both agreed that I should wait until the new doc sees me and sees what is.. well.. will be.. going on before he has to dive into anything else.. as well.. Needless to say, I am a little concerned. But.. we shall hope for the best.

The Red Truck was feeling sick, I mentioned that.. I was able to get her in on Thursday eve. With a last moment call to my niece, she got me home which it was nice to see her again. The way Ma and I live, as I have mentioned as well, we don’t see folk too often. As rough as Ma’s weeks are with all of the absolutely horrible people she has to deal with, I don’t really want to mess with her off time, inviting folks up and I am even worse about heading to other folks’ homes. I always feel like I am intruding.

I was working around the house on Friday when I got and missed a call from the shop.. They left a message; the truck was ready.. Holy Crap!

I never get a rig back for any less than a week.. usually longer… But.. New, to me , shop that the nephew told me about. Being retired, not having to head in to Hooterville I have to actually learn about Gotham at our feet…. Well, I gots me a shop now… If only they worked on tractors….. I’ll have to pester Rich about that at some point Ima guessin… Folks that work on Gasoline run tractors are like wood lice on a fish.. Let alone one that could come up or haul the tractor down cause she aint goin anywhere without a rig to haul her.. pretty sure AAA would frown on that one… LOL

But Maam, I drive this tractor to town every week…..yeah..for groceries…”

I don’t think they’d buy it.

I still have kitchen harvest stuff to do.. I tend to get side tracked with other tinkering around the place.. Doesn’t take much…

OOH! Squirrel !”

Maybe I am spending too much time around Dennis…

Ma has been spinning up a storm… She is now plying all the bunnie she had spun up so soon there will be pics of that..She finished up the first round of Black Neck fiber from Jen.. there will be more. Ma gets twitchy when she has projects sitting in front of her so she likes to knock them out….and then pull out a bunch more…which make her twitchy so she wipes them out…..

This is from the neck of the sheep. It is the finest, softest wool on the sheep. Ma spins this very thin and is usually used to knit Fine Shetland Lace Shawls. There is over 500 yds in this little bump of 2ply lace.

She is prepping for sweaters and shawls as well as caps, gloves and socks….No cozie projects waiting… and no closets full of unused woolies… Socks along, I keep Ma busy… Lately, I have been saving my worn out tube socks and wearing them… I go through socks so fast to begin with and then our carpet for whatever reason eats socks..well.. my socks… So, I figure, generally speaking, by the end of the day I will probably have worn through the heel .. I might as well wear already worn out socks and let the carpet try to wear through my own heels..good luck with that.. I save real socks for once I am done running around.. so Mornings and evenings. I can’t feel sections of my hands or feet so I don’t generally notice anywho…. I get tired of making more work for Ma .

Annnnyway…… I sit here listening to the awesome winds bringing in the warm weather…with the cold right behind it…looking out at the green meadows that would have been awesome to see during the Summer..or even Spring… and know that come mid week we are Suppose to get a dusting of snow…Once it starts, things change again , as we all know… So long as we can get in and out and stay warm though we are good… I make sure we have food and what meds we need.

With the winds blowing through the bedroom windows, past me to shudder my window, I just have to grin knowing

This is just another day on Zen Mountain

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