Rainy Season settling in on Zen

After way too many months of dry, we are finally getting the rain we desperately need.

It has been getting wetter and wetter over the last several days, and today we are enjoying a nice soft rainy day. Temps have dropped but not seriously yet, whew. Though we are getting into the upper 30s at night off and on, days are in the 50s for the most part.

I happened to run through FB this morning while I was working on a few other projects… multi-tasking or more like; multi-crashing… Even the big comp; which is studio rack mount quality pukes when I am attempting to over achieve…

Annnyyywayyyy… I noticed in my ” memories” that last year it started snowing on this day…. As pretty as it is, no thanks, not yet… We have run into more problems than I could have imagined that I am not sure how we are gong to work out… It finally happened.. A citiot bought property up here and has been tearing stuff up… We can hear it, but unless we walk to the end of the drive , we don’t see it…. But HERE is the problem… The dude is putting up a fence ..a Burly fence… Barbwire is one thing, but this looks like it’ll be something massive. The posts are all seriously heavy duty and cemented in .. They haven’t talked to anyone up here. They tore 10 acres up from one end to the other..and divided it as well.. though from everything we have been told by the county, you can’t split anything smaller than 10 acres .. The problem is, they stuck a corner post in the right of way for our road getting out. Fair weather, we can get out to the south, but the emergency road is now cut off for us…If the main is blocked by snow or fire, we are screwed.. No emergency vehicles will be able to get in either. I also can’t plow the road anymore and I am not so sure that even the big rig that they use for the main section can get here if we need nor do I know how they will be able to clear the main road when that was where the snow is removed to… At least I am not the only one freaking out about it, but, I haven’t seen them to try to talk to them about it.. I am fairly sure that they did that in the first place because of the idiot next door wrecked his truck at that spot… Both him and I have right there over the decades so I know that if that is there still, one of us is going to destroy our rig and his fence over it. If we are snowed in there is no way to get Ma out in an emergency.. Which we have had way too many of mid-winter….and if that isn’t bad enough, they also put their dumpster in the winter parking area, knocking out two of the three parking spots….which are about four less than they need to begin with.. PRE citiot , so I am absolutely freaking out.

The other thing I had running this morning was my new video editor… After the Big Hard Drive crash this year, I lost the editor I have been using for years… When I tried to put it back on the exact same comp running all the newest, well..everything..The POS programs wouldn’t open, saying that something wasn’t up to date…. Though the damn thing was on the comp up until a couple weeks before I tried to put it back on again…So .. I switched from Adobe to Corel…They both tend to irritate me as my older versions of programs from both companies did more than the new ones…Now you have to pay a monthly premium to use the same old stuff…


I am playing with the new.. well was a month or so ago…Corel Video Editor 2021… It does some stuff that Adobe didn’t but Adobe did some stuff this doesn’t… I have been able to play with more things on this though , so hopefully this will end up as the better program anyway.

” So..Dude..What the hell are you working on?”

Ahhh.. Yesss.. I thought you’d never ask… I am working on a Multi-video , probably multi-song, mini series smacked into a singular package of None of your damn business. * chuckle* Actually, it will been a bunch of wee vids of Ma; my better half ,working her magic from getting the wool to…Hmmm I know through spinning, but I think she is planning on stopping at that point… Not my Project, circus or flying monkeys… I just do the recording , edit and see if I can come up with some background music for it… I’m thinking basically Death Metal Accordion … errr or possibly Not. Her little group of friends that she visits with on Fridays w/ Jen said they’d like to see her four-ply so… We just got the top in and a vid of unboxing….. This will probably take a while ,and the best part?…. I seriously doubt more than a dozen folk will get the link * chuckle* We all know how Ma hates to be in front of a camera. It did allow me to play with something through this new software. Most of the toys look pretty lame to me, but then, I am sure it is great for whatever the hell kids do videos of these days… I don’t actually want to know what they do….I just know they do weird stuff… The program did crash…before I was at a spot that I could save…..Yes.. Yes, there was swearing… The next time around, however, I was able to get not only done what I had been trying , but I also found where I can get in to make changes to the changes without starting over…Something Adobe couldn’t do. I haven’t looked at any of the title work or what I can do with audio.. I did have to do a quick and dirty edit on the original track and didn’t see much for audio editing, But, fortunately, I have audio gear… Once we get further in, there will be narration as well which I will do outside of that program anyway. Music will be pretty close to nada ..just something to kill dead air. Should be fun on my end, other than the crashes. I’ll make sure to tell you how cool it turned out….and you can take my word for it * grins*

Sunrise over Gotham from Zen Homestead

Tis the season of cool sunrises, I was able to get some pics up last week. I have a short window before the low cloud rolls in to stay for the season.. but then you never know…. We get breaks from time to time and that’s when the awesome winter pics come in.

This Fall has had a few nice sunrises … As one might expect; it is always nice to see the next one

The rain clouds make some seriously sweet layers at times which, being above a lot of the valley clouds, we get to see through the layers from above. Some times I can get a picture that relays that

The rut is kicking in pretty well up around us. We have a few bucks chasing the girls.. just not when I have the camera readily at hand. The girls are Not pleased. Most any time you see a doe running past the place , there is a buck soon to follow.

We have noticed a few of the larger young kids running on their own now, having been chased off.. So where do they go? Here.. course.. One of Ma’s little does was trying to sneak into Hummie Garden… Ma asked her what she was up to, pushing at the gate. Swinging around to look at Ma, the little girl grinned and said;

Nuttin…I was just looking for something I dropped.”

What did you lose?”

Ummmmm.. My mom?”

You dropped your mom?”

I ..um… Maybe?”

You sure you weren’t just looking for maybe Hummie?

Ohhhhhh.. Right.. That’s what I was doing.” The little doe agreed , nodding her head and grinning at Ma.

Next thing she knew, I was bolting out of the front door, not paying attention and on a mission. I heard an EEP! Looked over to see the little doe leap up from a cat nap by my shop door.

Sorry little one. I wasn’t watching. I can wait.”

Well, I’m awake now .” She stood, glaring at me from a few feet away. We both stood, watching each other. “Fine.. Whatever.. I need a drink and a lick of the slat block anyway.” She walked past me, raising her hoof, pointing towards her eyes, then at me and back to her eyes , lifted her tail and sauntered off.

I stood for a moment watching her…” Friggin weird kids.” I mumbled.

She stopped, looked over her shoulder at me. “ I heard that.”

Good.” I said.

Yeh, very good.” She said, still staring at me..

I stood there, blinking my eyes, running through the conversation..” What does that even mean?”


Very good.”

Well duh.. Some things are good..and something things that are a little better are VERY good.” She said with a flip of her head and pranced off.

Sarcasm… Nice..They obviously hang around me waaaaaay too much.”

Final Thoughts

My head is not all together here at the moment with the nonstop worry about the road, but also as I am messing around with music and now again video…and, of course, I have some actual bench work for several guitars.. including the one I waited too long to get the hardware for.. It may warm up enough for me to do the finish work on her, but as I have several other things, you know, minor stuff like cutting routing, fitting and sanding before I can worry about that, I am thinking it’ll be next year.. Besides, I have Ma tools to make if I want to work in the shop…. I have been playing more.. over all… still not every day, but usually several days a week… Not a lot of learning though, more kick back, playing with backing tracks or just jamming with the old originals from 50s-70s just to relax….And of course, screwing around with pictures a bit….

I still have to hit the next stage of canning. We did pick up vodka…which was pretty funny.. Ma got carded by a kid at the counter that was young enough to be her grandson, but, none the less, she had to show she was in fact old enough… Standing behind her I was grinning..

Honey, I think it’s a height thing.. You know.. You have to be This tall to buy liquor here thang. ” I chuckled as I held my hand a few inches over her head… The folk behind the counter all started laughing.

Good thing you brought someone adult size.. even if young adult size.. with you to pay for the booze.” I continued with a smile.

Ma gave us all a quick glare before everyone started laughing again while I reached, over her head, to pick up the bag of hooch that was in front of her.

So…anyway, I have the elderberries.. three bags… the honey and the vodka… Ma decided on 100 proof…I warned her that she will complain later… Making tinctures; the higher the proof, the more you’ll get out of your herbs, flowers or berries..nuts and twigs too , I would imagine… Once I work out any bugs in my elderberry tincture recipe, I’ll put it up.. keeping in mind, yer on your own at that point..

We have lids now, still no wide mouth, which smart old me, switched us over to wide mouth a few years ago, so about half our jars can’t be used…. But, at least I have enough to do this year’s canning.

It is finally time to put the veggies. The cold snap stopped everything… The tomatoes are at least more yellow than green, so they will ripen on the counter now. The peppers are small, but they all look good.. Looks like they’ll get dried.

I’ll cut back the Basil, I am sure it’ll be done. The Rosemary is growing very well and I’ll top her again this week… I think I will dry it before I work on Rosemary Tincture.. This is the first year for that, as she has been just too small to use for anything but seasonings…We always pray she’ll make it through winter..so far so good..

I’ll check the other herbs, no idea if I’ll have anything. I got the last harvest of Parsley.. I got twice as much this year as last harvest So we should be gaining ground now.

I went through our herbs, really, the only one still on the low is Oregano…. Might have to see about adding some more plants. Problem for me is, they are by the Marjoram so I can’t tell them apart.. and it’s not like I have have a reasonable sense of smell.. or sight up close…

Spike is on my list right now too….He…well.. apparently….. SHE.. left something behind…. Where Spike always messes with me on the West side of the house, and shop… I ran into a baby..at least one…rattler now under a paving stone below my faucet on the EAST side… She was well behaved and all, but STILL…. I was turning on the water when I looked down to see a young rattlesnake laying against the house and about six inches from my foot… CRAP! She looks up..

Oh.. Hey Da… Could you move a little to the right? You’re in my sun.”

Oh no..No no no… Do Not make a nest there.”

Too late.” She said as she slipped under the stone, mildy irritated that I hadn’t moved.

Sooo I told Ma about it and sure enough, next day, I was at the faucet when a little rattler stuck its head out of a hole.. Not the same damn hole…CRAP! She looked at me and slithered backwards , back into the hole. I can not tell if it was the same one or not, this one looked smaller to me.. but then.. SNAKE!…. Not a fan… I saw one again the next day as well.. Definitely set up a den under my faucet.. I haven’t figured out a good plan yet… Hopefully she’ll be as mellow in the Spring.

MA is in the kitchen, bustling about, as she works on her home made cheesecake .. Not the kind you buy in the stores..This is more on the savory end and is amazing.. though , if you are a Fast Food person, most likely you’d give it the pumpkin-guts-face…

( I use to raise malamutes and Wolffie, in his prime at close to 200lbs..would get into the sink when he was in the house if I wasn’t watching him.. He took off with more than one whole chicken… One time, however what he expected, was not what he got.. He latched on to a mouth full of pumpkin guts to run off and enjoy.. until it hit the taste buds and the Pleh Pleh Pleh bleh Yuck What the Fu face hit him….Funny as hell and became the Pumpkin-guts-face)

She is also working on Veggie Lasagna .. Basically, spoiling me rotten as tomorrow is my birthday…though I am not excited about it….maybe if it shaved off years at a certain point….

I sit here finish up this week’s Post, looking out my window at rolling rain heavy clouds…below us.. with another layer above us. More clouds crossing the hill sides to the east and fog rolling across Zen’s summit.. Some in a hurry, while other know they’ll all end up together at some point so no rush.. Our deer lay out in the meadow, watching the house, waiting for Ma to go outside so they can chat with her.

I can take a moment to just grin, look at the expanse that is our view, covering two states and multiple volcanoes, most shrouded in clouds. Light rain falls, slowly seeping into the parched earth, hoping everything gets a nice drink , knowing that this is simply

Just another day on Zen Mountain

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  1. Looking forward to that video link! Happy birthday – and also, every time I see your sky photos I think you live on a different planet – such amazing skyscapes! Nice to hear you are relaxing and enjoying the gentle rains.


    1. Thanks Jen. Should be a fun vid for you gals. Yeah, our skies are pretty amazing.. wish I could pull off a panorama shot that captures it all as it is a wrap around up here on the summit..but, it just doesn’t come out right


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