A chilling breeze

Though we are still having wildfires around the area, the chill Fall breezes have come in threatening to freeze plants still waiting for rains. Zen’s mostly norm of twenty mile an hour winds scatter leaves that have changed colors, not because of the season but due to lack of water.

The few plants around us that do change colors.. other than friggin brown… have started to show some reds and a few orange and gold…mostly; brown… Winds coming through, bringing rain clouds, find no time to wait for the clouds to shower the hill tops around us, rather, they push the rain on East towards the Blues.

Not that this is anything new. This is just one of Zen’s micro seasons.. Season of the Wind..ok, fine.. Fall Winds… Not to be confused with Spring winds, Summer Winds, Winter winds…Wednesday winds, Holiday winds…..Early mid week Winds… Welcome to Monday winds…Too windy for Tuesday winds….Throw back the shutters Thursday winds or Friggin Friday winds….

Some of the seasons of winds All but Always come out of the North West …But there are those Special winds that make us sit , wide-eyed and hold on.. The South winds. The Winter South winds….We may get a few South winds during the rest of the year, but the Winter South winds are the ones that hit 70mph + … Now, I know that if you live where you deal with Tornadoes or any of the Ocean’s tempests, 70 mph is a breeze…relative anyway…. But up here, damage starts around 55 mph; buildings start to rip and things go all Wizard of Oz…remember; no trees or buildings to slow anything down…. I actually had my small pickup move in one of the winds. Parking brake set, the wind was hard enough that it moved the little truck more than a foot… The old house, lost a corner to one storm, Lost the mudroom to the ground, wiped out five wind fences to the last post and picked me up, tossing me more than a car’s length, off my deck and down into the yard below as I tried to save the gazebo….So, yeh, I have an idea about winds….. These happened between 55-57mph… So 70 plus…yeh, I get a little twitchy. It blew a hole directly through the Wood shed while full of wood. Sheets of ply that had been secured were flying around the air like magic carpets while, once again, I was running about, trying to keep things from doing more damage…

LOL.. I am JUST 5’8″ and normally run between 160-165…. trying to hold onto a full 4X8 sheet of half inch ply while the wind was trying to make me into Ali Baba …

So, in any event, while I sit inside, watching rain clouds fly by, I think about all of the crazy winds stories throughout my decades up here on Zen. Even the bad ones make me snort and shake my head.

We have seen some pretty nasty storms up here of most all kinds which tended to lead to one dumbass story or another as I tried to keep afloat .

Most winds though, I sit and watch shit fly by.

I had to put up a trash fence.. yup, Trash fence.. doesn’t stop the wind, though the wind does drag it down. Getting ever closer to a hundred yards long to just try to keep the neighbors trash from covering my fields during every single wind for the last near 30 years…

I have watched lawn furniture pass on by, thousands , at least, of beer cans… bags and papers, plastic bottles and more….as I sit here in the middle of nowhere. Not much I can do, other than ; the trash fence.

This year has been one of the windier ones trashing the plant life and wiping harvests before they can even begin. Oh yes, it does get old… Winds that last over a week steady start to piss me off…Though, who/what do I get mad at? And, of course, during the warm summer days that everyone loves, if the winds aren’t blowing, we are covered in smoke now for the last seven years. Winter, when the winds stop, we get hoarfrost from hell. The clouds that will come in soon, blanket Zen from late fall to early spring for the most part and when the winds stop, those clouds start icing up , literally anything not moving.

Not complaining, as I say.. to whom? Just when you are listening to winds hammer at the windows and your aren’t sure what you want to write about, the inspiration is literally knocking on my door…

These chill winds this weekend are bring, as you might guess; cooler temps. There is ALWAYS just that one night, all on its own where the evening temp drops ten degrees below the nights on either side, just enough to knock out harvest…. That night is suppose to be Monday night. Now they are talking 32F in the flatlands below us…. I have lots on the vines that are simply not ready to come in.. A couple more weeks, sure….Not Tomorrow. The one thing we have going for us..I guess… is that the winds will still be blowing… Double edged sword that. You wont have frost…air moving too fast.. BUT the relative chill drops significantly in winds..in case you have never been outside in the cold with a wind blowing… So, that 32F could easily feel like 20 something to a plant, beings that our so nearly nonstop winds this year destroyed the wind protection I put up for my gardens. They usually last a couple years.. This time; a couple months. Within days of me putting things up, a wind came through and pounded my work for more than a week steady and started the first tear along a fold. Within a few weeks, even after multiple repairs, the fence had multiple holes in it… Now it looks more like wind art.

So… we shall see if the plants hold up. The tomato plants never did look good this year, but the peppers may survive… Course as they need warm temps to finish the ripening…*sigh*

I’ll do a small harvest tomorrow to attempt to grab anything close. But there will still be a lot out there ( a lot for us.. not a plush; “Why yes, we have water. Oh my yes we get winds.. ruffles my hair and all” garden.

As far as getting ready for Winter.. Because Tis the Season… I need to make a run to town this week to make a start. I imagine it’ll be another three stores instead of one and get what I can from the three rather than simply hitting the store and coming home with a full load…. Those days have passed… I can deal with the only one or two checkouts at each store due to nobody wanting to work when they can get free cash sitting on their butts rather than putting in the work and tearing ourselves up that we all did growing up and getting old…. It is the big business that simply has stopped sending goods to our neck of the woods…. They send off brand cardboard in a box food because soooo damn many people simply order fast food to their door… Why should companies bother sending real food to stores when so damn many people throw a tantrum if they have to so much as warm something up. let alone learn how to cook… Unless it is delivered to their door; everything they need to make a meal all on a card/ a video link , I am sure, all to make mashed potatoes….Because who could ever figure out how to do that without some fancy chef telling them… SO, shopping is annoying… Walking into stores, most of the shelves empty. Pallets of all kinds of usually junk food blocking isles so backtracking is the only option only to get a third of your list that use to be all in this same store, stand in a line that goes from the front of the store all the way to the back…just so you can drive five minutes and repeat the process. It is awesome when you can only find one or two things… five minutes to shop forty five minutes in line.

LOL.. good thing I have the time.

So.. Then there was the whole second shot vaccine thing .. So far, Ma has done pretty well… Sunday night it hit me and again each late afternoon.. Oh and; Jolly Day! It is creeping in behind my eyes right now. Hard to breath, coughing like crazy for a few days, now just when I do anything. My headaches have reserved a special spot in hell….. and vision going along with it of course… But… At least I know I can’t give it to Ma.

Ma is working on Shetland, Bunnie and Silk blended batts on her spinning wheel by the fire. Starting on the second 4 ounces which she divides into one ounce at a time to spin. The yarn is fairly fine as she has to use short draw, comfortably, which is Ma’s fine spinning due to the short staple length of bunnie hairs…. Once she spins up 4 oz , she puts them all together on a single bobbin, splicing ends together… I am going to have to figure out how to make her some storage bobbins. She just finished a sweater that she spun up, designed and , of course, knitted to fit. I’ll do more on that when I do a Post all on Ma’s stuff again…mostly because I am crashing at this moment…

So, as I start to run, or hobble out the door, obviously, another extremely short post. But as I can’t focus, it’ll have to do.

Winds are just one of the things that makes Zen; Zen…. Life changes constantly, even up here… I don’t see the winds changing by much….But, if they one day decide to blow in cash or crops, you know I’ll write about it…. for the now

Good/bad/ indifferent

Today is

Just another day on Zen Mountain

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