and the rain finally came in…

Last weekend, we got a nice light rain for the first time in months. This weekend, we have been getting a full weekend of some light rain and mists.

I know there are a lot of areas that have been getting swamped this year, we are not one of them so these rains are absolutely wonderful.

Will they fix the draught? oh, hell no, but as the saying goes; ” Anything is better than nothing.”

Fall is determined to come in and I am fine with that…The longer , the better as far as I am concerned..

Snow on the higher elevations and rain here until the dead of winter.

I am sure that it will warm again and dry up once more, but, for the now, I am going to enjoy this weather.

Sitting on the porch this morning, rain lightly falling, the hummingbirds going nuts as they too are enjoying the wet, I listen to the Bull Elk bugling in the North hills Just far enough off to the West that I couldn’t see them. Another group were coming in from the East, staying below the berm where I couldn’t see them either, started making “mews” as the cows made their way north. Yet another bull called from closer to us in the north grove, answering the bull up in the hills.

I stood with my camera, snapping shots of the clouds, which I always love to watch as they change. You can see rain falling from one layer into another, or wisps drawn down to the next layer. Clouds breaking, showing beams of light as the sun rises, streaming through the layers of clouds… As I say, if I sit in my chair in the living room, I see sky, for the most part, we have to stand to see ground as everything slopes down towards the valleys from our place.

Watching the clouds shift and listening to the elk, of course, here comes “Teary” the newest coyote kid that “Limpy” has running the hunting paths. I did manage to take a couple pics, but it seems that once again, I have something not quite right on my camera as I have been monkeying around with settings and all of the pictures came out too grainy ” ISO” I imagine. With as dark as it is while we are out and about, the camera is always grabbing for light of some kind.

” Teary” stopped, watching me as he stood just on the other side of a few buck brush, waved then headed on his way.

Hummie sat on a little perch he always likes to sit and watch feeders from, just a few feet from my head, close enough to whisper in my ear.

Da… Move, the babies freak out when you stand next to the feeder.” ..and, with that, he literally circled my head, close enough that his wings were brushing my hair as he swung around to sit at the feeder that was right behind me.

Ah, right, sorry Hums. Wasn’t paying attention.” I sat back down in my chair as the hummers flew about the desk and porch area, hitting feeders and just playing while Ma; my better half, and I sat drinking our morning tea and watching the sun rise.

Several of the babies from this year flew in to the porch area just to buzz Ma and I. They always swarm one they hear us come out, especially if it is getting close to breakfast, dinner, or bed time for them.

Although the weather kept away most of the other hummies this year, the Calliope, The Allens, The Broad-tails, and the Rufus, Hummie’s clan stayed close to home . Our Anna clan has grown over the years since Ma moved up here from our Idaho place and we put up the new house and well. When it was just me, they would come in mostly in June and July, some hanging about until mid September , but none simply hung around.

Once Hummie talked Ma into having us keep the family home here rather than me move down to the Idaho place, the numbers just kept increasing and they came in earlier and stayed longer.

The Annas don’t go any farther than the valleys here. When they go, they can still see ” Home” There is almost always one or two hummers that spend the winter short of a few weeks if it gets bad. Hummie always makes sure that someone babysits us.

The hummers flying about the porch area, I started taking pics of the clouds again, and Hummie, being the ham that he is, had to make sure he was in at least one shot as he would fly back in forth in front of me, or stare down the lens at me.. until I tried to focus on him anyway..

The rain started in again, so I packed up my camera and headed in, the hummingbirds behind us, calling out or pouting because they enjoy our company.

Saturday, I went out a few times to watch the rain fall. I could see all the smoke residue rolling off the house in dark amber streams. I know there is still more baked in to the paint and the roof, but it’ll take more rain than this to pull it out.

I had to start up the wood stove this weekend, bringing in the first load of wood of the season from the wood shed.

A warm fire going in the living area while Ma is spinning always makes the place feel cozy and homey .

Ma is knitting, of course, as always, she has been working out a new style of heal for socks which, so far so good, work great for her. She is also working up and knitting a new design of a cardigan sweater from what she has spun up.

Ma has , for the most part, been taking a break from her gossamer spinning style, switching to the long draw which is , basically fluffier and lighter; air trapped in the spin which makes a super light but very warm sweater or hat or whatever else..

After a horrible week and change of Ma being sick from the vaccine, she is doing a lot better if not back to normal. She is also on her vacation, though we have a ton of doc stops this week so not much of a vacation. But still, she’ll have several days to do , more or less, what she wants to for a change.

As for myself, I have just been doing fine tuning on the last few guitars I have been working on, along with setting up a base for the ” sounds” for them so when I finally get down to playing with any new songs, I’ll have what I want…probably not, but it looks good on paper.

Clouds come in then move along , heading East to wards the Blues only to have another ramp of clouds come in to take their place, and of course, that all takes wind, which is the norm up here.

I tried to get ” Lil Red” running again; our all but hopeless 1953 ford tractor, but she refuses to turn over though time before last she ran like a champ.. so she is ALSO back to the norm.

The tomato plants look like crap, but they keep putting on some great tomatoes. Our pepper plants, literally three feet from the tomatoes, are looking great. Ma’s Italians just keep putting out more and more peppers as do our Poblanos .It is finally getting to the point where the Scotch Bonnets, Habaneros and Sweet Hots are ripening. The Jalapenos are turning red, which is also fun. Mostly, I pick them when they start to turn black , but I have been holding off lately for the rest that are on.

Earlier this week, I finally got around to grinding the dried peppers.. Good Times that… The haze of heat that rises as I open the grinder causing my eyes to burn like crazy and both nose and eyes watering while I sneeze and cough is AWE-SOMMMMEEE…. but, that is how I make our ” Zen Mix” which we use every day. I have folks that have been waiting for a new batch of the powdered peppers for a few years now, treating it like gold. From hot to mild peppers , it is more the flavor rather than heat that makes this great. Everything from Ghost to Bandanna peppers…Green, Gold, Red and black, fruity, earthy and spicy….Just TOTALLY sucks to grind the stuff. But a few hours of whiny goodness and it is all over but the clean up as I clean every surface to get all of the powder that is air borne while I work.. and for a good half hour afterwards.

With the weather and season changing , I’ll have a few chores in the swap coming up. Not the least of which is filling the wood room. We have wood ordered, no idea when it’ll come in, but I have enough in the shed to get us ready.. Just no where near enough for the winter.

I’ll keep badgering Lil Red, though I have less than no hope there.. still…. If I JUST had a clue why she will run great one day and then the very next time I try to start her she plays possum , it would be a great relief. I simply don’t know a gas run tractor mechanic to call… * shrug* and to buy a “new” one is out of the question. Hell, I’d buy a four wheeler with a blade first and just live on it during storms. I could MAYBE keep up with the drive …maybe… so long as I could get it through what comes during the night. Not something to worry about however…

I have taters to pick within the next week or so, We think maybe toss them on the growing rack to dry this time around.. It isn’t dark as these is a sky light, but I can’t leave them to dry in the shop thanks to the dang mice.. I need to either put enough heat in there for Spike; our rattle snake, or talk Limpy into letting me keep one of his coyote pack in there I suppose…pretty sure that’d be a “NO” from either party……. Though… As I type, I just had an idea….. If it works, I’ll letcha know….

Watching clouds chase one another through our skies while Mourning doves fly about my window, always happy to see me.. until I friggin move I have to grin… The Hostile Summer we have had seems to be breaking ,, We are no where near damp but I feel I can relax a bit before I get to worry about being snowed in at least.. Living by the seasons when Mother Nature seems to throw extra curves on top of everything that people toss into the flames and really make it an art form to try to do as much as possible as we can up here on our own….but…. then again..It is;

Just another day on Zen Mountain

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