Zen Mountain Sunday Post 6 year anniversary

Well.. according to WordPress, it has been 6 years…course, the original Post started before that..Until the Hacking began and I moved here…


So, I know that so many are overwhelmed at this point with veggies and some with fruit.. We are slowly gaining hot peppers and tomatoes.. veggie wise.. That’s all she wrote… or will write for that matter.

Ma just finished, taking the skins off this week’s tomatoes and is roasting Italian Peppers and Poblanos.

I just harvested Parsley and got it and Jalapenos in the dryer.. and a few Poblanos .

Temps are back to the norm up here; in the 70s during the day and high forties at night… So , now we can dry again without heating the house up too high or over drying herbs.

The day is beautiful outside, almost no breeze and the sun is out ( as it has been since March )….technically, I would imagine the sun is out pretty much every day..yup…

Smoke is holding back at the moment so the skies directly above are blue, if not in the distance.

We are suppose to get heavy winds coming in this afternoon so I have been running about , trying to get what outdoor chores I can done before it comes in. Temps are suppose to drop for a few days, ergo; wind… and then back up again..so, though the forecast isn’t showing it ( as they go by the flat lands ) I am willing to bet…: Winds….in between…

We will see, maybe next weekend if Ma has the chance to look for me, I might be able to do some more herb harvesting. I can not tell what oregano is what nor the difference between them and the marjoram…and they are all together…. Sage, is hard to miss and I think I’ll have to pre trim my thyme before I can harvest due to burning from the heat , drought and winds.. then hope I have something I can still cut.

Soon, I’ll check the potatoes, thought, I am not expecting a lot, they are sooo much better than store bought.

The first shot

Ma and I had to go down for our first Covid shot on Friday. We weren’t very enthused but due to requirements for Ma’s job, not to mention talk of having to show the card before the end, we finally got in…

Friday, Ma’s left arm was sore as hell, and it got worse by Saturday and still bad today , the area hurting to the lightest touch getting ever larger.

Friday for me, well my stupid body is all but done from me abusing it at work over the years and blowing it off until I couldn’t anymore, just was a total turd. I had a hard time breathing a few hours after and for several hours after that. My heart start bouncing like a dodge ball for the day and into the early eve. All my joints started hurting and cracking.. especially my hands, knees and ankles.. Stupid muscles all hurt like crazy, especially areas that I had gotten torn up during work over the decades…Jolly… and I was simply trashed, eyes were bad enough, I slept most of the day.. and I thought the first one wasn’t suppose to do much, the second is suppose to be the fun one…Totally excited….Totally…

Yesterday, different areas got hit and today hands arm and migraine are delightfully ..Totally pumped…Totally..

Anyway.. No storm lasts forever.. All wounds eventually stop bleeding…

New lenses

For the camera.. already did the eye thing course… Ma picked me up a couple new lenses for, hopefully night skies eventually.. I just started playing around with them. They are great for low light ..

Speaking of the camera.. Ma’s Bestie ; Jen from Whispering Pines Farms : Finest of the Shetland wool you can find and Majacraft Spinning wheel dealer, mentioned that I seldom have many of my pictures here…

Yup, that would be right… Normally , I have dumped them on my personal FB page…

Beings I normally only put in pic here for whatever stories I write, I don’t just flood the Post with them…

This week, I figured I would start putting them up on the public Zen Mountain Living page.

I thought, well,

A) I am putting up more pics as I start playing with the camera more..


2) That page makes more sense as it is for up here and I haven’t done too much for a while there.

Putting them where it belongs, as it were , once again, has two pluses

1) I don’t flood my personal page as much, so mildly less annoying to” friends”


B) as Zen is public, the people who do like/follow can see more of up here rather than just my stories, ranting, etc…

So, I’ll probably put a pic here and there up on the personal but from now on, the bulk will go on the public page.

Still wont have a ton here as most still don’t fit the stories and the Post is only up once a week while I tend to put up pics several times a week.

The Kids

Our deer are starting to come in more again. Not sure why, most things are relatively the same weather wise. One of our does is now in multiple times a day with her fawn, who is growing up fast. The other does and fawn, much less. Maybe they have other water holes or come in at night.

The elk are back around again to visit, a few times this week. Last night, early this morning, I got up to munch a hand full of aspirin as my migraine kicked in , waking me up and I could hear some heavy animals outside the window , where the watering hole is. When we got up, I had to add a ton of water to the hole so I have to guess that it was the elk.

Turkey kids are wandering through most of the day in the little groups, munching bugs and hitting the water. In general, ignoring me when I am out there, though the girls make note of me before they do.

Our owls are teaching the bay to hunt in the lower field. I could hear her encouraging the kid as he tried to hunt mice. He would sit on the post just outside our bedroom window whining that it was too hard, then she would tell him that he could not leave the table until he was finished eating, followed by a flutter of wings and a repeat of the action for a good half hour.

Coyote kids came in super close last night to sing in my window until Rhey saw that I was up late in the front room, huffed and went off to go hunt. I had spoiled all of her hard work to sneak in.

Our hummies are in major force right now. It literally looks like a swarm of skeeters around the porch once it gets light enough for Lass, Hummie or Hollywood to check in to see if we are out there, then off goes the morning call to breakfast, bringing in all the kids and their kids to come hang out with us for anywhere from fifteen minutes to a half hour, or when we go in. Then poof! Just Lass or Hum or sometimes Hollywood hangs about.

While I was working in the garden this morning, Lass saw me walking out from Hummie Garden then open the gate to go in. She followed me around, as she normally does, watching over my shoulder and telling me what I am doing wrong.

DA.. What are you doing?”

Feeding the plants.”

” Well, it smells like dead fish.”

That would be because that’s what it is made from.”

” I’m not going to drink from those flowers. I’ll have poo breath for the rest of the day.”

I’ll water it in ..Just like I do every week.”

Still… Smells like poo.”

Well, you could go play some place else while I do this.”

” Nah.. You know you’ll screw it all up if I don’t tell you what you are doing wrong.”

Thanks for the help Lass. You sure you don’t have some place else to go?”

Nope helping you till you go inside….. Then I’ll check on you through the window.”

Reach out and nag someone?”

She shook her head, looked at me , grinning and nodded ,” Just you.”

Most appreciated.”

No problem. You missed a plant.”

Thanks Lass.”

Yup. I think you gave that one more juice.”

Thanks Lass.”

Yup.. It’s my job.”

I thought it was Ma’s job.”

Weelllll.. She can’t be everywhere.”

Much appreciated Lass.”

Yup. You should do this one again I think. “

I think I hear Hummie calling you.”

Funnily enough, Hummie never calls me to him.”


What was that?” She asked, squinting at me.

Ummmm…Right.. Well, we’re done here.”

Hmmm. What’s next?”

Harvesting parsley. “

Parsley is boring. Flowers don’t taste yummy.”

Well, it IS in Hummie Garden.”

Why is there a Hummie Garden but not a Lass Garden?”

Ummmm The last garden is yours.”

You never call it the Lass Garden.”

You’re being difficult.

It’s my job. Oh, I hear Ma coming out. Gotta go.” She chirped as she raced around the front of the house.

Hummie peaked around the bush. “ Wow….. Just wow… Hey, and thanks for trying to get me involved there, by the way.”

Every man for himself.” I grinned up at him.

Exactly why I hid.” and then Hummie flew off as well… Ma was outside and much more entertaining than I am.

Final Thoughts

Well, things aren’t getting any moister but the temps are better. Winds last for days now instead of weeks, but that will change again soon. Hopefully adding some rain before too horribly long.

The tomato plants look horrible even though they are babied and the pepper plants only feet away look great. I am going to make some changes to their bed either this Fall , once I take down the plants, or in the Spring, before I plant. Deeper bed is all I can think to do. Maybe use those two beds for other other veggies we move over this coming year.

Though Fall is in the air, I imagine we still have a couple months before any big changes.. unless the forecast is way off.. As if * chuckle* Hopefully we will have a long harvest with the peppers still not fully ripening though I am pulling large green ones so that we can keep new peppers coming on.

So six years and more I have sat down here on Sundays, writing up my thoughts. Good and bad. Some weeks we get flooded, others just our stout followers.

We’ll see just how long I keep this up I suppose. It’s nice to clear my head of the overflow , though I don’t write all that much about what I think about. Hopefully, the kids will continue to come in and it will stay quiet up here. You just never know with all the ridiculously stupid things Oregon citiots come up with. maybe one day, we will find a new spot.. Maybe we never will.

In any case, The day is wonderful as of yet, my migraine is slowing me down, but I have gotten some chores done, not as many as Ma, but, not bad. The kids have been coming through all morning and Lass is glaring at me through the window, motioning me to come out… I imagine I screwed up something somewhere, making today, yet again,

Just another day on Zen Mountain

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