Holy Crap! What just happened?!

Well, during days where we are constantly having some ” WTH moments” My big computer had to join in the fun.

Ma on the mend

Ma; my better half, has run into way too many things lately,. Getting sick some frigging how, we can’t be sure of and then one thing after another for the last five weeks…

Finally, Ma looks and acts like her old..??… young.. self…

Too many close calls for us…and neither of us are fans of seeing doctors, let alone hospitals..

Though the few things slowed Ma down, if you read last week’s post, you know she still put out some seriously quality work for the Tour De Fleece….

At present, she is working on several projects; both spinning and knitting, once again a lady with a mission…

She also put together her first attempt at a full project with Long Draw spinning, she normally does a short draw, which is tighter. The Long Draw, more or less being filled with air so lighter and warmer.. ON this same project, she made her first attempt at Fair Isle knitting ( color work )

Ma got her first flock. Putting together sheep designs, three , then calculating things out so they circle the cap without any extra gaps.

Not bad for a week’s work; spinning/plying Light grey , dark grey and white Shetland wool. Designing the cap and getting it knit…then weaving all the ends inside the cap from the color work/changes.

She decided to finally give both techniques a try after watching and chatting with her Buddy; Jen from Whispering Pines Farm. Between Jen’s videos, and their chatting back and forth and , of course, the best Shetland wool we have found A-N-Y W-H-E-R-E in the world, Ma has made several big leaps and bounds in Spinning, Knitting and Designing.

I am constantly amazed, and obviously HAVE to brag about Ma’s work as the quality is incredible and just gets better with each go….. and still; not a hummingbird cozie on the property……That neither Hummie or Lass are willing to confess to.


So… I was messing around with my camera, digging into more settings that I can mess with now that I can see reasonably..Even the right eye isn’t completely blind anymore , so yippie…. Still, digging around through manuals is enough to make me lose my cookies and the 24/7 migraines … Since May 2017… tend to dig a little deeper as well the more I read….one reason today’s post will be short again…

Changing setting one the camera meant I needed to do a bunch of tests through my main computer on how the pics came out… No biggie..Take a bunch of pics then run them through. The deer were helping me by constantly being here all day long.. One or more Always coming in to or just leaving the watering hole while another or more would be around the salt lick..Severe drought tends to keep the kids close by. Salt , water and shelter….well… and mind whip snappin humor…..yeah yeah, they roll their eyes as well…

Well….. SO far so good..until…. The main comp, which is a very serious custom build , started crashing hard, over and over… Corel seems to puke on my pics.. Well, my lap top has a different Picture reader, so I wanted to check to see if I needed to look at a different program..

All my pics were already on the big comp and wireless transfer with our slow as dirt internet service was a no go.

I don’t have any thumb drives laying about so I figured I’d use an external I had . Well, it needed to be formatted.. The HD was partitioned , so two ” drives” to format.

I hooked it up to the main comp and the trouble began. The comp has multiple hard drives and when I plugged in the new one, the letters jumped about..OK… That’s a first..

The comp did a few more stupid things, ever since it started puking on the pics…Including not showing all of them while some came up as Pink, some and Blue some were tiled..and then everything would crash..hard…

Well, I was finally able to format the main partition on the external…..Then it got interesting again. The lettering moved around on my list.. you would think Alphabetical order would work when the drives are IN alphabetical order… But, NNNNOOOooooooo…

Well, THAT freaked me out… I had one portion to clean.. I pulled the drive and plugged it back in. checked the letter, opened it to see the files. Closed it, checked it again because, it had moved in the order..again….Unplugged and plugged it back in, rechecked everything and finally Formatted it…..

UM NO. I highlighted that drive and hit format…Only to see, moments later that my main Library ; E drive was being wiped..ALL of my pictures since 1990s to date.. All of my music.. including my own and all of the versions and tracks. not to mention all of the software and docs ….Did I have a back up? Again…NNNNOOOOoooooooooooo… Meant to but HEY, it’s still a new major comp…even have the hard drives to do it…just was on my To Do list….

You can imagine me pretty much going white when I saw that. I told Ma and we looked to see if I had anything set to reverse the damage…yet again NNNNOOOoooooooo.

I jumped online and found a reversal program… bought it and ran it…. It is STILL running…. 2 terabytes of info to reclaim. I seem to have gotten a lot back.. but no way to check it yet..and I saw this morning that I had missed a bunch of stuff I need to reclaim yet…. So moving more stuff around to try to get enough space for what’s left… Hopefully, by next weekend I will have stuff back, though it is in a hell of a mess.. It took forever to set that comp up.. I imagine it’ll be even more fun tracking down where things belong..assuming this works..

Sooooooooo.. I am on the old comp..where I noticed a mostly empty external drive sitting.. Oh.. and another tucked away by the big comp…

Trying to put out a little higher quality pics pretty much had me shut down before I even started dealing with crashing programs, let alone a comp gone wild.. If I would have remembered either of the other ext drives.. it would have saved me a lot of work…Oh well….

Yeah.. I’ll be packing up a lot of Stuff that is just sitting on the new comp as well as back up everything I am a thinkin’.

Final Thoughts

Well, as I say, we have had a pretty nice week; weather wise up here this last week. Finally felt like a normal summer…other than way too dry .

Ma is doing well and kickin’ butt on spinning and knitting ( so the norm )

I had done some rewiring on one of my guitars, and as usual, I have my eye on a couple more I want to dig into. One is my old original Gibson SG. When I brought it home , after finding it laying on the floor at my parents’ place, along with the few remaining of my guitars, I found that it had some problems.. Not sure if some may have been from being dinked around with when I was not there or because it had laid about for so long. IN any case, I had put it away to deal with later and started building guitars..so that, eventually, I would play them again…Well I do play, and now I just constantly go through guitars fixing problems as I find them. Each guitar has something I can improve one way or another… Most are just some bench time… Now I am working my way back once again to deal with what is left of my old originals. I have had the SG out now for , maybe a couple weeks…probably less, but it feels like an old friend.. just needs some serious work.

We have had near non stop deer coming through all day and night..Including FINALLY a bunch of fawns. We had one group come in this weekend that had four fawns. We also have a couple loner moms bring in their kids. We have seen more fawns this week than all season combined. Just been too harsh up here for them.

Our hummies stay close to home. As soon as they hear us, they all start coming back in again. They have food on the other side; the windward side, but when they hear us talking, they leave their flowers and their juice to come visit with us and swarm the feeders on the porch. Hovering nose to nose with us as they chatter away about what’s new in the hummihood.

No sign yet of Bobcat Kitty or her kids this year. We normally see her by now. But then it could be due to all of the noise from the citiots building down the way from us.. We still have yet to see who our new neighbor is as well… Sign is down but quiet.. Which works for me.. Hopefully it’ll just be a vacation home for whomever.

We have seen the elk, just not too often… I imagine there are nicer places this summer than up here where everything is super dry.

Turkeys are always coming through with the babies now. They usually do through August then off they tend to go. Turkey Girl is always out in the fields or at the water, walking the babies. She has no problem coming into the yard while we are out there.

Quail Boy finally brought his new clan through not too long ago… They were like a giant mower for bugs… Dozens of them spread out a good ten feet wide and many deep. Mostly babies but it was sure impressive watching them canvas the place, ridding us of bugs.

No more signs of Spike; our rattler, or even his littler cousins; garter and racers.. Oh I know they are about, just haven’t seen them….. I always toss something in ahead of me now as I walk into the shop..freakin’ little brat.

Teary; our newest coyote kid is keeping an eye on Limpy’s clan’s hunting trails And still always up for photo ops. Any time he sees me with the camera, he gives me a broad side.. I sure hope he doesn’t ever do that for the wrong person. But.. The kids know us…Generations of these kids have been born and died here with Me here and Ma not all that much later. They know it is more than safe enough as well as having water shelter and food.

Well… I am sitting here, watching the program digging and spreading things about on the big comp. Hopefully before Bed time, I can get the next scan started… I think the pics are what didn’t get caught up on the last one….and there are thousands of them…..

I have to just shake my head, hope for the best. I’ll take whatever I can get and start over. We have had worse things happen over the last many weeks… Let’s just hope this is the crappy deal of the week….

Rain , very light and not nearly long enough, came through last night. Ma and I stood out in it, trying to imagine having so much rain that we would tire of it…. NOPE can’t do it…. I have always lived in dry areas…

When the Sun worshipers whine about rain I just laugh and remind them that that is what supplies them with their veggie whatevers. the pools you lay about, that shower you take after sunning, the hot tub after a busy day, sinks…toilets…and so much more. When they complain about cloudy days, I laugh and ask them to imagine how it feels to have the bright sun floor folks like myself…

Enjoy the sun when it is out, enjoy the clouds when they are out. Enjoy the rain. Enjoy the heat if that’s your deal. Enjoy snow if you are into that… Just try to remember for every weather, there are people that love it and there are people that are having a bad time because of it… Fire is good, wild fires are not. Snow is good, blizzards suck. Rain is awesome..Flooding; not so much.

But, for today, the weather is very nice, if too dry, the breeze is just that. All of our kids come through all day and night now, making this all

Just another day on Zen Mountain.

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