Happy Fourth of July from Zen Mountain

Winds are blowing, as normal. Any fires this morning are to the East, that are anywhere local. Ma is spinning and I am just working on small projects…

We are hoping that the only fireworks are the public displays beings that private are banned due to the temps, winds and how dry our area is. Both Washington and Oregon have been working on the bans….and as is the norm anymore; citiots are throwing fits about rights…pretty sure fireworks aren’t actually stated in the Constitution ( beings I reread it and can’t find where citiots have the right to burn down other people’s properties, endanger lives etc..) The opposite, yes… As of late ( for the last year and change ) All of the totally pathetic bung holes out there are constantly whining about one thing and another and whipping out the term Rights..and Deserve…and others….

You don’t have the right to put others at risk just because you’re a self-centered asshole..

You don’t deserve crap for being a lazy self indulgent nasty prick….No matter what a commercial may tell you…..which really captures the mental stability of these people… They are trying to sell you something.. OF COURSE they are going to tell you that you deserve it numb nuts…It’s a GIMMICK.. not a right.. and it sure as heck isn’t in the Constitutional Transcripts…..Sad pathetic being….now shoo….go eat some worms or something… Let the Grownups chat…Mkay Pumpkin?

*chuckle* How’s that for private fireworks?

The Gardens

Well.. We had the heat wave come through. I got out early each morning to get some water on things before it started to get too hot. We did pretty well…I had a few plants get a little crispy but not bad…..

Then the winds came in on its back.

Several days of wind coming through though there is little difference in anything from before to after as far as weather… The winds have done far more damage than the heat did.

The Zucchini Burial Grounds wiped out yet another set of plants and the cantaloupe plants have been hit hard as well.. They did really well through the heat, but the winds with highs in the upper eighties are another story.

All of the trees I had looking good through the heat have begun to lose leaves and all the the tips are burnt.

The winds tore down two wind fences…..as I say, over and over, There is nothing that slows the winds down until they hit us.. No trees, no buildings.. We can see as far to the west as we can until it all blends into blueish skies towards the ocean. When the wind finally runs into something, the something is little more than a grain of sand to the winds and easily removed…

The damage from the sections that fell put a major hurt on half of our tomato plants before I found it the following morning. Though the fence was easily patched, the damage for those few hours took out weeks of growth.

Harvest is going to be at an all time low this year. There is no way around it.

The pepper plants are the ONLY plants that haven’t gotten beat up by the weather and its many changes this Spring and Summer. Their section of the fence stayed in place. The temps , however, have taken a toll on plants in general.. Too cold ; plants slow down.. over 80 and they slow down again……We haven’t had the middle ground at all this year.

Going from a fire in the wood stove one night and the following night running AC to try to keep the house below 83 just threw everything into a shock.

On the bright side, I finally got my hands on some canning lids.. first time since 2019… I was able to get 10 wee boxes… Had to do two trips to do it too.. a max of 6 per customer , which is good , meant I had to make a second run. I had gotten in just a half hour after the store opened their doors and more than three quarters of what they had was already gone. On the second trip to the store…only at most a couple hours later, I got the last 4.

Fortunately ,we have almost as many stand mouth jars ( which is all they had ) as we do wide-mouth.

I’ll keep hitting the store once a week, in hopes that I can find enough to get use through canning ( assuming the tomatoes come out of it and the peppers start loading up ). That looks to be the ONLY canning we will get done this year as fruit washed out and Zukes as well…


Ma had gotten very sick last week, on her vaca, so that she had the bad fever and swollen really bad…She had turned a nasty shade of near purple and with a fever, good luck getting anyone to help… Not all fevers are COVID…

Her temps and swelling dropped late last Saturday night so that when she got up Sunday, she looked like a ghost. During this last week with her working she has been completely wiped out and still unable to eat much… Though I tend to shove food at her every time she stands in one place too long. There is more than plenty of room left on a salad plate after I lay out her entire meal on it. She barely eats an egg for breakfast, fruit smoothie for lunch and a fork full or so of whatever I can think of that she can stomach for dinner.. She is doing better though.

and because being sick isn’t enough… People calling in to her work are even more nasty than normal.. ( see above) The only things this last year has taught so frickin many people are the little catch phrases that are being mega dumped EVERYWHERE.. They all yell and scream and demand ridiculous things that no one deserves and no one could do even if they did deserve it…which they don’t. The abuse is so completely out of control all the while whining about poor pity them…And Ma takes it, turns it around; calming these toddlers down, at least, to the point where they can be dealt with. The incredibly STUPID thing about all of it is; if the f**ktards would have simply asked like what normal people use to be , they would have gotten what they ACTUALLY deserve within moments…and no matter how horrible they are, it all ends exactly the same…Ma having taken their abuse and all… They seem to ignore the fact that they are showing the worst side of humanity for absolutely no reason or gain. And if that isn’t bad enough, Ma is putting out fires in multiple departments of the business its self… All of these people were trained…Just, it seems, too many that came through during the lock down, because they needed a new job, feel that they don’t really need to do the work and pass it on to others…Seems everywhere you look, people have just turned into garbage. The folks that were always good are now having to do so much more on both ends of their jobs to keep things running and then take the abuse from both ends as well.

*chuckle* Oooooooohhhh more fireworks..

Celebrating on the 4th

So, our celebrating isn’t exactly the same as a lot of folk. We have secluded ourselves down enough that it is just us two. We watch the ridges for fires….because some idiot is going to have to push until something catches… Ma has been plying yarn this morning , then on to the next step..well going from the two ply on to four ply. She is setting up for socks, which she has to decide on how to do the four ply… She is also spinning for the Tour De Fleece , so working on her mileage there.. but for project rather than to see how much she can spin. She also is working on and towards new sweaters..

Ma’s buddy Jen; from Whispering Pines Farm where Ma gets the cream of the crop of Shetland fleece and fiber always shows fun little twists on all kinds of projects Ma works on or new tools Ma actually Needs…and actually Deserves….( when you deal with ranting pathetic self centered mewling adult infants.. both consumers and the inept people that refuse to do their work )….That’s how you DESERVE something. Has been worried more than once when Ma picks up stuff, being another hard working and kind and caring person, that Ma may not like what she picks up …. I just don’t see Ma getting grumpy at anything from Whispering Pines Farm …. Prices are always as good and better than you can find anywhere else and, so far, no one is even in the same league when it comes to the wool…. I am sure there are others in the general neighborhood out there ….We ARE talking world wide… not at the local flee market …but we haven’t seen it yet though Ma has looked and bought from all over the world…..So.. yeah… Jen, we, of course support your hard labors.

IN any case, as I was saying… Ma is in Fiber World for the most part as I am in my office writing and playing about with my music.

Later today we’ll be making up calzones …wee baby ones, …Then freeze them for quickies.

Ma made up a batch of 30 minute rolls last night for BLTs, so while they are still fresh, we’ll have burgers this afternoon…Ground pork , not beef. Ma can’t eat any type of beef without getting violently sick…been there done that… We grind our own pork, so we know what’s in it as well..

Ma is making German potato salad , major favorite here… and then on to making home-made peach ice cream…

Even our home-made hits us both pretty hard more often than not as we are both lactose intolerant, but it is a LOT less nasty than anything on the shelves….

So pretty quiet up here for celebrations….more of a ” just another day” theme for us.

Final thoughts

We’ll be glad when the day and season are done. Fires popping up everywhere, and yes, some are lightning, however, beings that there is a reward for info on the firebug that has been doing this every single year for the last…crap, I have lost count, at least three years, I am going with man-made fires for all of the big ones…and once again, following the arterial roads around here. They will be lucky if they are caught by the police rather than some of the folks who have lost generations old family farms or family themselves.

We are so tired of the sickly grey skies of summer and sucking in smoke. It kills my already screwed up eyes.. Makes it hard to get things done… course then snows hit and we have to deal with that…More than once ,, Ma and I have looked at maps and Zillow for a spot that might have more to offer….but I doubt we will move.. maybe 20 years ago… We love Zen, but seems there is always another ass trying to ruin everything for everyone, even up here now.

May be a rougher week than normal, but the 4th, for us, is

Just another day on Zen Mountain

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  1. Think I figured out this comment thing. You two are pretty amazing and as resilient as your pepper plants! Dinner sounds delish, and congrats on finding the canning lids. Wise to start hoarding now to be ready when those brave tomatoes make it thru to harvest. Have a great week, stay cool. Love you guys – Jen

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    1. Thanks Jen. Glad to see you were able to comment . Yup, lids/ all canning goods; even when they were easy to get start to be removed from shelves around here shortly after the 4th …at least always in the past, we’ll see this year. So far so good up here on our end. We’ll catch up with you on Friday .Love you guys as well…Please take time to hug each sheep for Ma * chuckle*.


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