Lead in to Summer Days

The days heading into Summer, and what we are looking at already have been interesting. Because we just roll that way.

Losing my Air

When we started getting things together to put up the new house on Zen and Ma started thinking about moving over from our Idaho house, one of the first things on Ma’s list was changing my bed; the same water bed I had been sleeping in since the 70s….

Well, we ended up deciding on a Sleep Number bed. It made the most sense. We could each adjust the firmness of the bed…..and no more adding or subtracting water…No more worries about ; if it gets a leak….. Which I never did have…the heaters went out a few times but other than that…and screw changing the room around…I put it up when I moved in to the old place and I took it down when we got ready to tear the place down…That’s all the moving the bed did.

We set up a heating pad and electric blanket for the new bed, separate for each side and we added another layer of padding as well, so the bed is super comfortable. When I would get hurt at work…which happened fairly often, a whole lot of heavy lifting and a lot of swinging mops, moving furniture, and lifting furniture pretty much every day and having to rush the entire time while trying to put out the best we can do has a tendency to cause injuries.. especially as I got older while the work load got larger….I could always add air to make it firmer which helped my back.

This was all great, you hurt; add pressure and heat…Once it is too firm, you let some out which a press of a button and you’re back to where you started,,,

And then…… I noticed I had been adding more, and more air.. Not often at first… maybe once a week or so, and supposedly only 5 pounds….But the pump seem to take forever to fill those 5 pounds…. Then I woke up one morning, not long ago, and I was getting sore again.. back, shoulders and neck… Which the dang neck messed with my eyes…

When I filled the air… it took a long time… We obviously had a problem… A week or so later, I had to do it again, seemingly from flat back up to around 80…. Then every few days…. Then every other….then once a day….Then poof, every couple hours I was hitting the air…. It would be down to 25 pounds and I would run it back up to 80…

Ma had already contacted Sleep Number and ended up talking to a great person that helped her find all of our account stuff again, as it has been a llllooonnnnggggggggggg time since we bought it….in Idaho….

Well…… We are still waiting for the chamber to get here…Shipping has been crazy for some time as I am sure you already know… Funny thing is; we can ship stuff out and it gets to where it is suppose to in great time… Anything shipping to us, doesn’t matter whether it is USPS or UPS or Fed Ex … It is taking a long time.

Ma ordered one small thing that should have just shipped straight up to us…Instead…. It headed East…Then Further East… Then sat there in the East…..for days and days….. I am sure it is some airport thing.. You know, because Here in the West we don’t have any big airports…well… If you don’t count LA or SF or Denver or Seattle, or even Portland…. I am willing to bet there might be one or two others out there…. But Hey Texas to the East Coast makes WAAY more sense..so that it can make its way to Oregon…

Anyway… So I had to give up and am sleeping in my chair.. which aside from not being able to sleep on my side which I normally do when my old neck starts hurting…generally by around noon.. A few nights in however, my body got use to the change and it isn’t bad… Bed would be better however…Soon I am sure.

Hot Stuff!

The outside temps are not the only ones going up…

Ma’s vaca has been this last week… We had had plans… but pretty much none of them worked out for several reasons…Not a problem… Heat Wave coming in? Fine… I water in the mornings enough to hopefully keep the plants alive…. Ma was suppose to go in for her tests.. Last moment she gets notice that the machine is broken down… Well.. Those tests will now have to wait until September…

With the heat coming in, we had planned on trying to get a few things done before it hit….We got a couple things taken care of, and most I can do after things cool a bit…

But, the heat that rose early was Ma’s temp.

No idea why. We hadn’t been anywhere to catch any kind of anything. When I shop, I wear a mask and the same when I pick up mail.. Ma only ate the same foods I did..

The only thing that even makes us wonder was that we both had stomach pains, maybe Tuesday eve….By Wednesday, Ma wasn’t well at all. By Thursday, Ma was hot, she was swollen and miserable….

It wasn’t until Saturday night that Ma’s fever broke. For days, she could do little more than try to sleep and drink fluids.

Course, I worry.. I always worry that what happened a few years ago would once again and I’d be racing Ma to the hospital ER .. but now with all the other crap going on, I know it just isn’t that easy.. especially when she has a fever. To try to get them to not send us home with some ” Oh well, it is probably Covid. Just go home and deal with it ” Crap…. If they would have had that to pull out when I almost lost Ma, I most definitely would have… Laying at home and drinking fluids just doesn’t quite do the same thing as Emergency Surgery ..Soooo I had that on my brain for days…

Ma, being Ma..” I’m just fine..”

Well, other than the can’t eat. Swollen from Face to foot and a high temp….

With me sleeping in the other room, I couldn’t keep tabs on her at night either…Which I am sure Ma didn’t mid at all.

So, whatever it was, is finally done. Ma is weak as a kitten and white as a ghost but even the swelling in her leg is down…Now with her going back to work this coming week, I just have to try to get her fed enough.. and with the heat, hopefully it wont get horrible in her office.

IN the gardens

So far, so good….for the most part…

Still not seeing anything on any fruit tree other than the one pear and some tiny cherries, which are perfect for the birds while I continue to check on ripeness. But, at least all the trees look fine.

The poor asparagus that had been growing so slow during all the crazy chilly windy Spring days got a dose of heat which has it bolting… It is about time anyway but still.. crazy weather. I would see spears breaking ground one morning and the next, they would be over two feet tall…

We went from needing the wood stove in the evenings just to get the house up to mid sixties and just a few days later, we have the AC running trying to just get us down below 80….. The night temp last night was higher than our highest high had been up until a few days ago.

The gardens in the Apple Area are doing great. Tomato plants are getting ever bigger, even a few tomatoes on… Though we never expect them till the latter part of summer as they are for sauce , not sandwiches.

The pepper plants are growing well . Though they look great to us, I know the folks in normal growing areas would weep … We work with what we have , growing anything up here is a challenge. There is still one Italian pepper slowly getting bigger.

The potato Plants are still pretty small, though they look pretty good…again.. weather….

The Zuke garden….where plants go to die… The first run of plants were wiped out to the ground in a couple days by the winds and cooler temps…. I replanted later once things warmed up a bit more….and put up a wind fence…They also died…Wind again….The fence didn’t seem to help as much as I would have liked… I then planted seeds… All the seeds came up…. and then The heat hit…..Even though they get watered in the mornings, the sun is just brutal on the little seedlings…. Oh , but wait… It just gets better….. Yesterday, the hot winds coming from every direction, pulled off the wind fencing…but that’s fine… bugs also came through yesterday and started munching on anything still green in that garden…. I will be amazed if I get any plants to , well, look like plants, let along but on fruit.. All the while, I get to see how folks are enjoying their fried zukes already… Jolly

The herbs are all still looking well… We had planned on picking some… but.. Heat wave…. If I tried to dry herbs right now, The house would get waaaaaayyyy too hot… Again.. we will see what things are like once the heat has settled a bit.

I had planned on getting some more plants in the ground this week.. Heat wave…

I had planned on doing one more mowing in the fields… Heat Wave… With the heat and as dry as everything is… and multiple fires all over.. The state closed down all of that kind of stuff… and I don’t think I can get out there to mow down several acres with a weed eater….. Fortunately, at least for now, anything I need to mow down is because it is green……….Weeds.. but green ones.. All of the dormant grasses got mowed some time back.

Final Thoughts

Keeping it short this week….

I know there are a lot of us worried about the holiday coming up and citiots and assholes out starting fires.. Let alone what Mother Nature might pull out next. Especially after last year when it seem the whole North West was on fire all Summer long and into Fall…So many right here and all of the smoke as thick as it was.. We are all a little worried…And yet.. people that also had to deal with it are out there causing fires, whether it is with cigarettes or matches or just the train or the actual jerk that has been going out there every summer since the punk kid tried to burn down the Hooterville area and got so much attention.

As hot and dry as it is, the bulk of us just hold our breath, waiting on the hand full of idiots causing so much damage and deaths, not to mention ruining everyone’s Summers.

I just hope we don’t have to go through it all again this year, living out of bags and securing anything that means anything…Dealing with smoke and watching fire after fire head towards our homestead…

Although personal fireworks have been banned, people will still have them, whether simply from another state or whether they already had picked them up .. They will be out there… Let’s just hope that the fire crews, already busy, can keep up and not lose any of their lives this year.

As I say, Ma heads back to work tomorrow, Definitely no fun having your vacation you spend months trying to get off end up as sick leave..

I’ll just keep wetting plants early in the morns.. There really aren’t all that many I need to worry about so that isn’t bad. I’ll have to make a town run , I am pretty sure, during the heat , which I know, will be a lot worse in town.

We had elk come though early this week…. but since the Heat Wave, we don’t see anything moving out there. We are keeping an eye on the feeders for the hummers and the pond full for the kids that must be coming in at night… But nothing going on during the day.

Winds are swinging in from the East again, something that just keeps changing , more hourly than daily. From North to South , West and East as the Easy Bake winds do a great job of circulating the heat into every orifice of Zen…

But, even though the night temps are in the 70s and up rather than our normal 40s-50s and day temps are slowly heading into triple digits rather than our normal 60s and 70s or sometimes getting crazy and hitting the 80s for a day or two….It really is

Just another day on Zen Mountain

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