Zen’s Short stories : Midnight Serenade

Though there is a lot that I could talk about this week; I decided to go with stories beings I don’t really want to get into the local wildfires for instance.. too early..

Besides, The ” kids” have been pestering me to write more of their stories…

Midnight serenade

Is this a good idea?”

Seriously? It’s a GREAT idea!”

Da wont like it.”

Nawwwwwww Da will love it… He always chats with me when I sing for him in the middle of the night” Rhey said with a grin.

Dennis padded up, shaking his head.,” That’s Not chatting Rhey.. I know Da’s ‘ I’m gonna kick somebody’s butt’ voice.”

I’m impressed Dennis. I didn’t think you would grasp that.” Rhey snickered.

Dennis curled back his lip with a soft growl. “ I’m smarter than you think.”

Yeah yeah..Now quit trying to mess this up.. Go mousing or something.”

I like mousing…and.. Da can’t get mad at me if I’m not there.”

Hello? Did you guys forget about me?”

Ummmm.. no no, little dude.. I remember..” Rhey smiled down at him.

Dennis shook his head and took off to his favorite hunting spots, calling over his shoulder,” Da’s gonna bark.”

Ok, ok.. So, like I was saying..You just hop over to the bath room window and kinda aim for inside.”

You can’t really aim these things you know…”

Yeah yeah, sure sure..Anyway..You kinda aim into the window ya see… Then give it all you got…And..Remember.. Just cause Da calls to you, you keep going.” Rhey said, an evil grin crossing her face. She nodded once and started to leave.

Hey! What , exactly am I getting out of this?” He said, crossing his legs.

Well, I owe you.”

You owe me… But what? You better come up with something good, or I will come back to the den.” He frowned.

Sure , sure.. I know Cleetus…Just don’t worry about that right now. Now, shoo, go play for Da.” Rhey padded off to lay in what was the only tall grasses left that Da hadn’t mowed, where she could watch. She wave the little guy on towards the house.

This is a bad idea.. I can feel it in my bones.” Cleetus grumbled.

Hi Cleetus.. Whatcha doin?” Rema; Cleetus’s little sister asked as she seem to appear out of nowhere..

Crap! Don’t do that!… This is a secret mission.” He said with a serious nod.” Now shoo.. You’re too young.”

Rema stuck out her tongue and hopped off..” Whatever..”


Cleetus inched his way under the bathroom window, looking up. He began angling himself. Looking up, he stuck out his thumb, licking it to check the breezes…and was flipped over from the winds that had caught his arm. Hopping back, he re-set himself….. He took a deep breath..and started rubbing his legs together.


I woke up from a relatively sound sleep, as close as either Ma or I get , by the sound of a cricket that Must be the size of a hound. The noise was so loud, it actually hurt my ears..


Cleetus stopped, looking up…” I knew this was a bad idea.”

Little Dude!” I called out the window.” Could you move over a bit? You are loud as HELL!”

Umm.. No… Rhey said…”

Well, I say; move over.”

Ummm No can do Da…on a mission.”

You know; I was thinking about fishin..Keep it up and you’re coming along.”

Look… Jiminy says..”

Jiminy? As in Cricket?”

Well, of course, we’re related you know.”

Sure, sure..”

Cleetus looked up..” You sound like Rhey.”

Umm ok.. You sound like an elk rubbing his legs together..move along.”

I still have another set.”

Crap..fine, fine..”

Cleetus smiled up towards the window, waiting for Da to lay back and, then started his second set.


My eyes had barely closed when the little brat started in again. I looked out my window to see Rhey laying in the grasses..on her back…laughing hysterically.

I see you Rhey!”


Don’t you be giving me any yip there young lady.”

Rhey looked up, a slow grin forming and rolled back to her back laughing and wiggling.

Very funny…I know where you live ya know.”

Rhey looked up again…..and waved…

GAWWHH!!!” I crawled back in bed to listen to the second set…then , an encore…

Finally as the alarm went off, Cleetus yawned ,packed up and slipped off to bed.



This is going to be awwwwweeessssoooommmmmeeeee!!! I’ll show dumb old Cleetus.”


I was making breakfast when I heard another cricket. Fortunately, it was much quieter.

Ma walked in from her office, ” Is there a cricket in the house?”

Oh it is probably just outside the window.”

While I cooked, I listen to the little cricket playing away.


Ma , getting off work, walked into the Living Room…..and Rema got excited. So, she started playing her absolute best for Ma.

I think the cricket is in the house.”

Hmmm… It does sound like it.” I look about the kitchen area where it sounded like the music was coming from. Not finding it, I shrugged and made my way into the Living Room to sit with Ma while she spun.


While I cook breakfast, the little cricket started playing again.

Ma got up from her spinning wheel, looking. “ Pretty sure it is inside.”

I walked over to where the little cricket was playing and sure enough, it had to be somewhere behind the fridge maybe.

Hey you. How did you get in?”

Hey Da! My name is Rema. Cleetus is my brother. I came in through the door…duh.”

I snorted..” Nice…Well, at least you know how to control your volume.”

Soooooo .. I can stay?”

Sure sure…You can work on your list… Later on, maybe, you can go play for Rhey , at the den.”

Sweet!… Sure Da…Paybacks right?”

Yup yup.. You want some Taters and eggs?”

Rema peeked out from under the fridge, scrunching her nose.” Pass.”

You can’t live on music alone.. Trust me, I’ve tried.”

No no.. I brought lunch.”

Should I ask?”

Ummmm probably not.” Rema giggled as she slip back under the fridge.

Ma and I ate breakfast while Rema played several of her finest songs for us.. We kept snickering…

Well, looks like we have another new pet.” Ma grinned.

Yup.. probably better than your pet lizard that kept eating my M&Ms”

Only the ones you dropped.”

I chuckled, “ Maybe so…He got so big I thought he was going to take the sofa with him when he went back outside.”

Probably the M&Ms.”

Most likely.”

Hey… You’re being kinda rude here.. I am playing my music for you.. You should listen more..talk later.” Rema snipped.

Done eating little girl. Help me with the dishes.” I called to the little cricket.

I have to save myself for my music.”

Fine Fine. Well, better get some rest. See you at dinner then?”

Sure , Sure… You have any requests?” Rema asked.

You know the sound of silence?”

Ha……………….Ha……” Rema grumped.

Pink Floyd?”



Uh Uh..”

” Fine .. Know anything by Buddy Holly and the Crickets?”

Gawwwhhh.. Good Bye…” annnnnddd Rema attempted to stomp off in a huff…though it was more of a weenie leetle click click click….which made me laugh.

Final Thoughts

Well, the weather is being absolutely silly. We had to use the wood stove last week…By midweek, we were using the AC in a few rooms…By Saturday, I was hauling wood for the wood stove again. We now have a fire merrily burning once more while Ma spins away.

Ma has been spinning locks of wool from several folk she had picked up a while back ever bringing down her yarn diameter.. She is at a Very solid 40 wraps per inch, ever getting closer to the size she wants for her Wedding ring shawl….Where the shawl passes through the inside of the ring.

We haven’t worked any more on the fleeces . Those that are clean are packed away for later while Don’s fleece is still divided but needing prep work. That will come in soon, one quarter at a time to be cleaned up then packed away.

Once we finish up , I think I will put up Ma’s own Tour De Fleece, as it were. So coming soon to a Post near you.

I had to go out into the winds yesterday, with Ma helping me to cut away damages from the windstorms.. This round had curled and ripped away a section of the garage.. very nice… So repairing that is now on my to-do list as well.

Ma sat me down , telling me I have been overdoing so we were taking the day off..To which, I grabbed up one of the first guitars I built…and tore it down.

Red Stag; the first Strat style build I had done, needed work done to the neck….and All of the hardware…Wont know if I have to do any cutting for said hardware until I get the couple parts in that I don’t already have laying about. Pickups are stayin, for now…but everything else is going. It is one of the four guitars I use all the time and it is time for updates.

Putting new strings on it after the neck work, it sounded great acoustically and played awesome. I have it tuned to an Open E tuning for slide and because I also like the sound of said tuning.

After I had goofed about with some slide work, I started noodling about..and a song started to form…I have been thinking about a song for one of our friends , maybe for her Video Blog… An Unplugged version might work… But as I played, the song started to fill out. I figured that I had better lay it down on track so that I wouldn’t forget….

I checked the tuning n the guitar , and it was solid. I plugged it in…and groaned… I could hear the sound sort of waving in and out….ergo; updates… I put the track down and then I could REALLY hear the problems…I don’t think it is actually the pickups….just everything else…

Finishing the track, I swapped over to a second track to clean it up a bit…Then I played around with it … I think that once the song gets to the next stage it could be fun.

Later that eve, I sat with the guitar again, acoustically going over the song and picked up the next few bits….Which I have yet to try to record…Hopefully I’ll remember it..

The heat , though only for a few days, sent the bulk of the hummies to somewhere near the river.. Bring us back to Hummie, Hollywood, Lass and a couple other girls peeking in from time to time… They’ll be back.. Always fun to go on vacation, but home always calls to you.

We still haven’t seen any Bunnies ( fawns ) yet, but it will be most any time now. The girls that are preggers are hanging about, along with Our Girl and Lil Buck.. and another young doe that has decided to move back home as well.

Every time I go outside, I have a deer standing up, glaring at me.

Hello! Sleeping here.”

Sorry, Sorry.”

and Zen you scared the crap out of me!

Our CawCaws are, of course, still close to home , with their nest just inside our Oak Grove to the South. Huginn visits a lot , but Muninn is always coming in. Any time she catches me going out to the pit, she takes wing and heads up to take a look.

We had some stale corn chips that I dumped , making a fair pile for the kids. By the time I had gone back a second time to drop off more scraps, as I had been shopping and had broken down a couple chickens, I could see that the kids had already been busy.

I have been working on this year’s herbs, cutting and drying, then breaking them down into jars for either our “Garfunkle” mix or “Italian” mix for the most part…End of season..if we have one… I’ll work on the Zen Pepper mix.

Bowl in hand, I took the pile of ” herb bones” out to the pit. My eyes are messed up again making me a little more up close and personal one more time….soooooooo… I wasn’t paying any attention when I got to the pit and up flew Muninn.

” Dang it Da! Eating here!”

Sorry Cawcaw… I’m done.” I said to her as I turn to walk back into the house. She was already winging about to get back to lunch.

Once I had finished up with the herbs, I needed to clean the place up as dried herbs tend to go everywhere… Especially when I am using the Pestle and Mortar.

Once I had the house vacuumed, I took the collector out to the pit to dump. While I walked I was thinking about what I should do next before Ma got off work. Now my ears work just about as well as my eyes…which makes a Smart phone all but useless to me.. Can’t hardly read texts and can barely understand folk over the dang “smart” speaker…My old phone I didn’t have any problems with ( a folder ) This thing is a PIA…. Annnnywayy…

I walked through the walk way to the pit between wood shed and apple fence, popped open the canister and both Muninn and I about crapped ourselves. She was munching on chips so she didn’t hear me walking up and with the winds, I didn’t hear her munching. It wasn’t until the canister popped open and dust flew that either of us noticed I was standing less than three feet away from her.

Holy Crap! Da! What the Hell? You said you were done!”

Crap.. Sorry Cawcaw..again… Different job. I am done now.. Just get back to eating .”

You scared the crap out of me!”

More room for chips then?”

Not funny! Totally Not funny!”

” Sorry Cawcaw… I’ll be going in just now.”

Walking back with Munin glaring at me , just feet over my head, I came face to face with our little doe who had been asleep until Muninn and I came back through. She had been sleeping against my truck so I hadn’t seen her either…

What? Who? What? Da! I was sleeping here.. You woke me up. and it was such a nice dream… I was sleeping next to your truck and NOBODY WAS WAKING ME UP!”

Ack! Sorry?”

The two glare at me as I made my way back into the house…grumbling..

Just another day on Zen Mountain

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