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The tomatoes and peppers were just getting happy when;


The cool temps and winds came back….

I doubt many, if any, remember back a year ago now, when we had finally put in the garden plants and seventy plus mph winds came through, wiping out our cherries ( as in not a single cherry last year ) and erased the plants from the gardens. They were just gone.. The winds were strong enough, as we have no trees except on our north section as far as wind break, that every new plant’s stalks were cut from the ground. All of the new soil ended up dusting the hills. One of our service berry trees was ripped out of the ground. The entire fence line, metal posts with livestock fencing ( so no actual wind stopping ) was bent over…

Soooooo , anyway..This is just more of a; : Really?..Seriously?….Again?….

So far, the plants are doing as well as they can be expected to.. The new garden spot..yeah, I don’t remember the count now.. Seems to have sheltered the tomatoes and peppers soooo much better than the Eden beds.. I may end up re-replacing one of my tomato plants. They all have wind burn, as do the basil plants in the ” test” ..well, anymore I should simply refer to it as the asparagus bed…. The Aspergrass, has slowed Waaaayyyy down, of course…as temps are back into the 40s and 30s.. The lowest was 34 the other morning at its lowest but popped right back up to 36F..friggin heat wave… So, no frost and if the winds don’t take them down, other than slowing, I think everything will turn out.

Now we have the Zukes and melon plants on the counter waiting to go out..which will have to wait until it warms… Once again, this years starts were at 100%…I am glad I waited until the other plants were in the ground to start these guys as they are growing like weeds.

I managed to get allll of the grounds mowed in one fell swoop last week..a first…Not one of my toys broke down..also a first.. Weed eater ( a nice burly one ) ran out of the 100+ line at the end of the day..which I figured was a sign;

Dude…yer done..”

For the first time in, well, I can’t remember…I had to bring wood in , in May..usually, I am hauling wood out, not in. At least rains came in with the winds and cooler temps, so that is a major bonus for us…and for me, cloud cover is awesome! My eyes hate the sun…since the accident, sun is brutal, even with sunglasses.. which, again.. How in the HELL do you people keep your glasses clean? I swear, I clean them ( whether sunglasses or readers ) and by the time I get them up to my face it looks like Dennis got hold of them… I have three pair of readers sitting right here in front of me…I assume… I tend to go through them looking for which I can actually see through while I clean the other two and rotate out..maybe my eyes have learned to spit.. I have no idea.. I have one pair that is tinted…try to find those on the shelves now…I always start with them as, of course, comp screens are bright, no matter what I do.. if I can read it, it is too bright.. and, of course, every damn browser does super bright white now.. again because of smart phones.. I do not browse on my phone.. I can barely read a 27″ monitor.. * snort*

Now.. I have no actual complaints about the weather right now…I am not pleased that the plants are suffering, but these temps are fine with me otherwise. I enjoy cool, misty rainy days.. easy on my eyes. I don’t get as much done outside, but , I know heat is coming.. and then it’ll be too hot, the sun beating down.. and again; no trees to stop that anymore than the wind.. but less trees means less chance of fires overwhelming us too I suppose.


So.. this is where I had to wipe out the Post and start over..

My mind tends to travel in directions that even I have to sit and re-read to follow.. Normally when I sit down to write on Sundays, I don’t have a friggin clue what I am going to write about. No story boards, no clever titles. no one picture says a thousand words…No.. that would be me tapping away for those thousand words… So let’s try ..again..

Freyja’s fleece, second half, from Whispering Pines fine Shetland

We finished washing Freyja’s other half of her fleece which, of course turned out beautiful and went on, as we were on a roll with Ma having the day off, to wash Ma’s Baby Dolly South Down fleece as well.

Freyja’s fleece, we washed ( with soap) twice and rinsed once.. Jen’s sheep have coats on which keeps the fleeces so nice, not just mostly free of VM but also keeps stains from overwhelming the fleece.. Not all breeders do this.

Baby Doll fleece; pre wash
Baby Doll washed

The Baby Doll, was much dirtier, which is more along the norm. She is suppose to be white, but has amber stains all over the outer of the fleece.. Some Ma can work around and some will have to be dyed ..No biggie really.. Now she had to be washed twice and rinsed three times and still not fully clean though more than enough as once it is spun it’ll get washed again, and , of course, once it is made into socks it’ll get washed again.

Once again, the house.. and myself.. smelled of the barn yard .. and, again, no biggie growing up around that smell it is more of a “scent of home” and in neither case was it overwhelming… I do have some fleece to pick up that we are very anxious to see as it is from meat sheep on a meat sheep farm…not raised for the wool… So we are to dig in with the extra work.. Being a cross, I haven’t found out yet, what is crossed with what for sure, so that is a bit of the exciting part.. Oh it’ll be dirty work , but, it wouldn’t be the first dirty job for us.. and you never know what gems we might find in the rough. Best case, probably something like socks or outerwear.. worst case.. well. probably the same.

We decided with the cold weather that we would make up some Chicken and dumplings yesterday , so I grabbed up chicken carcasses from the freezer, cooked them down and then on to soup stock then in the eve we put back in the cooked chicken meat and Ma made up dumplings.. One of our favs that we seldom make.

Running with the chill temp foods, I grabbed up some venison we had ground to make up venison stew for ” breakfast ” though, even with the early hours we get up, or maybe because of , it’ll be more of a brunch as it is simmering for its last bit as I write…though long eaten by the time you read this.. Another of our chill temp foods that we don’t make very often but is a long time favorite…. and, as it is Sunday.. home made pizza for dinner.. I made up the dough on Thursday when we had a small pizza then and again on Sundays.. We like to go with veggie pizzas, just what we enjoy.. Though.. I do like a good ” what do we have? Toss it on “ pizza. Thursday’s are usually a Pesto and Artichoke pizza and Sunday’s are Spinach pizzas.. ( additional toppings may vary ) So usually no tomato sauce and as I say, small.. When the kids come over, it’ll most likely be The Big Pan and pasta sauce with meats and such…

Final Thoughts

After last week’s intense Post, I thought I’d run back to a shorter post.. for all our sakes.

I have a ton of outside work to get done..and inside as is the norm.. but having some down time is nice, though I always feel guilty.

I started working on ” Alice” again; my white Strat ( guitar) Other than ” Test Kitty” I think she has had the most revolving upgrades. I had several I WAS going to do, but going through my bits and pieces, I decided..Nawwwwww.. I am having to make a new back plate for her, which is slow until I get what I need..then I;ll have to make the finished one… Also going through parts ( that I can find ) I see that, I believe, I have all the parts for the next strat that is still just rough wood ,,in a box in the closet so that it won’t warp …After chatting this last week with a friend “Thanks Mary. ” I think I have finally decided on the she’ll end up green.. when I get there… Still a ton of cutting to do plus all the neck work.. and then making time to do it.

pre multiple upgrades ON Alice ( above)

I also broke down and started playing with a new song… I am not one of the ” Hey let’s make 10 songs today” kinda guy.. beings I have, I know of twenty sitting in folders waiting on inspiration for fighting through drums as I am no drummer..and or fighting through I am barely a guitar player.. let alone words and singing them * chuckle* So we’ll see which I finish first; the guitar or the song.. I have been working more with digging through old 70s songs which I do ” covers” of.. for myself.. basically like everything else.. Heck I still need to finish up the first two ” Albums” of my stuff for folks that had shown interest.. the whole Covid/ eye surgeries/fires/ and dealing with all the weird crap to retire plus just the average changes have tossed those on the back burner.. sorry guys… The first one, I’ll just charge what it costs me.. the second, probably closer to a normal album cost.. Anyway.. doubt it’ll matter much.

Zen Poof! Just like Magic

Bugs.. Again.. Bugs for breakfast.. Bugs for lunch.. Bugs for dinner..” Muninn complained as she hopped about the field.

Huginn, sitting on the wood pile, head cocked to the side as he peered into its depths. “ There’s a wood rat in here. I just know it.”

Well tell Ma or Da to shoot it then. ” Muninn groused as she plucked another tiny bug. ” This is soo much work for these tiny things… Did you check the pit?”

I thought you did..Gawhh.. I’ll be right back.” Huginn rose with a quick flap of wings, catching the wind and spiraled upwards. Flying over the second wood pile that was now little more than a few scraps, he snorted. Over the wood shed and into a curve, he looked to the pit. Seeing new veggies, he landed to peck at the leftovers. “ Green things.. Da knows I hate green things….. OOH! bugs in the green things..” He began pulling lettuce leaves to the sides to get at the bugs. “ Hey! Muninn.. Get your tail up here. Bigger bugs. Da dumped new veggies.”

Muninn took wing, circling above the pit before she landed on the fence.” Make room Fatty.”

Huginn looked up, cocked his head as he watched Muninn, then turned back to the bugs;

Caw! Caw! Caw!” Muninn called out in frustration.

Huginn chuckled as he ignored Muninn’s rant to continue the feast of fat bugs.


I had cooked down the stock scarps of chicken from the last couple times I had butchered, broth plain but well under way. Chicken meat and bones piled into a bowl as I began to add herbs and spices to my stock. While the meat cooled, I went off to work on something else.


Hey! Make room, I’m coming in anyways!” Muninn finally, getting a little pissed off, pushed her mate out of the way to grab up whatever bugs were left. “ Well… What the …? There are no more bugs.”

Yeaaahhhh … It was like Poof and they were gone.. Just like magic.” Huginn chuckled.

Magic my fuzzy butt ! You pig!”

Not a pig.. Raven.. keeper of Thought.” Huginn grin as he picked bug legs from between his beak.

Keeper of a major pain in my ass maybe.”

Yeah.. That? That is just a perk.” Huginn hopped and was in flight in a heartbeat with Muninn cussing up a storm below him. He chuckled again and was off, heading back to the nest.


Herbs cooked in for the first layer, I was checking the broth.. It was ready for the veggies. Carrots, celery, onions peas and green beans all went into the stock for its next cook down.

I grabbed up the bowl of meat and bones, picked up a second bowl and started to pull meat.


Muninn, in frustration, flew up to get a better view of what might be out in the fields. She saw the movement of a small horde of bugs and down she went. Pecking at the wee little bugs, she continued to cuss out her mate, though he was already lounging at the nest below in the Oak Grove.


Bones separated from the meat, I put a lid on the bowl and tossed it in the fridge. Grabbing the bowl of bones, I slipped on my shoes to walk it out to the pit.

Stepping out of the entry, I called,

Caw Caw! Come and get your lunch…… Caw Caw,, Get up here before someone else finds it.”

Muninn, just below the house heard Da calling… She knew fully well who he was calling.. Her and her mate, for ever have been normally just been called Cawcaw kids by Da and Ma… Easier to catch them flying over to talk to them. She lifted up from the bitsy bug feast in hopes that lunch was more than more greens… and then she smelled it..

MEAT! My favorite!” Muninn cried out. Catching herself, she looked towards the nesting wood. Ha.. fat boy hadn’t heard Da and the scent hadn’t gotten down there yet.

Caw Caw!.. Lunch!” I called out again.

Gawh!! ShhhhShhShh I hear you.. I’m coming. “ Muninn called as softly as she could in hopes Da would shut the hell up before Huginn heard.

I was making my way back to the house when I saw Muninn, one of the caw caw kids lift from the field ..Oh good.. She’ll get her lunch then.

I had no sooner walked in and I saw Muninn fly past the window heading to the pit.


WOOT!.. ” She called, caught herself and chuckled softly “ woot! Chicken! Oh yeah.” She tore into the bones, grabbing up bits of meat and chuckling to herself. Hopping around the pile, she grabbed up more and more.

Muninn sat on the fence, watching her prize. and making sure none of the coyote kids were coming in.. or Dumbear.. or worst of all.. her mate.

After several feeds, Muninn grabbed up one of the larger sets of attached bones and flew off to the nest.

That’s meat! Where did you get meat?” Huginn called out as he tried to get back on his feet, having lain back in the nest, his belly full.

Oh .. I don’t know.. I was at the pit and zen poof! Just like magic.. It was there.” She chuckled.

Huginn glared at her for a minute, slowly cocking his head to the side.

What? Ohhhh.. riiighhhttt.. You ate all those bugs and then flew your big fat lazy butt back to the next and didn’t hear Da call us? Ohhhhh poooorrr you…It was delicious..Even still warm.” She said as she sucked at the juices running off the bones.

I hate you, you know.” He said as he peered at her.

No you don’t. You’re way too lazy to hate… Go fly your butt up there before someone else gets the rest.”

Rest?! There Rest?! You didn’t say there was Rest!” Huginn cried as he tried to right himself from the nest. He leap into the air, taking wing…Muninn right behind them as they proceeded to clear the pit and fill the nest with leftovers.


I watched out the morning room window as the two Caw Caw kids flew back and forth, cleaning out the pit once again and laughed.

Seems it’s

Just another day on Zen Mountain

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