Gathering wool on Zen

It’s the end of the month which means the WAFA sales have been on again this weekend and Ma , as usual, has her pad up watching the vendors for anything fun.

In Ma’s search for better fiber for socks as well as the luxury fibers for everything else, we spend the evenings looking at what new to us folk as well as new ” friends” have this time round.

With shipping the way it is now what with weather topping the list of new ways to slow packages down, I see fiber coming in most weeks through out the month.. A little here, a little there. Generally just a few ounces at a time.. which probably doesn’t sound like much if you don’t spin, however, at approximately 10 yards of three ply per gram, around 300-325 yards, that is a pair of socks with around three ounces.

So far, and , sadly, it is already the last day of sales , Ma has only found some Finn and some Gotland .. but then, that is actually better than we expected…and there is Always next month.

While Ma adds to her flock, we decided to hit ” Innie” the other day once Ma heard one of her friends from work’s daughter is crocheting and low on yarn. After struggling through the totes, we managed ” The Box”

Once we had that packed.. most impressively putting enough yarn in to cozy a car, it took both of us to squeeze it together to tape the heck out of it.

I ran the box down to the PO towards the end of the week, tossing it up on the counter, the postmaster asked me if I realized it was a first class box. I shruuged

” It’s the only box I had.”

She weighed it, grimaced at the cost and told me. I laughed telling her I had worried there would be a one in front of that number and off it went.. supposedly to be in the hands of the young lady maybe tomorrow.. I have a feeling when she cuts the tape it’ll pop like the freaky little tubes of dough when you crack them on the counter edge…

Ma finding better and better fibers and spinning her fine threads of yarn into three and four ply for ever stronger woolies, we decided it would be a great use of the yarn she wouldn’t use anymore.. The yarn is/was nice yarn but what Ma makes is better for us. All of this that Ma creates is hand wash and air dry but with both of us doing the washing and racking, it isn’t a big deal. The natural fibers are so much warmer than synthetics as well as not shocking the crap out of us in the dry weather, having to do a few more steps rather than simply tossing in the washer is easy enough.

Once again, Demon Lama is high on the list of fibers which can be sad for us as Ma can’t even touch the stuff making a lot of watching with so little being something Ma can try… But she Always finds something.

If you think of it as, say ,a new pair of custom designed; for you, socks a month that are super warm, super soft and, you’ve seen Ma’s work.. they , even when her simple socks, are always beautiful.

When it comes to shawls, you Know it’ll take more than a month to spin the 2k yards to 5k yards of three ply ( yup multiply that by three PLUS the plying its self ) and then there are sweaters; There are ALWAYS sweaters in progress. Keeping in mind that Ma is designing as she goes and unlike a shawl there is designing the body, designing the neck and arms all differently but sharing characteristics as well as a certain length match of designs…and that is if it is a slip over rather than setting up a cardigan for buttons, toggles or wrap. There is how to begin and how to end each part there are so many designs/ patterns/ cables and more.. When you look at a sweater that is hand made rather than machines pumping out the exact same one in three sizes… Making sure that each part fits a certain person’s build and their length and width and wants.. It can, indeed, take a while.. Ma also generally has a pair of gloves on needles as she designs.. spins.. knits.. designs.. rinse and repeat .

Totes fill with fiber.. then slowly empty as new totes fill with yarn.. and then they empty as yet another fills with project pieces in the great flock roll about….

Generally, WAFA starts putting out notice the week before on who will be showing. Ma then starts lining up who she wants to try to make sure to see.. That doesn’t always work as they run during two of Ma’s work days. Sometimes she can watch the videos after work and before and then some of those she can still grab up this and that. Some times she catches videos some may put up before the sales start and she’ll contact them. Generally, she can get either something lined up or the folks, fairly often, will put something custom together for Ma.. and sometimes , she still has to wait for their live vid to purchase the items. When it is like that, Ma is sitting there, eagle eyed and fingers at the ready as the item comes up. I always sit here grinning when she does as she has so much fun doing it… and often enough, the vendor will give her a heads up in the chat so she just needs the number and boom.. in cart * LOL*

Final thoughts

The weather is turning towards Spring, yes, we had that snow storm, and yes, we wake up to snow most mornings though once the sun breaks through the morning clouds it generally starts to melt.

The other day I was working in my office, watching the snow hit.. Suddenly, we were in a full white out. Snow flakes were the size of silver dollars and, again, with in minutes, the ground had an actual measurable layer of snow… Some fifteen minutes later and it stopped snowing and within a half hour, it was green again. That was a fairly impressive micro storm. A few hours of that would have buried us again.

Looks like I’ll head in to Hooterville this week. There is an inservice for subs, which I have kept myself on the list so, looks like I have a meeting to go to. How much I may do, not a clue. With my shoulders back and neck and ignoring my headaches * chuckle* I am not sure how much help I would be. A friend brought up tech work not long ago, which was something I have thought about many times through out the last few years but I doubt I could get my hands on the training only to be a sub.. But.. it would have been reasonably fun.

Hey! Zen I’ll have the cow’s toes !

I look up from my computer to see Rhey standing at the fence line…..staring at me.

” Gawh! About time Da.” She threw her paws into the air, exasperated . ” I have been standing here forever. “

” Ummm.. nooooo.. I just looked and you weren’t there. See… You’re a dog, dogs think everything is forever. “

Rhey’s Face turn grim. ” Not! a dog!.. Coyote!..Actually.. I am almost a wolf…See? ” She puffed up, making all her fur poof out, including her tail and then stood on her tip toes. ” See!” She said as she tried to puff out her cheeks as well.

” Suuuuuure… Almost… Lil Wolf. “ I said as I grin at her antics.

” Oh I like that! I am so totally Lil Wolf..Yup.” Rhey said as she bounced on her tip toes.

I sat smiling..waiting….If Rhey has stopped to chat.. she is Up to something.

” OH!..” Rhey started

Here it comes, I thought.

“Ummm..Da?” She said sweetly…as I roll my eyes.

” Yesssssss Rhey?”

” Lil Wolf”

Yeah.. I aint starting that.”

” You already did.”

” Rhey?”

” Yesss?”

” What?”

” Huh?”

” Rhey! Don’t mess with me girl. I know where you eat.”

” Phhhtttt.. Speaking of which… Why isn’t there anything new in the pit?”

” Because I have been making pizzas and calzones .”

” I could eat any part of a cow.”

” Wait…What?”

” You said.. You made some cow’s toes. I’m good with that.”

” Calzone.”

” Bless you.”

” Rhey!”

” Yessssss.??”

” Just..stop..”

” Stop what?”

” ……………….. THAT!” I said , waving my arms at her.

” What? You just sorta waved at me.”

” Yes! That!”

” You’re confusing me.”

” I seriously doubt it… What was it you needed Rhey?”

” Lil Wolf.”

” Rhhhheeeeeeeyyyyy!”

” Yeeeeeeeeessssssssssseeeeeeesssssss?”

I leap to my feet and raced out the door… Rhey digging in, laughing maniacally as she sped off.

” I’ll get you my pretty! And you’re a little dog too!”

Not a dog! LilWolf!”

I picked up a rock , tossing it at her… to which she turned, sat down, watching the rock as it roll slowly past her. She bent over, picked it up and carried it back to drop it in front of me. ” You suck at throwing , don’t you know?” and… off she ran again , only to sit in the field, watching the rock bounce past her one more time. She roll to her back, scratching. her feet in the air, head tilted back, looking over her shoulder at me, tongue waggling.


Don’t you mean; GAWWWWWH Lilwolf?” ….. another rock bounced past her as she lay..wiggling.

” You know Rhey, you were a lot cuter when you were a baby… Jerk.”

Rhey lay on her back wiggling.. batting her eyes at me as she waggled her tongue in my direction.

” You are NOT normal!. Weirdass coyote dog.”

” Yip!”

” Oh just stop.”

Yip..Wuff.” She called back, grinning at me, her tongue laying between her eyes as she look up at me from upside down.

” You are so friggin weird…. You have been hanging around your brother too much.”

Rhey flip to her feet, padding towards me, all in a single motion. I watch, hands on hips as she walked up and sat in front of me.

” What, exactly was that?” She asked, squinting her eyes.

“Goof. What did you want Rhey?”

” Ohhhhh right…. I’m hungry. Got any cow’s toes?”

“Gawwh!” I threw up my arms as I turn to walk back in the house, laughing under my breath. I know darn good and well she knows exactly what I said.

I sat back down at my computer only to see Rhey pad back over to sit in front of me again..waving.

” Freakin unnatural coyote dog creature.” I muttered.

Rhey, cocking her head to the side replied. ” Not a dog.. Lil Wolf .”

” Whatever..” I mumbled as I got up to grab what leftovers I had to take out to the pit.

I watched as Rhey circled around to our north woods and sit..waiting. ” Ok…. You put the leftovers down.. You can go now.” Rhey said, grinning.

I roll my eyes chuckling….oh yes… this weird ass crap is

Just another day on Zen Mountain

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