Valentine’s Snow fall on Zen

With a couple snow falls on Zen for the last big ” storm ” before we start looking towards Spring, We got around 30″ on the first little storm and a ” just fer lookin’ at” 6″ of snow on the second in a late night snow fall.

The first storm that came through had a stiff Eastern wind behind it, keeping us in the teens, which wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the actual wind which froze things up.

I finally mostly gave up on the snow on the deck and just kept it out of the covered porch area as best I could. With winds coming out of the East and the porch Facing the East, by the time I got to the end of the porch, I had to start cleaning my way back. All fine when I am just trying to clear for Ma to get safely back and forth to her porch swing.

On the bright side, once the deck got high enough with snow, the porch area wasn’t getting hit quite as bad..friggin wall of snow at least did that much.

Drifts got reasonably impressive, covering the rigs and well as the walk to the pit.

Mid week, one of the neighbors made his way in to break us out and do a wellness check as no one had seen us since the beginning of the storm… For the better part of three decades, they would see..and most likely hear me working on our road or punching through with one of the rigs every day.

We chatted for a few and off he went. We all glared at Lil Red as it sat there, covered in snow and refusing to do..well anything…again….

Before the second snow hit, I got the jeep out to grab mail from the village at the bottom on Zen and back.. Snow ..and winds.. were significantly less.. On the way back I was thinking of fun things to do outside…When I opened the door to the jeep all those thoughts were blown into a snow globe which I let roll off down the drive. I ended up getting the sami to start and as she is lifted and chained, I used her to break free the drive … just in time for the next snow that hit that evening..

I didn’t think we had gotten more than a skiff till I dug out the deck , which I had just cleared , basically, hours earlier and found that both Deck and all my walk ways I had re-dug out the day before had all been filled during the night…

I honestly don’t have a clue how normal people see snow, but for me, everything looks flat. I can not see the paths or drifts.. driving has always been awesome.. especially at night coming home.. and especially in the fog.. and BEST when it is snowing, the road is compact snow and ice.. and in the fog… Not missing all.

Temps soared the following days, getting above freezing once again. In between storms we had a day or two where we were losing four and more inches of snow a day.. The six inches at that point was simply ” just fer lookin at” as I couldn’t tell the difference until I was walking through it .

Depending on who you listen to, we are looking at another round…. if you go by the Citiots Harping weather on the news it’s suppose to be heavy again… Where as NOAA and even Wunderground both are saying that the days the Citiots are calling for heavy snow are the two days where it is suppose to be mostly sunny and in the 40s…. Beings we had breezes during the time the Citiots said we were suppose to get 80mph winds, I will continue to ignore them and listen to NOAA.. They usually don’t tell us about storms until 48 hrs before, but then their job is to report weather, not create panic…unlike news reporting … We’ll just wait and see.. If it does get crazy then I wont concern myself with hitting town for the few items that are nice to have but are far from life threatening if we don’t pick them up NOW.. that being Salad veggies.

Break out the hedge trimmer

Well, time for Spring cleaning to start…. Ma wanted a hair cut…. I was not amused….

She asked me to cut, basically two feet off her hair…GAWH! ….

Ma asked if I would cut it at her shoulders as her hair fell below her butt. I gave in, grabbed the scissors and started whackin.. Once the hair came loose, the rest leaped up SPROING! Good thing I didn’t ACTUALLY cut at her shoulders or it would have ended up a pixie . I am pretty sure I startled Ma when I let out a Warhoop , shaking the two foot tail over my head…. * shrug* If yer gonna do it.. Do it 100% I say…

For my part, I also needed some hair removed.. Just not from the top of my head thank you very much….BUT I was beginning to look all ZZ Top-ish so I cut the heck out of my beard…It’s the only hair that seems to grow on me. It has been several months since my last shearing and it was starting to drive me crazy.. especially when I have to wear my mask …. So.. I still look all Red Neck.. Just not Duck Dynasty Redneck.

Something to Hum about

I had been changing the feeders out about every half hour through the cold winds for Hollywood and Lass.

I never saw either of them start the slow flying they do when they are horribly miserable . Finally in the first break in the weather, I stopped seeing Lass. I had seen her early in the morn but then not again and as of yet..still no Lass..

I would be more concerned if she had stopped showing up during the storm or if she looked distressed. I think it is more likely that she finally hit town, putting Hollywood in charge , which she has done before even in reasonable weather.

We had another male Anna come in during the latter part of the week to drive Hollywood crazy. Where Hollywood has what looks like White sunglasses on. This little guy has Yellow. Hollywood has the same colors on his back as Lass; the greens and yellows are vibrant , where as the new boy’s are much darker green and little yellow.. But the two boys are chasing each other around until they get worn out and are buddies all over again.

I haven’t had to pull a feeder in several days now even though the temps get below freezing at night.. and close during the days. Lack of heavy East winds makes a big difference.

Reclaiming Zen

All of our deer headed off Zen during the storm as well… I didn’t even find any sign of the coyote kids during the freeze….. The only signs of life were the Hums and the few birds that came in to yell at me to get a feeder out for them.. which, of course, I did.

Once things settled, I started finding Bunnie tracks and the feral cat that roams around up here. One lone set of deer tracks came up, checked out Ma’s office and left….. Seems that beings Ma wasn’t working when they came through, it wasn’t worth staying.

Finally, yesterday, I saw a few deer at the bottom of the meadows and fields.. glaring at the snow.. then they turned around to walk back down into the relative green of the valley

” Nope… Screw this… Snow sucks! I’ll be back….”

And now for something different

I have been trying to do as much of the chores around here that Both Ma and I have done since my retirement…which , I have mentioned.. One of the things is I have gotten a little back into baking. I had stopped doing that some time back when I would go through all of the trouble only to have a couple people that use to visit simply wolf it down.. Same with my Oriental cooking.. spend hours and in many cases; days prepping only to have a person stand over the food and shove it in so fast that some of us never had a chance to taste it… Same with home- made noodles… I even made Liver noodles.. Hey, I thought they were great.. only one other person I worked with tried them…Everyone liked my spinach and my tomato noodles though..go figure.. Buuuutttt someone decided to walk off with my super cool and you can’t find them anymore noodle machine … It kind of reminded me of the old Playdough Stations ..sorta…. I could make all kinds of noodles with it… Funny thing is, Ma is the only person that has been here that actually cooks other than me so not really sure why someone decided they needed it more than me…

ANYWAY, so I have been battling the new stove/oven to figure it out after not being able to put my old stove I grew up with and drug all over the Pacific Northwest with me as it didn’t fit in the new house… This new oven, for some reason, doesn’t like the old recipes I carefully worked up into goodies I use to make… This just makes goo… So I make bread and cookies and most recent; pizza dough.. Turned out great ..and now to start doing some tweaking ..cause that’s what I do…No.. No liver pizza.. Ma would rebel pretty sure. Not sure other than tweaking what is next for my baking adventures…something , I am sure.

Final Thoughts

Well, we could , and have.. get / have gotten, snow all the way into March and April.. I have even had snow fall, if not stick, in June and cold enough on one Fourth of July evening. BUT I am thinking that we are heading towards the green of Spring now….

I have already been looking at the tree pruning I need to do. Our veggie plants are growing under their lights, though they are off color all of a sudden.. trying to work that out.

I keep staring at the carpet, wanting to shampoo but I need the windows open for that… I could do the bedroom I suppose.. We almost never close those windows… The rest of the house may be high sixties or low seventies but the Master suite seldom gets out of the fifties unless the day gets warmish and the wood stove makes it warmth all the way in there.

I have rigs to work on but for the now it just aint gonna happen..

I should have done some brush burning but Ma freaks when I do and she is already under a lot of pressure from customers being little bitches due to the far flung snow storms shutting so many areas down and these hundreds of tantrum toting, tiara tossing whiney little pieces of crap wanting in hand ” Now!” I simply can not imagine the mind set of these pukes.. Who could POSSIBLY think they could have Anything ” Now?!?” Honestly… What the hell is wrong with people that they are so flippin’ rude that they call Ma and the other folk that are Trying to help the worst things you can possibly imagine and refusing every REAL option there is. Nope.. ” I want it in my hand right now. I am not hanging up until it is in my hand.” Do they REALLY believe that is a possibility ? or.. Is day-drinking really that popular now?… So, anyway, I try to be as soft footed as possible, do what I need to and do it quietly. I listen to what little Ma can tell me about her day and the hundreds of people she has to talk to that 99% are vicious pathetic excuses for self centered princesses ..

*grins* You didn’t REALLY think I’d get through a post without a rant.. Did You?.. Come on.. You know that’s why you read these….

As the wind continues to blow, sweeping from the North West to North East, threatening to drop temps and bring in another run of snow and freezing rain, I keep my eye on Hummie’s Feeder and Ma’s wood stove.

I watch the snow get deeper and then lower and back again… It is that time of year and it is

Just another day on Zen Mountain

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