Quick like a Bunnie and thanks to the “Wool and Fiber Arts” folk

While we sit by the fire to stay warm during the mild winter weather, Ma; my Better half, has designed and knitted up a new simple Angora/Shetland sweater that, of course, I wanted to share in this week’s Sunday Post.

Online Wool and Fibers Fests

During this pandemic, The Fiber Nation has found new ways to get fibers, yarn and more out to actually a larger audience, which has been a great thing for those of us that could have never travelled to see all of the ” Fests” in person,

People have worked hard through all of this to get merchants hooked up with buyers through online ” Fests” keeping Ma on her toes as she has been able to look at fibers , I , at least, would have never dreamed of.

Online classes followed in suit to get even more info out than before bringing more ideas to so many folk, like us, that simply never would, once again, had the chance otherwise.

WAFA; the Wool and Fiber Arts Has been one of the big fests for Ma along with the online community it has built, and continues to grow, where she has found new folks out there with amazing fibers and yarns.

They have a new ” Fest” at the last full weekend of every month, December being a little different of course.

If you are into ANY of the Fiber arts from Crocheting to Weaving and so much more ..and you haven’t run into any of these, you really should take the time to get in and look around…

Every morning, as Ma and I sit on the porch, predawn, I listen to her go through the forums on work done, new videos and pics along with what all new topics get covered. In the evenings, I get the low downs on new venders, new to us fibers and yarn along with Ma’s plans for any that might interest her.

Oh, I will grant you, I have to imagine that I listen more than some husbands and when I watch her spin and or knit I enjoy it as well.. and of course nice warm woolens don’t hurt.

The online community

The people in the forums, as well, have been wonderful, not only to Ma, of course, but to all the people chatting/posting on what they have done, and who they have picked up what from. It doesn’t matter whether you are new to whichever art(s) you choose, people are very positive and encouraging from all I have seen. Folks that are at the top of their game always seem to be there to help the new and intermediate as well as enjoying each other’s accomplishments at every level.

The WAFA project has been a game changer for a lot of folk and for those of us that have always stayed close to home, it is amazing.

I have to just sit and grin as Ma gets excited about new fiber/blends and their uses. How they well wear, How well they spin… basically , through the help of venders and buyers knitters and spinners alike Ma has opened up new areas of projects with so many more on her list as she finishes each new project.

Suffolk Socks

Not the least of which are my newest socks out of Suffolk wool, which Ma got from Mae Be Farms .They wear like iron so far and freakin comfortable as heck. To give them a sink or swim trial I have worn the heck out of them both as an after hours sock; because they are Juuust snug enough and warm enough… and as a work sock, because they are so durable.. They don’t slip, slide or show any wear yet..and I am horrible on socks.. A cotton pair , I can bust through one to both heals in a single work day.. or did before I retired. So far.. not anything close to noticeable wear… I have gone through many of the softer” feeling” woolen blends that are considered “sock yarn”…Even just using those in the after hours…If you knit and haven’t tried Suffolk ,, better look into it.

Bunnie Sweater

The yarn blend: is 75% Shetland and 25% Chocolate Angora Bunnie Fingerling weight from The Rosefield

Ma’s own design:

A simple Tubular cast-on for the ribbing. Tubular cast-off for Neck and sleeve ribbing.

Snow flake textured pattern across chest and matching on the sleeves is a Gurnsey style.

It took 1229 yards to finish… and twelve days from beginning to finish… including design and some re-designing.

After we got pics taken this morning, Ma tossed on the new sweater and it fits as close to perfect as a sweater can; not too loose not too tight, not too long, not too short….juuuust right.

We tend to enjoy the natural colors the most thought we have done some home dying along with Ma buying some yarn and fibers in our colors.. For me, as Grey is one of my colors.. I am stylin..

Final Thoughts

I have been promising more posts on Ma’s fiber work so as we happen to be taking pictures this morning, it seem like a good time.

Ma likes to keep multiple projects on needles as well as making the most of three spinning wheels with different fibers or for plying in the next step on the sheep’s way to being something nice and comfortable for me to wear out.

While Ma sits and spins here in the background as I type away, I know I’ll have plenty more to come in the Spinning and Knitting world for the Post. As she finishes up something new, I’ll tag up WAFA again along with the venders/farms that she gets her fiber/yarn from . If I post it, it’s a place that you need to look at if you have already…well if you do any work in the fiber arts.

For more stories, and the Christmas card video which has many of Ma’s recent projects and you can checkout “Something wooly this way comes”, on the menu above which has all the stories with more of her work as well.

We are, as usual, in the clouds again today, day being lighter than night but not by a lot.. At least the freezing fog ( Hoar frost ) has dropped off the trees which is a good thing for our Hummingbirds. Lass was complaining a bit yesterday before it warmed up a little. He poor little wings slow way down as it gets very cold so it takes longer for her to get around.. Heck of a thing when you just want to hit the fridge( feeder) and crawl back under the covers where it’s warm. Hummie keeps coming up in an attempt to chase his daughter back down town where it is a wee bit warmer, but she just hides from him when he gets naggy.

The coyote kids are hanging close as are our deer..who have been teaching me new ” stupid pet tricks” More of which I’ll hit on maybe the next post as it is about time for some more short stories..

Until then;

Today is just another day on Zen Mountain

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