Merry Christmas from Zen Mountain

Merry Christmas 2020 from Ma; my better half, all the “kids”; our wildlife on Zen, and myself.

Thanks to those who come here to read my Rants and Raves, our little adventures and short stories.

I write to clear my brain from the clutter that builds up from the constant murmurs from the wildlife that comes to visit. Every creature has his or her own story….and every damn one of them wants to tell me that story so that at some point I can pass it along as any other storyteller out and about has from the beginning of time.

And, so, on that note; I have just a few quick Christmas Morning tales from our kids, who, of course, had to run up and share before the sun even popped over the ridges to the East…

The Den

” So..out all night.. Where have you been?” Mama coyote asked as Rhey slunk into the den, obviously worn out.

” Caroling.” Rhey answered as she collapsed onto the floor.

” Right. Well, ok then.. Your brother has been waiting for you to open presents.”

Rhey open one eye to see Dennis bouncing up and down in front of her face and groan. ” Gawhhh…Morning Dennis.

” Merry Christmas! Open your presents so I can open mine! comeoncomeoncomeon!!!! Dennis yelled out .

Rhey tucked her ears around her skull and squint, cringing…She KNEW he would be like this .. Dang Lil Buck anyway.

” Fine fine…” Rhey slowly sat up as Dennis plopped down her present in front of her, bouncing on his toes. She could swear his eyes were rolling around in his head like pin balls…Felt like they were banging around in hers. WAAAAYYY too much cider pulp from Da’s pit… The apple juice must have gotten hard.. How did the deer not wipe that all out by now. Head pounding, she look down at the mossy bone. ” ………………..oh…look… a manky old bone..” she muttered.

Dennis’s ears droop as he watch, his smile sagging.

Limpy; her dad, watched from over Dennis’s shoulder with a grim smile.

” Crap…” She pasted on a false smile and made her voice sound syrupy ” Oh Look! a manky old Bone.”

Dennis watched her a moment, his ears slowly rising . ” Try it!”

Rhey cringed and slowly wrapped her lips around the moldy old bone, shuddering as she choked down a gag. Speaking around the bone, trying to keep as little as possible touching her , she choked out,“….yummy…”

Dennis bounced around the den” She likes it!”

Limpy snorted watching his daughter swallowing hard.

Red yawn, waking from a nap, Rhey’s older sister, padded up to Rhey,” Sooooooo, out all night with Wraith I see, “

“Bite me”

” Nawwwhhh.. Not much into Leftovers.” She chuckled. while Rhey glared at her through one red, swollen eye.

Dennis mollified, Rhey spit out the bone and closed her eyes.

“Your turn Dennis.Called his mother, grinning down at her daughter. ” Open Rhey’s first.”

” But…Lil Buck’s…” He whined as he stared at the moving box.

” You can open that last.”

Dennis sighed and grabbed up his present from Rhey, the package wrapped in mouse paper. He gently tugged at the bow….Then tore the box to ribbons.. pieces flying through the air, slowly drifting to the floor. ” OH LOOK!! A manky old Bone !!”

Red kicked Rhey who opened one eye again, glaring. ” See ?!? Now That’s how it’s done. “

” Whatever.” Rhey closed her eye again.

Finally, one present lay on the floor…moving about… Dennis stood over it, his legs braced far apart. His eyes twitching and his tail slowly wagging.

” Ok Dennis… You can open it now.” Said Limpy, grinning.

Dennis gently tug at the bow when suddenly, the top popped off and dozens..and dozens more mice blew out of the box going Everywhere!

Rhey leap up as a pack of mice scurry under her, making her yipe!

Dennis leaped into the air with a ” HURRAY! MICE!” He began running around the den, sliding into walls and family as he slapped and nipped at the mice.

Limpy and Mama looked to each other, snickered and walked out of the den to get away from their crazed boy and his play. Soon they were followed by the girls while they all listen to everything in the den get knocked over and Dennis giggling like a mad dog, chasing mice.

I’ll be Hum for Christmas

The front door banged open as like a whirlwind, Lass blew in tossing presents and good cheer to all in the Brownstone, wrapping her wings around Hummie, snuggling the stuffing out of him as he sputtered and complain. ” Meeerrrrryyy Christmas!”

Under the Twig were dozens of presents. A far cry from what had been left the night before as Hummie had tossed in the last few pretend gifts into the flames while the humlings were misbehaving, yet again.

” I told you Santa would fix everything!” Lass called out as she set down a fresh mug of juice for her dad, ruffling his head feathers as she walked off.

Hummie, grumbling, turned up the volume on the I-pad in an attempt to drown out the din of the children.

Mrs. Hum, poked him in the back of the head, ” It’s time Scrooge. “

Hummie grumped, got up and went into the other room. Minutes later Santa Hum came out. ” Ho Ho Ho ya little varmints!” Santa Hum sat down by the twig to let each humling sit on his lap while he handed out presents.

Lass and Mrs. Hum sat and laughed along with Lass’s older siblings, watching the wee little humlings with their eyes bright, grabbing up presents , hugging Santa Hum then sitting down to wait for everyone else before they could open their presents.

Everyone seated, Santa Hum stood up, wiped off his pants, covered in feathers, and called out “Time to open your presents!”

Suddenly the room was awash with ribbons and paper. Colorful snow everywhere as the brood went crazy opening and trying to watch everyone else all at the same time.

Hummie sat back down in his chair, not even noticed as he changed out of his Santa suit, grinning.

Mrs. Hum nudged Lass as they both smiled at Hummie grinning like a little kid.” The old softie” Mrs. murmured.

Welll That was something

Lil Buck watched his mother as they walked through the woods, once again, heading to Ma’s house. Her sister and her were whispering about the night before and how Big Buck finally came in and moved his mom off to the side to chat, taking her away from the group of does who had all been drooling over Prancer.

” Did he really?” Her sister asked her.

” Yesssss… That was surprising.” Our Girl said quietly, a soft smile on her lips.

Lil Buck look at the two does grimacing . ” What’s that all about?” He ask his little girl cousin.

“Oh Big Buck was just not happy that she was looking at other bucks.”

” Glawhhh..Who cares?” Lil Buck said, making gagging noises.

His mom looked back at him, giving him a stern look to which he pasted on a grin and began to sway as he walked.

” He is suppose to meet us at Ma‘s place this morning..for appules hopefully.” His cousin whispered.

” I like appules.”

” Yes.. I know..Everybody knows…Dennis knows..”

Lil Buck shrugged ” They’re yummy. “

The four walked quietly as they came up to the front door where Da would toss them appules….and waited.. Sure enough, Big Buck showed up and stood by Our Girl…..and didn’t even push her or Anything… and SHE didn’t even flatten her ears at him….Lil Buck look back and forth between them…” Gross!”

Da open the door, looked out to the deer smiling. ” Merry Christmas guys! You want some appules?”

” Now we’re talkin’” Cried out Lil Buck ” Oh yes please!”

Da tossed out several apples per deer and then closed the door once again, walking back into the house.

” SWWWEET! Now! That’s Something!” Lil Buck said around a mouthful of apple as he and his cousin munched while they completely ignored the adults not even fighting over apples… Maybe he would sneak in and grab some of theirs while they weren’t watching.

Flying high

Jake woke up, curled up next to his sisters and mom. He yawn and stretch, then stood to stretch even more.

Pulling out his Eagle feather from the corner of the den, he slid it under his mama’s nose, waking her up.

” What’s up lil cat? Merry Christmas.” She purred.

” I have presents to give out. and we don’t have a tree.” He said.

Smiling, she answered. ” We live in a tree .”

” Well yeah, ok..”

Just hand them out when the girls wake up. All good. “

” Ok Mom….HEY! Wake up already !” He cried out as he pounced into the middle of the big ball of fluff that was his family.

Everyone shot up hissing and spitting.

” What the heck? The girls griped together.”

” Well.. I did have presents but if you don’t want them, I’ll go take them to Dennis.”

” Wait what? “ Shecie said..” No, no..We’re up already.”

Jake bounced around the little den, grabbing up the presents from under this and that. He then handed over the gifts to each sister and to his mom.

The three girls grin down at the moss wrapped packages, looked to each other and then pull the moss away.

All three girls look at one new feather. One hawk, One Raven and One owl.

Jake pull out his Eagle feather and called out ” Now we can all fly!” He laugh and ran out the entry , feather whipping in the winds.

The girls looked at the feathers, then out at the demented looking bobcat jumping around in the heavy winds. The temps were well below freezing and ice was in the air.

” He’s friggin crazy you know.”

” Yup.”

” Well… He is your brother, but yes.. I believe he is spending far too much time with Dennis.”

They curl back up into a ball, feathers poking out from the center of the fluff while Jake ran down the hill towards Dennis’s den to see if he liked his mice.

Final thoughts

Well.. it has , at least been fun for me to write these short stories. If you missed the others of the six days of Christmas, you’ll see the link for the Christmas stories above on the menu..This last Sunday also has the link to the Christmas card video from Ma, myself and all the fuzzy, furry and feathered kids from Zen.

Back to my norm come Sunday, whether sarcasm or griping.. Maybe some stories about Ma’s spinning and knitting..or maybe Lass, Dennis, Rhey, or Jake will have a new story to tell me..

Merry Christmas everyone Have a Jolly day!

and yup

Just another day here on Zen Mountain

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