The Fourth Day of Christmas ( posts) 2020

The next story in our countdown to Christmas on our day four of six countdown has to do with our coyote kids again as Dennis “our special child” goes out ” shopping” for more presents for the kids up here.

Treasures on Zen

” ..but, just come with me..” Dennis pleaded with his sister Rhey.

” “ Rhey said as she scanned the saddle from her spot at the crest of the hill.

” You can put your name on the packages too. “

” You’re not making any selling points here..Just sayin’ “ Rhey huffed as she lay her chin on her forepaws .

” Come on…. or I’ll tell Mom about you and Wraith and..” Dennis blurted out then put his paw over his muzzle.

Rhey lifted her head slowly, still watching the trail below. Ever so slowly she turned to look over her shoulder at her brother. ” Excuse me? “

” Nothin’… I won’t tell. “

” Tell…What..Exactly? “ Rhey glare into Dennis’s eyes until his started to water.

” Nothing?”

” Mmmmmmm….Go where exactly to get what precisely?”

” Well…. I want to get Lil Buck a present.” Dennis hedged.

” You want to get the deer you chased a present….The one whose mother chased you all the way back to our den. The little buck that stuck his tongue out at you from behind his mother’s back while she tore into our dad about you misbehaving…. That buck? “ Rhey incredulously said.

” Yup! That’s the one!” Dennis grinned, nodding his head vigorously.

Rhey stared at her brother, slack jawed. Watching his head bob, she was pretty sure she could hear either his eyes or his brains rattling…Probably both. Wistfully looking towards the trail below, Rhey rose to her feet, shook herself and began to pad up the hill towards Ma’s homestead.

” But… Where are you going? “ Dennis called out as he tripped, trying to spin around to follow his sister.

Rhey stopped, sighed heavily saying over her shoulder; ” Maybe Da has some appules he will let you have to give your little snack buddy.”

” I don’t think he would like any owl poo .” Dennis said as he ran into Rhey’s backside, not paying attention to when she stopped.

“Appules.. you know.. those yellow things Da throws at the deers . They seem to like to eat them.. Not sure why, hardly any meat in them.” Rhey huffed as she batted at her brother. ” ..and back up would you? I don’t like you that way. “

” Wha? I don’t get it. Appules..hmmm.. Ohh those things .. Mice like them too… Makes them tastes fruitilicious .” Dennis said, nodding his head as he walked..until he got dizzy and had to sit down.

” Gawwhhh… Come on Marblehead, I have other things to do today.”

Dennis popped back up, getting in step behind Rhey, waggling his head back and forth in time with her tail.

” Stop it.”

” Stop what?”

” Allll..This..” Rhey said as she waved her muzzle towards Dennis.

” All What?”

” This.”

“………………….but……….you’re just nodding at me.” Dennis said, confused.

” Exactly.” Off Rhey trotted once again with Dennis scouring his body with his eyes trying to figure out what his sister was talking about.

Shrugging, Dennis leaped to catch up once again, his head waggling in time with his sister’s tail.

” Dude.. Stop that. I can hear your brains falling out. “

Dennis leap into the air, spinning as he looked all over the ground for any signs of loose brains he may have dropped.

” We’re here….act…well… not like you.”

” But.. I AM me. “

” Right. Pretend….Pretend you are Lass. “

But I can’t fly. “

” Yeah.. that would be where the pretending part comes in. “ Rhey said without looking as the two reached Ma’s house. ” Da! Da! Are you busy? “

I saw Rhey and Dennis out in the yard waiting for me. Dennis seem to have ants crawling all over him, he kept leaping about, almost like he was trying to flap his arms. I was a little concerned. Walking out to the porch, I asked Rhey, ” Umm what’s up Rhey? Dennis.. You ok Dude? Need a worm pill or something ? “

” I’m Lass !”

Rhey cringed. I stood, puzzled. ” Uh….right…..Dennis, you want to go Lass over there somewhere? You’re a little distracting……You’re kinds weirding me out a bit. “

Bzzzzzzzzzzbzzzzzzzzbzzzzzzz” Dennis hum as he wiggled, giggled and flapped about.

” I assume that is Your doing Rhey? “ I said with a smirk rising.

” Umm yeah, I suggested he not be himself.” We both turn to watch the creepy rain dance Dennis seem to be doing.

“Hope Lass doesn’t see him and ask… That’s more trouble than I believe we could talk her down from. “ I said as we continue to follow his fits.” Maybe you should just tell me what’s up , then take him…well… somewhere else until his battery runs down a bit.”

” Right. Dennis wants to give Lil Buck a present. I suggested appules.” Rhey said, as she shook her head in an attempt to rid herself of the vision of her brother.

I don’t think she’ll want any owl poos .” Dennis spat out in between his ” BzzzzzzzBzzzzzzz”s

” Owl poo?”

” Don’t ask. It’ll just get him going. “ Rhey replied.

” GET him going?” I said to her as my eyes followed the obviously insane pup.

” Ummmm..Right.. Anyway.. Appules?”

” Sure. I still have some apples in the entry. You need a bag? “ I asked.

” For his head or mine? “

I snorted. ” Well, actually I was thinking for the apples.”

Rhey followed me to the entry where I bagged up a bunch of small apples for her to give Dennis to give Lil Buck. ” There you go, Maybe send him out hunting for mice. He can do that on his own.. Someplace else I’m thinking.”

We walked back to the porch where Dennis was trying to lick flowers. Rhey looked at me in desperation.

” Your brother. Now Dennis….Dennis… snap out of it .. come get your treasures before Lass thinks you are making fun of her. “

Dennis padded over, gently grasping the tethers of the bag, making sure not to nip me then raced down the hill towards the den. ” Fanks!”

” Wow…”

” Yeah, wow…” Rhey said as she lay down. ” I think I am going to rest here just a bit, let mama deal with him and wrapping those.”

” Lass told me about the wrap job on your present from him..very nice.”

” I believe the word you were looking for would be ‘Manky'” She said with a grin.

” Ahh yes… I imagine that would cover it. Well you catch some Zzzzzzzzzzs”

” Oh.. NOT even funny.” Rhey said as she got up and padded down the hill after her brother.” Laterzzzz Da. “

I laughed as I watched the young coyote make her way down towards the nearest saddle before she disappeared into the foliage .

I watched the sun, low on the horizon yet, the morning was dark, it look to be rain coming in..or snow though the temps were slightly above freezing.

The first ice pellet hit the back of my neck as I turn.

“Gawwhh! Brr… Friggin ouch!” I made my way to the covered porch as the winter mix hit the deck. Bits of ice imbedding in the now freezing rain making instant texture changes. I shivered , turning back to walk into the house. One last look before I went through the door and I could see Our girl and Lil Buck coming over the rise. Yes indeed, treasures for the little man.

I grin, it look to be the start of

Just another day on Zen Mountain

Back tomorrow eve at 5pm with the 6th(version) annual Night before Christmas

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