The Third day of Christmas (posts) 2020

Another short story for our countdown to Christmas, day three of six, or in the countdown; four.

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Lass is still refusing to head to town for the holidays, irritating Hummie enough for him to come up, once again to tell her to head down the mountain…….To which her answer was; a Hummie raspberry before flying off.

Hummie sat down at the fence just outside my window to give me today’s story.. This is pretty much how he explained it to me.


Hummie sat in his overstuffed Lazyhum chair trying to watch Christmas movies while he sipped on his Holiday stash of some of Ma’s Super Juice that he comes up to grab and hoards for himself.

Sitting in his chair, sipping on his juice through a Silly Straw one of the kids got him a couple years ago, Hummie had to keep turning the volume up, and up, and up. Considering the Surround Sound system he put in a few years ago, that was no small level change. The Brownstone was literally shaking with Christmas songs from the movie enough that one of the neighboring Jays came up, banging on the door to ask Hum what the heck was his problem. Hummie, in a snit , spun to the room at large , spreading his wings, encompassing the chaos of the little hums in his gesture then looked back at his neighbor.

” Ouch Little Dude. No worries Man, I’ll just change channels and watch the same movie.. We’re good…Good luck with….all…That…” and he gestured at the rampaging youths..” All that.” then turned to flit away.

Slamming the door, Hummie spun once again to face the hoard. ” SHUT THE HELL UP! Won’t you?!?”

The din , suddenly haulted, you could hear a sole cookie cutter bounce off the carpet as the dozen and change wee leetle hums stared at their dad/ grand dad with wide eyes and open mouths.

Storming through the living area, Hummie went to his room, grabbed the wooly cap Ma had made him, slipped on a pair of his warm Shetland wool socks Ma had Hum testing out and stormed out the door.

Mrs. Hummie called after him.Hum? Where are you headed?”

” Up to Ma’s to see if I can talk some sense into Lass.” Then muttered to himself ” and maybe just swap places with her. “

” I heard that!” Mrs. chirped

” Gawwwwhhhhhh!” Hummie called out as he took flight.

The day had started nice and quiet. All the kids and grandkids were on the same project, Mrs. and their moms keeping things under control. Freshly baked Gnat and peanut butter cookies, one of Hum’s favorites. They are great dipped in Ma’s Super Juice. One group made the dough up while another was in charge of cutting the dough into little Christmas hummingbirds or rein gnats or snow aphids . Mrs. was even prepping for pumpkin pies and blueberry tarts along with a few batches of apple fritters, another of Hum’s and , well. Da’s favorites.

Course, any time Hummie has been sent up to give some to Da, the fritters somehow don’t last to the end of the journey.

Things went suddenly all sideways when a food fight started. Gnat bits, flour and, in some cases, aphid cream icing , flew everywhere. While moms and Mrs. were busy trying to calm things down and get kids to clean up, the others started yet another food fight…and then came the inevitable;

“HE’s touching me !”

” No uh! She started it!”

” Happened before I was born!”

” You know, Liars go to Gotham. “

” We’re INNNN Gotham. “

” Told you so !”

At this point in the story, Hummie was so rattled that he had to fly over to the feeder to re-juice.

Lass came flying in to take Hummie’s warm spot on the fence, giggling. ” aaannnddd they wonder why I am up here?”

” Your Mother said to come home!” Hummie said from behind Lass, making her jump.

” Gawwwhhh! Don’t do that !” Lass said after catching her breath. ” Soooo just tell her you couldn’t find me.”

Hummie sat, glaring at his daughter, not saying a word….just…glared.

” Gawh! Fine! What-ever… “ Lass drawled. Turning back to me she mock whispered; ” I’ll be back “

” Like Hell you will. “ Hum spat back at her.

Daaaaaadddd you’ll make me into a sleazy street flyer if you keep up with that kind of talk in front of me.” She replied, attempting, and failing to keep a straight beak.

Hummie just shook his head, looked at me and said, ” I’ll be back too then, I am sure.”

” We’ll keep the juice warm. “ I grinned.

” See you in a bit. “ Lass whispered as Hummie flew off.

” I heard that.” Hummie called back over his wing.

” You were suppose to. “ Lass crooned as she rolled her eyes.

I watched as the two little hummers flew off over the snow , disappearing into the clouds as they headed down into the gloom that lead to Gotham…. and the chaos of the Brownstone.

I had to smile as I thought about the reaction of Hummie coming back through the front door. I imagined the bright and shining faces of all the wee leetle hums as they attempted to put on innocent faces.. flour, still airborne, settling to the floor.

Looking out over the snow thinking of the visit from Hummie, the patriarch of the Anna Hummingbird Clan for Zen, grin , thinking to myself;

” Yup, just another day on Zen Mountain”

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