The second day of Christmas ( posts) 2020

On our countdown This is day two of six, or as it is a countdown..five.

Wrap it up

Lass; our resident Anna Hummingbird…as Hummie, her dad finally is getting old enough that he isn’t as willing to stay up here at Zen in the often… decided to make a visit to Limpy’s den , our favorite coyote clan.

Flying low over the den entry, Lass chirped,

” Hey! Wake the hell up!”

Mama coyote ,from inside, laughed. ” Morning Lass. Pleasant as always , I see.. So is it your Dad , or Da that are rubbing off on you? “

” Hard telling, the only difference between them is feathers.” Lass giggled as she landed on the branch.

Yawning, Rhey, one of Limpy’s elder daughters, stumbled out of the den blinking her eyes.

” Jeeze Lass , I just got to bed. What’s up?”

Lass flit about Rhey’s face, making her nip at the little bird. ” I am so gonna bite you. Back off you little menace.”

The little hummingbird tugged at Rhey’s forelock with her beak, then flew next to her ear.

” GAWWWHHH! What is up with you this morning ?”

” Bored. Da is inside, Ma’s working and I am sooo bored! I thought I’d come down to see how decorations are coming…Just a few days till Christmas and this place looks like wild animals live here.”

Limpy stretched his back as he stepped through the entry. ” Ummmm… well Lass…Coyote den..Duh.” The large male shook the last of the sleep from his body. ” You know, we hunted all night…..Well, most of us.” He said as he looked back into the den.

Red, his eldest daughter and oldest of the kids in the pack looked up. ” What? I was on a date. You know…You need to find a mate.. You need to start a pack of your own…Remember?”

” Must have been your mother. “ Limpy called back, waggling his eyebrows at Lass.

Limpy, how would you like matching limps to both back hips?” Mama grinned at him.

Chuckling, Limpy trotted off to check his boundaries. Calling over his shoulder, Red, come on we have things to do. “

” Ughhhh…But Daaaaaaddd .” Red rolled her eyes at Rhey then followed her father up the hillside.

Dennis, the eldest son still at home padded up from the saddle below the den, slipping up the melting snow, landing on his belly and slid back down out of sight. From out of sight the girls could hear. ” I’m fine!”

“Soooooooo.. not growing out of it I see. ” Said Lass.

” Ummmm..nooooooo. Dennis is mmmm still special. “ Rhey murmured as she watched her brother climb back up the hill, covered in mud and snow.

” Heeeeyyy Dennis.” Lass called down to the wet coyote with a little less than any enthusiasm in her voice.

” Hi Lass! Wanna see what I got Rhey for Christmas?”

Standing..Right Here Dennis. “ Rhey said as she rolled her eyes .

” It’s already wrapped.” Dennis called back.

” It’s a bone. “ Rhey grumped.

” You don’t know that.” Dennis huffed.

“I can see it. “

” No, you can’t. It’s wrapped. Did it myself and all. “

Lass sat on her branch, watching the two, looking back and forth from one to the other , grinning.

” This is like watching the worst tennis match ever. Sure Dennis, show me Rhey’s present.”

Grinning, Dennis, padded over, dropping Rhey’s present on the ground below Lass.

“Mmmmm.. Nice wrap job there Dennis.” Lass said as she stared down at the would be package.

” It’s a bone.” Rhey grumped again.

” No, it’s not.” Dennis called back. ” It’s something completely different.”

” It’s a bone with a snaggly piece of moss on it.” Rhey said bitterly as she stared down at the old chewed bone with moss clinging to one side.

” Wanna see what I got Dennis?” Rhey grinned as she looked up at Lass?

” Phhhttt..Whatever.” Dennis coughed.

” Sure!” Lass chirped.

Rhey stepped into the den, then back out with a small package in her mouth.” Cool huh. “

A small long box fell to the ground as Rhey and Lass grin at it. Dennis, looking over Rhey’s shoulder cried out,

” Mice wrapping! Oh I love mice. I like the way they crunch! Are there mice in it? Can I have it. Oh! I think I’ll go hunt for some mice for my mice box!” Dennis laughed a little unsettling as he jogged off.

” He fell on his head when he was young right? Something like that? Moose kicked him?” Lass giggled as she shook her head watching the male coyote trot up the slope, slipping and falling over and over,

” I’m afraid not. He just sorta came out that way. “ Mama said as she watched her boy with some concern.

” He’s an odd one Mr. Grinch.” Rhey chuckled.

The three of them stare at the manky bone. ” Maybe I should just bury it.” Mama said.

” Nah.. I’ll open it on Christmas for him…then lose it.” Rhey said grinning.

“Soooooo…What’s in the box?Lass asked .

” Another manky old bone.” Rhey grinned mischievously .

The three laughed as Lass spun around to fly back up to the house for some juice.

Stop by tomorrow at 5pm PST for another quick story as we get closer to the Night before Christmas Post and Christmas morning Post

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