Countdown to Christmas 2020

If you’re interested in the Christmas card vid, or what is coming up w/ stories; including The 6th annual Night Before Christmas Post, here is where you’ll find out..

The Countdown

All the ” events” will start at 5pm PST each eve 20th-24th..25th in the morning at 7am

Starting with:

Dec 20th : The 6 days of Christmas starts here. The Sunday Post will have the Christmas Video as well as the ” What the hell? ” Background. Also, On YouTube on my Channel: Zen Mountain Creations, the vid, of course, will go Live

Dec 21st : The Christmas Video will get put up on my FB page as well as Our Zen Mountain Creations FB page.

Each Evening, 21st-23th I will put up a new short story involving the Zen Mountain ” Kids”, including, of course, Hummie’s clan , Limpy’s pack and our Girl, Bucky and Our girl with her little girl as they get ready for Christmas morning

Dec 24th: the 6th Annual ” The Night Before Christmas Post”

Dec 25th morning: The” kids” being kids on Christmas Morning.

Why so much crap ?

Beings that this is my first Christmas Season ( Yule for us actually ) Where I can kick back and enjoy it.. Though, Ma will be working most of the Holidays including Christmas , New Years Eve and Day .. This is nothing new and as we celebrate Yule, Ma took time off for the first few days. More on that NEXT week.

It has been a long time since I have not been working both sides of each of the holidays so with no family and or folk up here to do the Thang with, not to mention us being pretty strict right now with everything this year, Those holidays are only days within Yule for us.

Everyone knows that I am not a big fan of dealing with Winter and its storms, but I, just like most folk, enjoy seeing a fresh fall of snow… The sad thing is, to have that pristine cover up here as there are all the plants that have shut down for winter..well.. for us, they shut down for Summer, to have that pristine look, it takes more than a couple feet of snow… which puts it past ” Just fer lookin at” snow..Which is when I start grumping.

The tractor still runs, well limped..and for the most part so does the jeep and the sami,,well except for when I checked them during the beginning of this current snow fall, but I’ll get them up again..all of which I need come winter along with the truck to get around once we get to that ” pristine stage”

Back to the season though… I am hoping to be able to see snow more than plow or trudge through it this year which would be a lot more peaceful for both Ma and I .

Hoping for a decent winter, I decided to put out the stories that I normally try to squeeze in while dealing with work and travel as well as keeping us clear…

So, That’s the why, Just for some fun, even if I am the only one that reads them, it’ll be fun for me to put the stories I see in my head down so that the ” kids” can play.

So….you’re going to write crap every day?

Oh, Hell no…I mean, well, yeah.. but , no, stories will all be done ahead of posting.. friggin Night Before Christmas usually takes a couple days on its own.. just feels more entertaining.. for me * chuckle* to have people either follow the stories, or be Bah Humbug and read them all at the end.. They will all be short stories, during the “kids’ ” countdown.

So.. what about this whatever Christmas card thang

Mostly, so I don’t spill too many beans, I will cover it on the 20th.. but,

I always put up music videos….. I do….. Mostly folk don’t see them… something I need to work on…

The difference between what I always do, and this ” Card” Is I actually sat down.. ok..fine.. I was Laying down at the time.. Thinkin about all the people I don’t see anymore.. both the folks from work and the ” kids” from home, as well as the very few that don’t fit in either of those categories , which is like, oh.. ten people over 60 years.. yeah, I don’t get out much..

While I blundered around, I thought about what I wanted to say.. THAT was easy..

Blahblah blah, Why do you keep on shakin my tree…. Oh..wait… wrong vid.

Hardest part, was figuring out the actual name of the song I wanted to play for it.. Always loved the song, never actually paid attention to the name and now, all of my traditional Christmas CDs have come up missing..well.. not NOW, a fair time back someone decided they needed them more than me.

So.. we are going to have a bunch of short stories? Really?

Yeah, fraid so.. it is fun for me…The “kids” are enjoyable for me to write about, I just can see things play out with them. Over the years I have met all their type in the Human world..working for school districts….

I have met my share of Rheys and Dennis (s) as well as Hummies… I do have a mirror ya know…and Lass’s..Married one.. The rest, they all actually show their attitudes, their behaviors and so on that do show up a lot like people.. Including swearing… Hummie is awesome at that..

I can still be sarcastic and yet whimsical so, yeah… I am going to write a short story for each of the days whether they get read or not. I still have people reading the Night before Christmas stories all the way back to number one, all year long so at least a few folk enjoy them…eventually.. We also had a run on the Hummie stories.. We had several weeks on the same few stories that were literally off our chart.

Coming back , once again, our numbers are lower…If you don’t keep your readers interested, they move on. But fortunately, I write for myself and Ma first though I do think of several folk every time I write..oops..there ya are again..

Being able to see well enough to write again is pretty cool.. I had a lot to write but no way to do it and even now I have to make it in short stints AND wear dark glasses..OOH! you get a glimpse of them in the vid.. Ha!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

We have had a few snows lately, giving it that final Holiday charm..right up to when I start sliding across the deck….Yeh.. Then it is a Simpsons’ Christmas scene..Doh! So far, so good, I have slid but I haven’t hit the ground yet..Go Team!

The tree is up and decorated, our Santas are all up around the house…Again.. at least a couple someones walked off with my Old Christmas decorations years back . TRY to replace those ! It is all plastic and Glitter now… I HATE glitter ! It is a cancer to floors..and as I spent most of my years cleaning and repairing floors, I have absolutely no use for the crap. The colors they use now make me cringe as well..ok, pretty much all of it. We use to be able to find some of the nicer stuff here, but the best shop closed before Ma moved over and before we put up the new place. Santa(s) Bears, Mooses and deers are my bag but it isn’t very often here in the middle of no where that you can find any of those that are decent. The shop that closed had Santas from all of the European Stories. They were awesome! I always said, I’ll get them soon.. The old place just wasn’t a house that was made for nice things…so yup, I missed out on them.

We don’t have up a ton for decorations anymore.. I use to put up around five-six totes of decorations and now we are down to two.. one of which is all on the tree, but the house is festive without being O-M-G! Beings that pretty much all of it has to go into one room.

Ma even made cookies last weekend…..we normally don’t do a lot of sweets, but are more savory type folks. Ginger cookies and peanut butter cookies , however, aren’t as brain numbing sweet as a lot of the others…. friggin Fudge for instance… Oh, I love Good Fudge…from time to time, I couldn’t even tell you when the last time was that I made it…lol.. growing up? Any of you ” kids” I grew up with may very well had eaten it with me.

Final thoughts

Yes, in a sense, I am pushing myself a bit with what I am trying to put out for the holidays, but, the stuff is backing up in my brain so I would like to let it out before I obsess about it.

I believe that we are suppose to get something of a break in the weather some time this week. I have a town run to make as well as a PO run, which is in the opposite direction. We also have a delivery to come in here at the house, a break for the driver would be nice…as they wont come in if it is very snowy and tend not to let us know they aren’t until we look it up to find whatever on its way back to where ever. Hell, I’d drive to the real road if they would friggin call, they always have our numbers.

Having the Christmas card ” vid” done is nice… though I find myself checking it for anything that I “need” to “fix”.. the last bunch of “fixes” I made, I had to point out to Ma , so again, me obsessing over something only I see….shocker I know.

Zen , it snowed

Ma and I woke up to new snow. Another fresh batch came in after we headed off to bed.

Two new inches covered the deck. I walked out with the broom to knock it down. The sun from the day before had melted the remanence of yesterday’s snow that stuck to the deck when last I swept. I found myself sliding as the broom stuck and I didn’t.

I heard giggling from behind me, spinning..and breaking free again, I found Lass sitting at the feeder grinning at me.

” Pretty funny Da.” she quipped as she began to suck juice, snickering into her juice, sending up bubbles.

” You’re welcome to clean the deck for me.. You are younger you know.”

Lass broke out into a full laugh, ” No kidding! You probably have bread in the house older than me. “

I roll my eyes lifting my face to the snow which had begun to fall once again.” Hardly..Twerp. “ Closing my eyes, I spoke to the little flying menace, ” You know. You betta be nice or Santa won’t bring you anything when he comes to visit. ”

” Of course he will. He always brings you something…and , I mean…well.. It’s you after all. “

I glare at the little bird then shrugged. She did have a point. ” Fine…Whatever..” I watched her sipping at the fridge juice. ” You know… You really should head to town ands spend the holidays with the rest of your family where it is warmer. “

“and noisier ! Dad has already sent me back to town..several times now. I like it up here in our cabin. I just make a fire and turn on TV until I need some juice. and ttthhheeennn I get to visit with Ma…well, and you. “

Rolling my eyes again. ” Yes, I heard from Hummie how you were misbehaving and not doing what he says. ….over…and over…and over again. “

” It is pretty remarkable how the two of you sound so much alike . Like a couple of doddering old fools.”

” Old fools trying to keep you alive.. Brat.. You have a room here if you want it, but you wait too long to come in. You really should head down soon. “

This time Lass roll her eyes at me. ” Yessssssss Daaaaaaaad,” and off she flew.

I turn to walk back in only to have my feet break free again, the broom flying overhead like a banner as I swore into the snow. I caught myself on the frame of the entry grumbling about nasty little children and ice slicks.

“freakin Jolly!…. Looks like the start to ;

Just another day on Zen Mountain. “

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