One last Note

I think I am going to let this lie for awhile.

The way things are around the states at the very least makes me uncomfortable writing.

Final Thoughts

We know I have been writing the ” Sunday Post” now for just over five years, putting my mostly not quite normal thinking into a weekly blog.

I have tried to bring in what I see and feel up here on Zen, in stories pics and songs.

When I write the stories about our wildlife, it is based on facts… I do give the kids voice though if you sat here watching them, you’d ” hear” them as well.

I enjoy, or, well, did, enjoy putting these stories and thoughts down to share with others.

Every week, something crazy, funny, or just WoW enough to make the post about… Don’t get me wrong, these things still happen most every day. I am just getting a little twitchy about talking about it with the insanity that is going on.

I will not write about the whole COVID crap other than to say that I find it irritating that so many refuse to follow the rules that would calm this down.

Wearing a mask just isn’t cool man.”

” I am healthy and young enough that I don’t need to concern myself. “

” Wearing a mask makes no difference.”

Well, no, wearing a mask doesn’t look cool..unless it comes with a cape and spandex .

You Dumbass! The mask is to keep others safe. You may not be affected but you can still pass it on to those of us that it very well could kill, or our loved ones when we take it home with us. Try being a little less petulant and self-centered .

Masks don’t make a difference? I guess it is just , what?, bad luck that where people ignore masks and 6 foot rule cases are jumping up?

Oh let me guess, you’re not a doctor but you watch one on TV..right?


I also am not going to get into the whole BLM thing….Again…why?

Where I live BLM stands for Bureau of Land Management .. You have No idea how long it was before I actually paid attention to these posts as I figured it was the real BLM statements and I do not go onto those posted lands so..well.. why?

Let me give you the same damn hint the rest of us are trying to slap into your skull; ALL lives matter… I don’t have a problem with people unless they give me a reason to..Riots? Really? to prove that lives matter..Really?

You know what? There was a time when it was said; Respect your Elders …That has sure gone on the way side..friggin Soylent Green out there now days.

Old lives matter too…even us old white guys… I don’t piss in your Cheerios, stay the hell out of mine.

The only people that really piss me off, yeah, ok, citiots..that’s a given.. but the people that use color, race, crap; even weight… to get things for nothing while the rest of us bust our butts to make ends meet.

All of this is just gone insane… I am sure other countries are sitting at their breakfast table laughing their asses off at the USA for the way things are going..

So… for now, I am just done. Readers have gone way down, in part because I don’t write about the big things that everyone is so obsessed about…Ok so I made note of both things…. I have done my part.

I go to work each day, where everyone is suppose to be wearing masks indoors or be fined… there are three of us wearing masks…

Now I don’t give a crap when they aren’t around me, but when they group up into a doorway , too close and for no good reason, yeah , I get twitchy… I could bring this shit home without knowing, all because no spandex, no cape..

I hear the age has been moved up to 80 ….Soo suddenly we are all super Elders?.. No, more than Old folks’ lives Do Not matter to the bulk of people.. No THIS is the new Normal I am told…

*shrug* Nothing I can do about any of this other than not bringing it to Zen.

I do my best…. I made the mistake of looking at FB this weekend…

Have you noticed how some folk who have managed to curb their accent or English is not their first language tend to get more heavily accented and or start sputtering in multiple languages when they get pissed?

Sarcasm is my other, and seemingly , First language … The more upset I get the deeper and darker my Sarcasm….

Let’s get rid of guns to make us safe

Lets get rid of cops to make us safe

Wow..didn’t think that one through did ya?

No protectors and no way to protect yourselves.. Ya know; Bad Guys still have weapons…..Right? Its a Bad Guy thing…Duh..

What the Hell would you do in case of a break in? Make Tea?

Oh , come on in. Let’s discuss this violence over a cupper of chamomile ….Dumbass…

Now.. I know anyone reading this post has already read other of my posts and wouldn’t be one of those slim pickens ….


Ma and I .. fine… mostly me… tend to call fawns Bunnies.. If you have ever seen them out in the woods. following their mama, springing behind, hopping over tall grasses, it makes sense. the season of Bunnies.

Ma and I were in the kitchen area, chatting, when Ma called out

” Bunnies!”

One of our girls had her twins leaping about behind her as she walked through our fields.

We both stood at the window watching and smiling, laughing to each other..when…

” CRAP!”The camera! Gawhhh!”

I ran over to the table in the morning room where I have been keeping it and ran back to have Ma say;

” They just went behind the shop. “

I ran to Ma’s office, Ma walking casually behind me as, by now, I am smearing my nose against her window, trying to see around a corner.

The funny thing is… I can’t see crap that far out now without Binocs.

Again; Ma to the rescue;

” They are walking across the end of the driveway.”

I tossed up the camera, taking pics…..Awesome pics of our driveway..Not Bunnies…


I put the camera back slowly making my way back to my office, my blinds down as the light really hurts my eyes anymore…as does writing, and worse..driving.. when I heard Ma again


Another doe with a fawn on the other side.

I ran to the morning room, grabbed the camera and out the door to Ma..

” You just missed them heading into the trees. A doe with only one baby.”


I watched for awhile.. No doubt, our does sitting just inside the trees…waiting patiently…


” GAWWHH!!!”

I ran back out of my office again and to the camera…Swinging wildly back and forth , looking for the deer, I heard Ma again.

You Just missed them. “

I frowned at Ma, and a general evil eye to the woods, and lastly ; the camera.

” Seriously? Seriously…..Crap! I know you guys are out there messing with me. “

Pretty sure I heard giggling…well, I mean, other than Ma.

We know that we have at least four fawns up here right now and another due as of yet. Our girl is running behind, but there is still plenty of time yet. Her baby just wants nothing to do with coming out into this chilly, windy, smokey Summer.

Lass sat just outside my window, watching me until I got up to go to the shop, where she met me again.

” Hey Da.. Did you see the babies? I saw them..Lots.”

” Hey Lass.. Yeh, I imagine you see them all the time. I have seen a couple but no pics yet.”

” Maybe just watch them.. Pictures later.”

” Good point hums. They will eventually leave the babies for Ma and I to watch while the girls take a break, just like every year… Same does.. They know.. They grew up here and their mamas did the same thing for them.”

I nodded to myself. Pictures, I can always take. I missed a couple babies trying to get to the camera…But then with my eyes as they are, I can’t really see without the camera or binocs.. neither at my side…Oh well.

Lass watched me for a bit then off she flew.

I could hear her back again as I worked on the chainsaw.

Hey Lass. Whatcha up to?”

Jist checking up on you.” she said as she flew into the shop, landing on one of the overhead cables. ” That is stinky.”

I laughed as I watched her for a moment. She had flown down to hover just over my shoulder, the chainsaw down to its components and covered in old grease. ” I have to agree hums..It is a wee nasty.”

Once I had the saw cleaned up, I took it out to start.. which it did,pretty much right off after being put away for years. We watched it run, Lass hovering a ways over my head while I knelt over the running motor.

Shutting the thing down, I took it back in to finish putting it back together.

” That doesn’t look right. “

I looked at the way things lined up..or..well.. didn’t.

You’re right hums.. Totally buggered it.”

Stripping it down again, I started over under the thoughtful gaze of the little hummer. This time everything lined up..Lass got bored and flew off and I started back up again to see if things moved..Yup, all good.

Now that it was ready to go, I was out of time so I put it back in its case, heading in to get cleaned up.

I saw our doe at the edge of the trees, looking back behind herself..

Bunnie? “

” Yup”

” Can I see?”

” Unlikely.. You’re all but blind. “

Haha…Can she come out to play? “

” Heh.. Nope.. Sleeping. “

” Gawwwhhh!” I called out in mock grumpiness.

Our girl rolled her eyes at me, laying back down.

I watched her for a bit, smiling. Looks like

Just another day on Zen Mountain

and I wouldn’t trade it or what we deal with to live up here for anything the flatlands have to offer.

So.. I’ll see ya when I see ya…Definitely in time for the Holiday Posts..assuming things go well.

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  1. Sorry to see you go. Hope it’s just temporary. Wish you weren’t retiring but maybe I won’t be far behind. Don’t want to see someone else running the Zamboni!

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    1. It could be a bit yet; retiring… Looks like I have some surgeries to go through first so not sure how that’ll pan out. Just found out Friday. I’m hoping to be back writing some time after that.


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