Ma is a spinnin’ and a grinnin’

Ma; my better half, is spinning once again, this time with very specific fiber…from only the neck of a specific breed of sheep on a specific island..

When you want to do your best

It is that time again, time for the;

Tour de fleece spin off; spinning wheels everywhere are pumping out miles and miles of yarn from all over..Teams , individuals…

Ma, enjoying the game of it is not out for the yardage but just to be part of the fun as well as any reason to spin is good enough.

The neck ” hairs” are completely different than the rest of the fibers, even I can see how much finer for a thinner spin, but even then I can see the texture is different. Pretty cool . This is Shetland fiber directly from the Shetland Islands.

Ma is also working on a couple projects for the Jamieson and Smith wool brokers as part of one of their own projects for folks all over.

Finally racking a couple shawls that we have been waiting for Ma’s vaca to do, Ma’s office was full of wool from socks to shawls, floor walls..Frickin everywhere you look, you see traces of sheep.

Cashmere Silk blend knitted on size 2 US needles. finish size 60″X 60″ Three tree sizes to look like the Grove that Mother tree is in, in a secret meadow that we visit for Yule each year. Ma started with the center then picked up the outer edging then the outer lacing. 2417 yards total

Knitted Falkland wool on size 3 US needles. Finished size 31 x 60″, 1443 yds. Knitted bottom lace border , picked up stitches and knitted main body, then knitted across top for top border. This was designed by Galina Khmeleva. a Russian designer who specializes in Orenburg shawls.

With Ma spinning for the ” Tour” , she has more fiber spun to work on her Jamieson projects.. a Twofer …So it is nice both are running about the same time…Garsh..wonder how that happened…..

In the Gardens

So we finally have gotten a few days that were warm… We literally went from wood stove to AC over night…oh and..Did I mention? Ma is by the wood stove again today….Spinning…

The gardens are moving a long though VERY slowly. The plants are trying to stay ahead of the damage from the winds, the cool temps keep them from getting tall.. Folks below are harvesting veggies while we stare at the couple of green tomatoes and a zuke flower….It too will come….

I was hoping for a little more action before heading back to work but , oh well… Even our cherries are still tiny , barely showing color. Normally they are canned by now.

Our apples are looking pretty good. I added more fencing around them after watching a friggin herd of SilverGreys playing in the original fenced in area…I don’t need them walking off with harvest again…..It was a bad day for squirrels that day….

Our asparagus finally kicked in.. Too late to harvest but plenty early enough to get the plants bulking up. They are literally taller than Ma…even getting close to as tall as I am, and I think there may be one as tall if not taller than me as of today…. I wish the tomatoes would take a hint and try to catch up.

Our pepper garden is slowly getting to the height they should have been when they were to go into the ground. Not only slow for us but even the nurseries here.

That, of course, didn’t help us any. Winds are brutal enough that the babies just get erased from the ground and less leaves on the larger plants can’t take the abuse this year.. I am hoping that soon things will mellow so we will get some crops in before it is too late.

Final thoughts

It is a little unnerving; heading back to work with numbers still going up around us with the virus . Hopefully there is a plan in place at work to make sure it is safe… Unsafe.. I ain’t gonna chance bringing it home to MA.

All of this wind and the 4th coming up in a few days, I have no idea what the towns have planned, if anything. I know they did a controlled burn in an area that usually gets set on fire though they set off the fireworks over the river…we shall see..

I have mowed down what I can but in a heavy wind, it wont stop fire from as always worrying about citiots setting Zen on fire…again…

The wind is blowing pretty good today and my damn wind gauge went down after the big storm not long ago.. It is irritating ; not knowing. It’s just one of my things…

The original set of songs I put together back in 2016 are done , once again.. Moving files from one comp to the new a while back jacked every one of them up so I had to start them all over again. I put them up for digital download yesterday and burned a few CDs today for some folk, so now it is just moving on to the 2020 songs… These are a lot different , not the least of which; a few have lyrics. I have a few folks that have said they would sing on one or more so that is different as well.

All in all, things are going pretty normally up here on Zen through the changes in the flatlands….Gardens in and struggling…Hummie Garden is getting big, pesky varmints are bugging the hell out of me..Tractor running…then back to dead again…you know.. the norm…

All in all…..

Just another day on Zen Mountain

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