Happy Fathers’ Day,and anniversaries….

It was bound to come around again, and pretty sure it is ok to celebrate it still… Though I imagine the day offends someone…

Fathers’ Day on Zen

…Yup; Just another day on Zen….except…

Ma and I have two anniversaries per year, just the way we did it…Ours together and then the bigger family production as it were… Today is the first of the two..


Today is the Anniversary for the Sunday Post!. First post was on 2015..Obviously June 21… So if anyone has been reading since then…WOW, you are patient and persistent.

Ma and I have been working on smaller projects today, which works for us.

We are building new shelves for one of the cupboards that Ma built. At the moment, new shelves are sitting in the entry finishing drying.

Quick and easy, Ma on the saw and myself on sanders and finishing.. As always, we make a good team.

I had to run up the dang tall ladder, in the wind..yes, it is still blowing… To work on the wind gauge..which , OF COURSE, it went out in the windy season….as it is Always the windy season…derrr.. At least, the gauge came off for a change so I could do most of the work at ground level…Sweet!

In the kitchen

Other than the shelving, kitchen work is pretty light yet..Not until Next weekend, when I look at going back to work again,…

Ma made up an Italian Lemon cake..yummy. Yesterday, Ma made up Pineapple/coconut home made ice cream. So we have both of those.

Cooking wise, nothing fancy today, we did that yesterday. I had brined a chicken then grilled it along with some golden beets.

Holiday week

This week Ma is off so we are working on projects together while trying to get Ma to rest some before she heads back to work training the new hires.

We have little choice but to hit town one day, yes, masks on. Too old and beat up not to. If you choose not to, back up, I don’t need your cooties thanks.

A lot will be decided on the weather as to what we get done. I have to prep for the 4th, I have no idea what it will be like. We just need to have fire breaks around the house and outbuilding

Final Thoughts

Time winding down before heading back in to work, at least to see how I can do what needs to be done and hopefully be left to do it.

Other than that. I think it will simply be time with Ma while we have the time. So , yup, really short post.

I hope everyone is doing well with the changes that have and are coming. Try not to be so friggin’ touchy about everything.. We are ALL in this together, Everyone is tired of crap..Try not to add to it just because you feel slighted….Chances are, no one has any idea that what happens on the other side of the world made you “feel” like you were targeted. They had/have no idea we even exist and I doubt they care…

We are still waiting on our doe to drop her baby…and so is she..complaining about having to pee all the time, her back hurts and her knees are bothering her too….

As I sit here writing down these quick thoughts, the wind is picking up..yippy…so yup… pretty much…

Just another day on Zen Mountain

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