Where’s the Baby

A quick update on the “kids on the block” as well as some on Ma’s knitting and spinning…well and a bit on my crap..

Our deer and elk are having babies

It’s that time of year again when everyone is dropping babies up on Zen. From our elk to our wrens, the sights and sounds of young are around every corner.

Our doe that hangs right around the house with us, day and night, is making her way back and forth from field to woods, trying to coax the little monster out while all her friends are being followed by little ones.

Our elk herd is hanging just to the north of us at present. I managed to see five calves in the herd, but then again , I can’t see all that well so there may have been more.

Our wrens that live at the peak of the wood shed have babies chirping every time I walk by, blue birds nesting in “Lil Eden” have their young out and about trying to figure out what there is to offer .

Coyote kids are about , making their rounds and trying to keep from getting into too much trouble from the moms out there. Does will chase them half way down the mountain if they even look wrong at their babies, even from a hundred yards away… More than once, we have watched our doe chasing Dennis, smacking the crap out of him as he whines, trying to explain that he was just mousing.

Coyotes may be predators but the girls send them packing with little effort. I haven’t seen the cougars yet this year to see if they have new kids to cause trouble. Even Bobcat kitty has been away from the yard though before long I expect we will see a new batch of kits bouncing through the grasses.

The boys

We have a few nice looking bucks hanging out at the far end of our south field, walking the fence line, as they make their way up the saddle. They come in though not often. I saw four this morning, but they had no want to come up to the mineral block during the day.

The elk herd had a couple boys hanging with them though they were far enough out that I couldn’t count points..Generally speaking; they are spikes and fork horns that follow the girls, the big boys wanting nothing to do with whiny calves.

Ma and her needles

Ma is busy enough this time of year that she knits a lot but spins almost not at all. Right now she is working on a pair of shawls as well as designing her a new sweater. She also still works on test knits for folks as they come through, so long as they fit into what she is up to working on..on top of her own designs…

One shawl is an Estonian ; made with Shetland supreme ( cobweb; 80 wraps per inch) wool using size 2 American needles ;center pattern is Sofia ,the edge lace is a diagonal with nupps. It will come in at about 3500 yards to finish. It should come in around 48 inches square. Ma is still working on designing the edge, having worked out a sample , which she finished Saturday… This shawl still has a ways to go.

The other is an Orenberg shawl; Valentina pattern and made with Falkand wool and mulberry silk .Using a size 3 American needles. It should run around 1500 yards . It should be around 35″ by 55″ long…before blocking. She used a reversed heart pattern for the center. This one is getting close to finish.

Ma also has some Fine Shetland fiber; which comes from the neck area of the Shetland sheep. She will be spinning this into cobweb. Cobweb is approximately 2-3 fine sewing threads together…more or less, for those not sure about the thickness.

In the “studio”

I have gone back to the very first batch of my recording, doing a remix and some revisions.

The songs are all instrumental and basically Blues-ish though some country background to some. All of them “listening” music, not dance.

I have had a few folk wanting copies, so I thought I would finally finish them up..Hey, I didn’t start on them until 2016.. I’ll get around to it.

Actually, I imagine I should have this collection finished by end of summer, for the few interested.

Titled ” And then there was Zen”

The new songs that I have been working up for ” Shittes and Giggles” are quite a bit different..and more varied, I think anyway… I have no idea when that collection will be finished. I have three more songs to finish and then the hard work; the actual mixing and mastering, so not a clue.

And because I like to drive myself nuts; I have a decent start on the layout for the next collection…Hmmm.. 2016 just getting to the end now… 2019 collection half way through in the recording and 2020 just lining up…

I may be lucky to get the latest in by 2024.. Good thing I am not trying to make a bunch of money off these…

Final Thoughts

I am not putting much effort into being chatty lately, or writing too much either. We have a ton of stuff to work on up here and to be quite honest, the world is a bit of a freak show right now so being away from all of that for the most part is where I want to be.

We wait on our girl to drop her kid as she waddles about the place, grumbling to her belly;

Just come out already. You little beast!”

Every morning, every evening Ma asked her;

“Where’s the baby? Show me the Baby. “

Me? I just watch and wait. I haven’t mowed the fields down, waiting for her to drop the wee one. She has her bedding area close to ours where they like to have their kids. I know I’ll have to mow it down before July 1. I don’t need some idiot causing a fire for the 4th and having the fields rage up to the house…wouldn’t be the first time.

The weather is still chilly up here. Last night we were looking at the 30s again. Wood Stove is still burning every evening and the days are barely getting into the mid fifties..

The winds are still blowing, but at least they are bringing in bout after bout of rain, which is good….Soon though, Ma is going to have to knit sweaters for all our veggie plants, none of them want to grow in this stuff….So long as they don’t actually freeze, I imagine soon it will warm up…Farmers’ Almanac had said it was suppose to be super hot this summer…We had snow not far from Zen last night soooooo…

All in all though, from babies dropping to temps dropping and winds blowing; it is

just another day on Zen Mountain.

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