After the rains

We had a lot of rain come through up here on Zen since the last time I wrote, followed by almost a week of high winds up here.

Living in Lock down

I know a lot of folk are having a hard time with the lock down in place, keeping in mind that I haven’t actually heard of anyone being arrested for going out , soooo I imagine you could hang out with friends if you all are wanting to do that. Personally Ma and I are sticking to Zen.

We have had to go to town a couple times and once a week to the post office but other than that, we are up here.

Ma works in her office , so that didn’t change much for her.

I have a ton of work up here, more than I will probably ever catch up on so I wont be getting bored. We are lucky in that we don’t do a lot of socializing anyway so no difference there.

We also have a lot of ground to walk about though if we want, so lucky there as well.

I have to imagine that soon I’ll be heading back to work again, things have to calm down before too long. I do not keep up with the news, I leave that to Ma… News pisses me off in general sooo…

We have the gardens ready and I got the plants in as well… immediately before the wind storms hit. It may, or may not, have been a breeze in the low lands, but I only know what it has been like up here, flattening bushes and tearing branches from trees, so on and so forth… The norm for Spring.

The plants aren’t dead yet but they all got pretty battered, I’ll see if I can give them a little more TLC with this coming week. We got out today to work on the gardens as well as general weeding and acres of weed eating…barely making a dent. Some just needs to be done before fireworks. I have to assume that’ll be a go.

It’s all blurry

I have no idea what I got into week before last but my eyes have been tatered now since just over a week ago. It doesn’t take but a tiny bit of time on the comp before my eyes are done for the day and my headaches get crazy…so I will be keeping things short again..

I didn’t even get a post out last week, it was so bad. Hopefully whatever I did or got into will fix its self again…

Sound Cloud

With getting close to FINALLY finishing my “Shittes and Giggles” collection, I decided to start using Sound Cloud , putting up what songs from the collection that are done up there as well as putting together the videos for You Tube I doubt I will get a lot more traffic, but it is more” Just getting out there”

Along with both of those and this, of course, well and FB… I am finishing up the first collection of songs to put out on a CD, just because I was asked to. I have the very last bits to do and then it will be ready..whenever I am out and about again to deliver.

Shittes and Giggles” needs more mixing/editing and then the Mastering yet… and before I can get that done, I have lyrics to sing on the last three songs. Doesn’t mean much to most, but for me; that will be a big deal. Ten songs, me singing on five of them, I don’t see me getting any more listeners than the few I have, but you never know… So far I haven’t been hit with the Trolls.. I am sure it will happen before too long however…

Final Thoughts

I have been using my time ” off” as well as I can.

I even , finally, stopped driving Ma nuts…Go Team…

For the most part, life in general hasn’t changed much for us yet. We have been lucky in all of this. Not having the best immune systems, we aren’t pushing to get out as a LOT of people are.

We don’t need hair cuts , we cut our own. Ma doesn’t need her nails done. We don’t DO bars, restaurants, Fast Foods, hanging out with people every night, so on and so forth. Living the way we do, shortages haven’t hit yet for us . We are self sufficient enough that , so far, it has all been a minor annoyance . So far the family has all made it through fine, though all but us are biting at the bit to get out and about.

I am simply concerned that with my track record of injuries at work as well as the fun trip to the ER right before this hit with a virus I got from someone there that this, could be devastating, that is just how things generally work for me. Someone makes up the supposed 1 %, and from my track record, I’m yer boy.

That all said, I am going to head out now, sorry no fun story at the end , but between my eyes and WordPress changed their editor so I am fighting this as well…not like I can sit and read the multi-page intro on how to use this damn thing..

Hopefully, soon I can turn things around and put out something a little more fun. There is a lot going on up here with the deer and elk getting ready to drop babies soon and the girls hanging around the house…waddling… We should have new stories..

Until then, Have a Jolly Day.

With a few exceptions, already covered, today is

Just another day on Zen Mountain.

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