Happy Mothers’ Day

First and foremost; Happy Mothers’ Day to y’all.

Mothers’ Day on Zen

This is going to be another quickie, hangin’ with Ma; my Better half. Started the day off letting Ma sleep in.. to around 6am. Sitting out in the covered porch this morning we had our hummers come in before Ma got out. The little guys and I watched the sun come up, listening to all the other birds wake up.

Our resident Pheasant rooster finally woke up to start his calling which woke up one of our Tom Turkeys, still in his tree who started complaining.

Not long after that I could hear one of the young bull elk sing out. With my eyes as they are, though very slowly healing being up here, not driving, not being under the fluorescent lights or chemicals of work, I didn’t bother looking for them.. Too far out and still a little too dark.

I could hear Ma moving around in the kitchen and out she came. She looked up the hill and said;

” Ohh are those elk or deer? ” 

I stared at the hill, a couple miles off….I could see brown and green… ” Uhhh..not a clue. “

She pulled out the binocs, looking then handed them to me.

” Deer…” I looked out a bit farther. ” There’s the elk. ”  I made a quick count as Ma said

” Maybe they are the one that were here. “ She said as she looked at them through the bincos.

Taking them back again, ” Yup. That’s the group and here they come. “

They were heading in our direction quickly now. But… We had some gardening to do, right by where they would want to come in…oh well.. I am not too concerned about making noise before they get here, they just travel around the berm instead of coming in. I just don’t want to scare them after they are here I know they came by, just not in.

Tossing on our gardening grubbies, We started pulling weeds from around the deck so that we could do some planting.  Ma had some flowers for the hummies as well as a ton of syringa cuttings to get a low hedge around the deck, soften things up a bit. Maybe even slow some wind and snow across it.

Not long ago , as I type, we finished up.

I have a chicken split in half , in a brine as well as some sockeye salmon, different brines of course.

Long before this is posted, we will start the charcoals up to smoke the bird and fish.  The carcass of the bird will go into the pressure cooker to make stock for this week’s soup. Left over chicken meat will be made into chicken salad for the week. The smoked salmon will get used up through out the week.

Ma also, just finished,  Pasta salad for dinner, with some fresh from the gardens herbs. Ma’s pasta salad just gets better every day…well for the few days it lasts.

Early this morning before we headed out, we got home-made ice cream put together chocolate black cherry . That will also get turned and tossed in the freezer to finish setting before this is posted.

Finally, sautéed broccoli will make its way to the table…so looking forward to all of that.


Gardening starting

I was able to get all but one of the gardens up  this week. We have one left and the tiller threw a tantrum, again, on the last one I dug through. It was hard work so I don’t really blame it but hopefully we can tear through the last one yet. I’ll have to set up a pair of boxes to make the tiers.

Ma was able to come out and get a ton of work and weeding done both yesterday and today getting us close to caught up…..and giving us a few big piles of weeds to move.

I checked the soil temp this morning and we are finally at 60F . We got the corn in, pumpkins in and green beans in. We aren’t suppose to get any more frost though we had some Saturday morning. We are hoping to get Tomatoes, cantaloupes  and peppers in by the end of next weekend.

All in all, we are finally almost to the keep up schedules  and past the trying to get everything started… Using the crapsman tiller this year got the depth down a lot . Adding a bunch of Black Gold soil really made the clay soil into something that may grow things a little better for us rather than just the friggin Terra Cota soil we have during summer…

Drip lines are in and I just have to tie the fence around the pepper garden to keep out bunnie, the dang wood rats and silver greys.


Things change little up here day to day even with the craziness around the world….making today;

Just another day on Zen Mountain.

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