Working with Zen’s Spring weather

Earth,Wind, and Rain, keeping us hopping on Zen this Spring.

Working outdoors this Spring

While so many are going crazy counting holes in their ceiling tiles, we are working outdoors, weather permitting.

Rain has come through a few times, wetting Zen’s Summit down for us.. completely wiping out any and all efforts at keeping the meadow grasses down. Tis the season.

Wind have been steady most days, but then, this is the season for that as well.. The cooler temps and the Sun trying to warm things up create winds.. Generally picking up around 10am if it slows down at all.

Still, No Still.. No complaints. I have more than enough inside chores that I am trying to catch up on that I am  picking and choosing every day..

Today, however has been an all out, outdoor day. Taking the time to write is just a break before heading back out again.

It’s Alive!

Last week, we had the tractor out in the fields after being down since the big snow storm winter before last..

This week; The Crapsman Tiller. 

We bought the POS brand new from the Local Sears store Right after we put up the new place..years ago now. The piece of junk made it through ONE.. ONE bed that we were putting in after the demo of all my gardens to take out the old and put in the new.

Hell.. I had done the hard part. I hauled in OVER 200 yards of dirt; with a wheel barrow and a shovel. Pull the rock out with a hoe and rake. This thing just had to help me get the manure into the soil I hauled… It died.. First Season. First bed.. Sears refused to fix it, though, obviously still under warranty… Thanks Sears.. Thanks Crapsman…

I tried working on it the following year… Yeah, I know crap about small engines..and little more about big…  But.. Tractor,; we figured it out…Even after heading down the wrong rabbit hole for a year following expert advice * shrug* Ma and I got it the end.. And.. Once again… The year after the after the tiller died.. I worked on it again.. Following advice.. looking up vids.. not a single one had the same carb so I was trying to figure the crap out with general knowledge… After that I gave up and simply continued to use baby tiller..  MA’s electric.. Poor little thing.. But me and my shovel, rake, hoe and wheel barrow did most of the work.. then Baby tiller and I finished the beds..

I looked at the carb this year.. during all of this craziness and after Ma got an exploded view of the carb..which, once again Thanks Sears..Thanks Crapsman for not showing all the parts… I finally gave up and we bought a new carb… Yeah, should have done that earlier… Guess what?!?.. The original was missing something…. a way to remove/ adjust the mix..would be screw… No head to the screw.. No damn wonder I couldn’t figure it out , having no background , I simply figured it was just me..Nope.. New carb this morning, I had it up and running in under an hour…. Carb is slightly different.. but all fits..Oh..and adjusts, comes apart and all.. also brass parts where the original had plastic….

Needless to say, Screw Sears and Crapsman…  Hopefully now I can keep the thing running so that I can get deeper into the beds up here.. Freakin terracotta once it gets dry. and neither I nor Baby tiller could get very deep into the beds. We will see how much more time I have to try to catch up.

But Wait.. There’s more

Our Gas/ Wood Grill/ Smoker also went down end of season this last Fall… Not as big a deal in any way. Obviously the wood side worked fine…ummm till I broke off the stat during one of the heavy snows..oops.. The gas side, the controls froze up…Oh..and the good part… Can’t get parts… The company moved on to other designs.. The thing is not very old but then here in the armpit of the Gorge. Brand new in the stores; Just out, is actually 2-5 years old in any big city areas. The Big companies refuse to send actual new stuff to the small areas.. This is where they get rid of the old crap when they put out new in the Metros … So, No Virginia , you can’t get for real new here.

Anyway….. So as I was on a roll, I decided to grab a hammer, channel locks and W-D to work on the grill…. While I had been working on yet another project in the shop, I ran into a brand new stat that worked on the wood side so ; GO TEAM!… After pulling the gas side as much a part as it would let me without a Saws All , then spraying and banging the crap out of it… I got it to work as well….. After that.. I put my tools away.. no more tinkering today.. Want to end on a high note.. 2 for 2 ..The rest was weeding…and keeping Ma from weeding.. She is just finally getting around without a cane so Hummie and I had to keep watch…Shh.. Don’t tell…. Hummie came flying around the house where I was working

” Da ! Da ! She’s doing it AGAIN!”

I walked around the front to see piles of weeds and Ma busted red-handed as she quickly stood up, a bundle of weeds behind her back… Hummie flying over head,

” SEE! Look ! SEE! She is weeding! Bad Mom! “

” What..Exactly do you think you are doing?” I asked.

Ma, looking innocent, tossed the weeds from behind her back. Hummie tisking overhead.

” Nothing. “ The dust from the weeds, blooming behind her back, slowly settling into the pile behind her.

” I thought we discussed the whole no weeding thing. “

” But I WANT to. “

“GGAWWWHHHH!!!”… followed by me grumping for the next ten minutes as I got her back up on the porch to work on filling pots with soil for hanging baskets…You know.. The job she was suppose to be doing.

Ma filing pots as I poured soil for her..Both Hummie and I watching over her while Lass made faces at Hummie and I behind our backs. It wasn’t till Ma started giggling as she looked over our shoulders that Hummie and I turned to see Lass whistling and swinging her wings, trying to look innocent.

” That didn’t work for Ma either you know. “ I groused .

Ma busy on the porch, Hummie watching over her.. I went to the shop and got the tiller up and running.

Jobs O plenty

While we were on the porch as I beat the crap out of the grill…. I looked to the Asparagus/ Tomato garden…

” Wellllll Crap!”

” What?” Ma called , worrying I had broken something… In her defense .. That is exactly what we were both expecting…

” I am going to move the garden walkway towards the tomatoes and open the area next to the asparagus. Nothing ever grows in front of the maters and then I can make more room for us to plant Basil.. maybe even some salad stuff..”

Assuming the tiller will continue to work and I get everything figured out, this is the only garden that only moles can screw with so it may, indeed, work for salad..probably for the mole…

Final Thoughts

I am staring out the window like a kid grounded so I’ll be finishing this up.

Hopefully, we can keep on this roll and I can get things ready for planting soon.. I know once I go back to work I wont have time anymore, gone 10-16 hours a day and wiped out with the added migraines from driving , florescents and chemicals I work with.. SO I’ll do everything I can in the time left. I’ve gotten a decent jump on the inside.. though tons left , so outside would be great too.

Be vewy vewy Quiet so zen they wont hear us

MA is training kids still and again so our hours are early ..

Ma, ahead of me getting up as I lay, waiting to see how she does..Was already freakin outside by the time I got halfway through the house. The skies still night dark out though  dawn would come slithering in soon.

I saw her sitting on the table in the covered porch so I knew there had to be something out there. Though my eyes are getting a little better all the time , being up here and away from the chemicals, I am still flippin’ blind as hell so I couldn’t see what she was seeing.

I quietly, opened the door.

” Shhhhhhhh… Elk..”

” Where? “

” Right there. “ She whispered.

I rolled my eyes. ” Blind here..”

” By the salt lick .”

Now I felt REALLY blind as that is only about 25 yards away. I stood watching from the doorway and finally, sure enough.. I could see the silhouettes of several large some damn things slowly moving out of the yard.

A Nursery herd had been at the lick … until Ma had to explain to me. Twenty five yards away, I know our whispering was as good as yelling to the elk. Not in any hurry however, they slowly made their way off the summit.

Once they has left, we got comfortable and chatted… moments later “Gobble Gobble Gobble”

The herd must had gone close by the roost of the Turkey flock. They in the trees just to the south of us.

Ma and I listened and grinned as we listen to the tom grump at the elk for waking him up, I looked out to the berm, just enough light now, though still a ways from any color in the skies except black and saw a  silhouette , then another and more. This time, it was our does, in their small nursery herd coming in to visit. Several preggers as they sneared down at the remnants of the lick…

” There is Elk spit on this…”  Our girl groused as she looked at me. ” Can you do something about this?”

” Ewwwwhhhh Gross !” Chimed in grand baby. ” I am so totally NOT licking that. “

I rolled my eyes yet again and not for the last time. ” Yes , yes, fine , fine. I bring in the new block today…”

” See that you do.” Our girl called back, then grinned.

” Yes Dear Deer.. Whatever you say Dear Deer. “

She rolled her eyes back at me, snorting.

Hummie came whipping in, early for him , but he had heard us talking.

” Morning Hum. ” We both called to him.

” Morning Ma, Morning Da.. “

” I’m Here! What’s going on? What are we talking about? Did someone say Elk? They smell you know. “

” Good Morning Lass. ” We all chorused .

” I need new juice. I taste Hummie spit. “

” Seriously? You too? “ I said, glaring at the whole bunch of them.

Lass slowly grinned from one side of her beak growing until she started laughing. The does started in as they watched me roll my eyes yet again… Tossing my hands in the air and started to walk through the door.

“Just another freakin day on Zen Mountain… dang Brat kids” I grumped as I went in to put on my work clothes.


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