Lil Red back up and into the fields

“Lil Red” and I spent the day together on Friday. Got her up and going , then put us both to work.

“Lil Red”

1953 Ford Jubilee . Possibly a few folk remember when she went down during the snow storm at the beginning of 2019.

I fought her for weeks, every single day before work as well as the days I was snowed in with Ma… Who was snowed in for over six weeks…

All the folk I asked seem to feel it was a fuel problem..So did I for quite awhile. I put several new parts on her…all during the storm.

This Fall we even picked up a new carb for her, one of our mechanic folk looked at the original and decided; new carb.

Early Winter Ma and I thought , and talked about the points… That was something that made a certain sense to us as I talked through the problems with her.. I had new points for Red sitting in the shop.. Easiest of the fixes we could have done but wasn’t on anyone’s radar. I swapped the newest set in and , sure enough, she ran better.

With the winter being mild, I didn’t bother testing her on the road. IF that hadn’t actually fixed it, I didn’t want to have her dead on the path, blocking us in.

I had managed to create a leak from swapping in the new parts…which sucked compared to the I swapped the old back in..still had a leak.

Friday, Lil Red and I got her up and going, leak now gone. She ran great. Swapped the blade for the mower and then we hit the fields.

By the time we were both toasty warm from the one 70F , all but no breeze, sunny day we have had, we had mowed down close to three acres including some that hasn’t been mowed for a good three years… AT the end, she was running as good as when we started so She is all better finally..


I still have the crapsman tiller to get running.. That I KNOW is the carb. I have taken it off multiple times to clean it.. Problem is; the main jet will not release to clean. The brass part will not budge. I have soaked her in everything except Cheerios. I cut a screwdriver down to fit the piece exactly..but the damn brass part is trying to round at the edges no matter how careful I am..soooooo.. We ordered a new carb in hopes that I can get it back up and going as well. That should do it from what I saw when I was working on it over the last several years… It broke down during it’s first season..Sears refused to take care of it though it was still under warranty . Anyway..we shall see.

In the shop

Well.. Technically nothing now

I finished up ” Winter Finding

winter finding 1a

She sounds great. The neck is the best I have now. She has custom built pickups just for her that have a great punchy crisp sound. She is easily my new fav. I have had her still in her basic components now since back before May 5 2017 . She was a pain to get the wiring in however. I had too tight a space between the face and the body cut out. I used the smallest hardware I could buy that was still high quality . Trying to slip the pieces into place, I managed to  break wires easily a dozen times only to have to fish the parts out, re cut and solder then try to get them back into place again.. It was crazy many many hours doing the same thing over and over until I finally managed to get them in and they still worked.. She is great though as well as pretty.

The as yet to be named Green jazz style bass is finished as well

shadows and woods front 1a

She turned out fairly nice as well. She is already on an upgrade list before long , but she plays very nicely, sounds great and I had made her specifically for being able to be used for “slap bass” style… Which I need to work on as both my others are set up to do other styles of bass but were terrible for the slap style.. She should also be a good build for “tapping” which would be great too.

When I record, I tend to go the direction of Phil Spector ..less is not more, more is more..

I like using more than one bass on my recordings normally.

In the studio

I made a small number of changes on Shakin’ my Tree…Most, only I notice , I am sure but as I am putting together an album Shittes and Giggles.. I wanted it a bit different.


I was able to also get “Find my Way” up. This song I wrote for Ma.

During 2019’s storm , one night I got lost in the snowstorm, snowshoeing home after work. It was dark, the snow was swirling coming down as was, of course, the winds. We were in the single digits and I was walking through open terrain over several feet of snow. The snow would give about 6″ with every step, even with the snowshoes and the wind and snow was filling in the path I was making. No lights to go by anywhere. No sounds from people anywhere.

What kept me from just saying ” Enough” was thinking of Ma and getting home to her..This is that.


Ma on the mend

Finally, Ma is starting to do better. We are going to try a walk after I finish writing  to see how far she can get and to trying to break up the crap in her back without making things worse. She is still using a cane, but only one for the most part now.

I have been trying to do as many of the chores around here as I can to give her a break as well as simply to keep up with things while I can.

Final Thoughts

It was nice to finish up the two guitars. I actually have a few more in stages from all the way back before the work accident that took my vision from my right eye.. One is darn close still..another semi hollow body but there is a lot more room in her even if that also means that it will be easier to lose wiring I am fishing…

I am glad I got the two songs up as well.. I am not a big fan of my own voice, but as the Album states

This collection is for Shittes and Giggles.

I have two more songs that I will be singing and one I THINK I may have a Female singer for..

One song is at the stage where I just have to actually sing and then mix. The others need far more work.

While I am home still, though I doubt it will be fore much longer, I want to try to keep at getting the garden work taken care of and tools up and running.

I also managed to get several more runs on the herbs. Dried and bagged. I have more Thyme I can do and I saw this morning that I can still do another run of Sage. Everything else needs to start growing some more.

We started our Asparagus harvest and had the first of it this week which was great. The thirty degree drop in temp from Friday stalled it out again but that’s just fine, I will probably harvest again Tomorrow.

4-13 sr1

The grand baby zen our girl

Ma and I sat out on the porch. I had put Ma’s swing back up for her so as she swung back and forth, she could finally see out and about.

Long before the sun would rise, we heard one of our hummers come in as she had heard us talking. Lass whipped in, looking at both Ma and I before she flew over to perch on the bush by the feeder.

Lass and I sat while Ma told us about updates in her spinning and knitting world online.

Ma had just finished another pair of wool socks for herself and was thinking about a couple other projects she has on needles. One of which , the pattern takes up an enormous amount of room which makes it rough for Ma at the moment, trying to shuffle things around when she is still hurting. Lass sat watching, and listening , nodding her head as Ma pointed these things out.

About that time a half dozen hummies came swirling in. Hummie complaining and the evil twins fighting before they even had their first sip.

Mrs. sat next to Lass as they drank from the feeder, ignoring Hummie’s whining.

Liam came in to put in his two cents from the other  side of the fence. The two boys griping at a young male, from either Hummie’s last hatch or Liam’s as both had families this last year.

The poor little guy threw his wings up ” Freakin’ Whatever!” and flew off to hit the other side of the house where the original feeder is. Coming back, he sat farther out on the fence chatting with his siblings as we all watched the twins spinning around in the air as they hovered low to the ground then spiraled up, higher and higher, yelling at one another as they bat their wings against the other.

Lass flew to the door. ” Can I come back in now? It is getting crazy out here. “

“If you want Lass.” Ma answered back to her.

The other hummies all stopped to watch,

” Seeeeeeeee. I told you I can go in if I want. “ Lass said puffing up.

She got one last glare from the other kids before the chaos started back up.

A small pair of ears popped up over the hill side as our Girl and Grand baby came slowly walking in.

Our girl; a doe that hangs next to the house almost constantly, had her fawn just outside our bedroom window this last spring. The baby , of course, is comfortable around us whenever he comes in whether his Mama is here or not. Our girl tends to leave the  young one here with us to watch over him. We just noticed the other day that he is, in fact, a boy. That pretty much puts him in the same category as Stewie …They have a pass for as long as I can tell it is them when I am out and about to fill my tag.

The baby buck looked up to see Ma watching him. ” Hi Gramma . I told Mom I wanted to come visit cause I heard you talking to Grumpa and Lass. “

Our girl, tugging at grasses, looked up with a small grin as she munched and shrugged at Ma. She made her way into the yard, moving the little buck aside to get to the mineral block. He looked at her. ” Hey. I was licking there. “

” Mama first..little Brat.. You know you’re going to hang out here for a long time, visiting anyway.” She said out the side of her mouth as she licked.

” You’re getting your spit all over it.. Gawwhhhhhhh. That is just nasty.” He said, wrinkling his nose.

” Grumpa, we need the new lick out here. This one is getting way too small to share. I don’t want any friggin doe cooties. “ He said to me, his face still scrunched up.

” I’ll add it to my list.” I grinned answering him.

” I have heard of the list… I want to be at the top, not the bottom. You wont get everything done , you know. “

” Umm, thanks for the vote of confidence Buckie.”

” Oh no you didn’t. You didn’t just call me Buckie.. No way. Not a Buckie. I need something better. “

” Bambi? “

” Ok, now you’re just pissing me off. No.. something like….Like.. Duke.”

” mmmmm Dookie? “

” Gawwwwwhhhhhhh!. You’re just lucky I don’t have horns yet.”

” You mean antlers.”

” Stop! Stop! Stop!” The little buck groused as he stomped his hoof down.

“Belvadeer.. How about Bevadeer”

The little buck glared at me, making his best pouty face.

” You know.. You face is going to freeze like that ifin you aint careful.” I laughed.

” Gawhhh! Mama!” He cried out to our girl.

” Don’t look at me. I voting for Dookie. “

With that, he sprung over the fence to run as hard as he could to the top of the berm and back…To glare at both of us again… and off he sped once again.

” I believe he needs a nap. “ I said between chuckles.

” Great idea. You’re babysitting. I have things to do.” Our girl said to me over her shoulder as she wandered off.

” Wait. What? “ I called out.

Belvaduke came back in, muttering under his breath as he made his way to lay down under my office window. Sticking his tongue out at me before closing his eyes.

” Well… Seems I am babysitting.” I said , shrugging.

Watching the kids fly about and our little buck pouting under my window, I laughed as I helped Ma inside.

Looks to be a good start to

Just another day on Zen Mountain.

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